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Wiki Education Foundation
Wiki Education Foundation logo.svg
  • San Francisco, California,
    United States
Key people
Executive Director:
Frank Schulenburg
Chair, Board of Directors:
Diana Strassmann

The Wiki Education Foundation (sometimes abbreviated Wiki Ed) is a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, California.[1] It runs the Wikipedia Education Program, which promotes the integration of Wikipedia into coursework by educators in Canada and the United States.[2][3]


The Wikipedia Education Program was started by the Wikimedia Foundation in 2010.[citation needed] The Wiki Education Foundation incorporated in 2013, a process that the Wikimedia Foundation began in 2012 to give the education program "more focused and specialized support" and to "develop additional programs to promote academic research and teaching that engage with Wikipedia".[3] It has been granted 501(c)(3) charity status.[3][4]

In February 2014, the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) and Wiki Education Foundation announced the hiring of Frank Schulenburg, who had formerly served as senior director of programs at WMF, as the organization's first executive director.[3] In April 2014, Schulenburg represented Wiki Ed at the World Literacy Summit in Oxford. The conference aims to make global improvements to literacy.[5]


Schulenburg has served as executive director since February 2014. Diana Strassmann heads its board of directors.[6][7] Robert Cummings, Director of the Center for Writing and Rhetoric and Associate Professor of English at the University of Mississippi, also serves on the board.[8] Adrianne Wadewitz (1977–2014), a Wikipedian, had served on the board.[9][10]


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