Westside Story (5566 album)

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Westside Story Original Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by 5566
Released September 3, 2003
Genre Pop
Label Avex Trax
5566 chronology
First Album
Westside Story OST

'Westside Story is a soundtrack album for the Taiwanese idol drama TV series Westside Story starring 5566. This album is credited for bringing fame to two Jungiery artists, Cyndi Wang and the now-defunct bubblegum pop group, R&B.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Legend - 5566
  2. Final Battle
  3. Set Me Free - Sam Wang
  4. Wearing Down The Westside
  5. HuLaHu - R&B
  6. Something Is Going On
  7. Enduring Long Hardships (Jian Ao)- Tony Sun and Cyndi Wang
  8. Sadness Of The Westside (Instrumental for Existence)
  9. Foolish Lover - Zax Wang
  10. Get Out Of My Way
  11. Rising Once Again
  12. Charging Boundaries (Instrumental for Legend)
  13. Song Of The Demons
  14. Mystery Of Birth
  15. Regret Of Life
  16. Existence - 5566