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Wendy Day (born 1962)[1] is an American entrepreneur, writer, and founder of Rap Coalition, an organization which helps negotiate deals for hip-hop artists.[2]

Having brokered deals for the likes of Master P's No Limit Records,[3]Cash Money Records,[4] Eminem, David Banner,[5] and more. Wendy Day's clients have totaled well over a billion sales of sound recordings. Known as the only advocate for hip hop artists during rap's "Golden Era", she started a not-for-profit organization Rap Coalition to get early rap superstars out of 'sharecropper' record deals. Deals that rarely got these rappers paid, and often left them in debt to the tunes of millions of dollars based on the 'major label math' that has kept America's biggest entertainment companies flush with cash, while leaving the scores of artists destitute, despite the fact that their music generated billions of dollars of income. Wendy Day's work with the above named artists and independent labels has helped to make multimillionaires of all of them.

In the past, Day has managed the careers of Twista, David Banner, C-Murder, Slick Rick, Ras Kass, Killah Priest, and Fiend. As of 2015, it is reported that Wendy Day no longer manages rappers.[1]


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