White Nile (state)

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White Nile
النيل الأبيض
an-Nil al-Abyad
Location in Sudan.
Location in Sudan.
Coordinates: 13°27′N 32°20′E / 13.450°N 32.333°E / 13.450; 32.333Coordinates: 13°27′N 32°20′E / 13.450°N 32.333°E / 13.450; 32.333
Country Sudan
RegionSennar Province
 • Total39,701 km2 (15,329 sq mi)
Population (2008 (est.))
 • Total1,140,694
Time zoneUTC+2 (CAT)
1 Ad Douiem
2 Al Gutaina
3 Kosti
4 Al Jabalian

White Nile (Arabic: النيل الأبيضAn Nīl al Ābyaḍ) is one of the 18 wilayat or states of Sudan. It has an area of 39,701 km2 and an estimated population of approximately 1,140,694 (2008). Since 1994 Rabak is the capital of the state; other important cities include Kosti and Ed Dueim.

The state is administratively subdivided into four districts:

  1. Ad Douiem
  2. Al Gutaina
  3. Kosti
  4. Al Jabalian