Webster County High School (West Virginia)

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Webster County High School
One Highlander Drive
Upperglade, West Virginia, Webster County
United States
School type Public
Motto "Taking Care of Business"
Opened 1974
Status Open
School board Webster County Board of Education
School district Webster County School District
Superintendent Dr. Martha Dean
Principal Mr. Bonnet
Head of school Mr. Bonnet
Staff 31
Teaching staff 40
Grades 9-12
Number of students ≈ 500[1]
Average class size 27
Student to teacher ratio ≈ 3:1
Language English
Hours in school day 8 hours 5 minutes
Classrooms 33
Campus type Rural
School color(s) Black and red
Song Highlander Pride
Athletics Boys: Basketball, Football, Baseball, Cross Country, Track, Wrestling.
Girls: Basketball, Cheerleading, Softball, Cross Country, and Track.
Athletics conference Class AA
Coalfield Conference
Sports Football, Basketball
Mascot the Highlander
Nickname WCHS
Team name Highlanders
Rival Richwood High School
Accreditation West Virginia Department of Education
Feeder schools
Alumni Josh Stewart, DJ Martin

Webster County High School, in Upperglade, West Virginia, is a public high school that opened in 1974.


Webster County High School was opened in 1974. Webster County High School Highlanders. It was the result of the consolidation of Cowen High School and Webster Springs High School. The two rival schools agreed on a new mascot and new school colors. Mr. Daniel Bean became the first principal of the new school. Webster County High School was built on land acquired by eminent domain from Twyla M. Robinson daughter of James B. Miller and Alice I. Williams. The land acquisition was disputed, in the courts, until the mid-1980s.[1][2]

On February 19, 2008, Senator Jay Rockefeller visited Webster County High School to speak with students about technology in education. During his visit, he expressed the importance of federal eRate funding for schools, libraries, and rural health facilities.[3]

Student body[edit]

The size of the student body has dropped since the school opened. When it opened it had over 900 students. Presently, on average, during any given year it contains 600 to 800 total students.[citation needed]


Webster County's teams are nicknamed the "Highlanders" using a Scotsman with a set of bagpipes as the school logo.

Notable alumni[edit]

Extracurricular activities[edit]


Webster County High School fields several Class AA sports teams, including:

Richwood High School is Webster County's main rival. The two football teams play each other the first week of the season for the Wagon Wheel.

Their basketball team also does well; recently they have the second best record in school history. (19-3)

WCHS is also the home of the Highlander Show Band. They have won many awards and are highly regarded throughout the country.[citation needed] Their uniform consists of black bottoms with red jackets and black hats, with silver plumes.



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