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Welcome to Rainbow
Basshunter – Welcome to Rainbow.jpg
EP by
Released1 April 2006
Basshunter chronology
The Bassmachine
Welcome to Rainbow
Singles from Welcome to Rainbow
  1. "Boten Anna"
    Released: 9 May 2006

Welcome to Rainbow is the extended play (EP) by Swedish musician Basshunter. It was self-released by Basshunter on 1 April 2006. Welcome to Rainbow comprises four tracks, which were re-released on subsequent Basshunter studio albums.

Background and release[edit]

Basshunter announced the release of Welcome to Rainbow on 20 December 2005.[1] Ultimately he self-released it in Sweden as an EP on 1 April 2006. Basshunter wrote the lyrics and music; Fredrik Jansson mastered the songs. The artwork was produced by the company Djb Design.[2]

The EP contains four tracks which last 18 minutes and 53 seconds. The first two tracks are "Welcome to Rainbow" (Original Mix) and his "Hardstyle" Remix, which is the longest track on this release lasting five minutes and 29 seconds. The remaining two tracks, "Evil Beat" and "Boten Anna", are a bonus tracks. "Evil Beat" is the shortest track at three minutes and 30 seconds.[2]

Basshunter initially published his song "Boten Anna" online in March 2006.[3] Within twenty-four hours, the song was downloaded 37,000 times.[4] With this success, Basshunter received several proposals from music labels.[5] In April 2006, he signed with Extensive Music[6] and Warner Music Sweden,[7] and on 9 May 2006, a shorter version of "Boten Anna" was released as a single.[8] It was later included on Basshunter's second studio album LOL (2006).[9] By 8 June 2006, the song had been downloaded over 1,000,000 times.[4] "Evil Beat" was renamed "The Beat" and released as a reissue on LOL.[10] "Welcome to Rainbow" (Original Mix) and "Welcome to Rainbow" (Hardstyle Remix), which was renamed "Hardstyle Drops" were released as reissues on his fourth studio album Now You're Gone – The Album (2008).[11]

Track listing[edit]

Welcome to Rainbow[2]
1."Welcome to Rainbow" (Original Mix)Jonas Altberg5:06
2."Welcome to Rainbow" (Hardstyle Remix)Altberg5:29
3."Evil Beat" (Bonus Track)Altberg3:30
4."Boten Anna" (Bonus Track)Altberg4:48
Total length:18:53


  • Basshunter – music and lyrics
  • Fredrik Jansson – mastering
  • Djb Design – artwork

Release history[edit]

Country Date Format Label
Sweden 1 April 2006 CD-R Self-released[2]
Denmark 12 June 2006 Unknown Unknown[12]


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