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Wes Borg is a Canadian comedian, playwright and musician from Edmonton, best known (in all three capacities) as a member of the comedy troupe Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie. Borg now resides in Victoria, British Columbia.

Borg has written or co-written over 20 Three Dead Trolls shows since the late 1980s.[1] In addition, he has co-written several plays with other Edmonton artists, including Ha! with Chris Craddock and Piledriver! with Darrin Haggin. He also wrote and appeared in several short sketches related to information technology in general; the best known being "Welcome to the Internet Help Desk."

In 1996, Borg along with collaborator Paul Mather wrote the comedic revue The War of 1812, which has just been revived (most recently at the Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival in September 2009). Featuring an actual (voice) cameo by the late Canadian historian Pierre Berton (who is also a character in the play), the show tells the tale of a jaded Grade-8 student named David who doesn’t feel proud of his country until Berton's ghost seizes David in his Time Canoe (which is bestowed to all Canadian celebrities who don't leave Canada) and takes the young lad on a paddle down the River of Time to witness the events of the War of 1812 from a Canadian perspective (which is occasionally at odds with the American and British versions of events). The show's advertising encourages patrons to "come learn about Canada's role in the burning of the White House and our successful war to keep American Democracy out of Canada." It ends with a rousing song (often incorrectly attributed to the Arrogant Worms, but in fact written by Borg and Mather and Donovan Workun and Joe Bird which has become almost as popular as "Internet Help Desk."

in 2014, a new cast including Morgan Cranny, Paul Oppers, Kelly Hudson and Wes's Daughter Anna Irwin-Borg will perform a new version of "The War of 1812" in Victoria and at the Edmonton Fringe Festival.

Borg has received two Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards for his participation in the Trolls shows Kevin Costner's Naked Butt and Skippy Gets a Boner.[2] as well as a Bronze Medal in the Calgary Winter Olympics Theatresports Tournament in 1988. In 2014 he was nominated as "Best Variety Act" in the Canadian Comedy Awards, and won "Top Improv/Sketch or Variety Performer" from Victoria's "Monday Magazine".[3]

In addition to his work with the Trolls, in 2004 Borg hosted "The Geek Show," a thirteen episode TV series highlighting "the funniest gags, animation, and games of the Internet."[4] His voice has also appeared in several Bioware video games, including Jade Empire and MDK2.[5]

In early 2007, Borg was involved, under the nom d'artiste "Wesley Spielborg" with MetroTV, an Edmonton, Alberta, based public competition and presentation series for locally produced short films.

He currently hosts a monthly comedy show in Victoria, and continues to write, sing, act, and teach.

In 2011 and 2012, Borg won Victoria's "M Award" for "Favourite Comedy Performer".[6]

On his personal webpage, Borg claims to be an anarchist and Discordian.[7]


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