Department of Culture and the Arts

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Department of Culture and the Arts
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Government of Western Australia

Department of Culture and the Arts is part of the Government of Western Australia.

Preceding authorities[edit]

The earlier governmental agencies or authorities concerning the arts were advisory boards or councils [1] it was not until 1986 that the Department for the Arts was created [2][3][4]

The Department of the Arts was to co-ordinate and review the major cultural institutions, incorporating the Censorship Office and absorbing the activities of the Western Australian Arts Council. The Department was given the responsibility of ensuring artistic and financial evaluation and accountability from receipts of arts grants.[5]

It was followed by the Ministry for Culture and the Arts which existed between 1997 and 2001 [6][7]

Current department[edit]

The current department is known as the Department of Culture and the Arts and it commenced operating on 1 July 2001. The Culture and the Arts department portfolio includes: the Art Gallery of Western Australia; the State Library of Western Australia; the Western Australian Museum; the Perth Theatre Trust; and Screenwest Inc.


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