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April 7[edit]

Category:American rock musicians by instrumet[edit]

Category:Fictional characters by secret identity[edit]

North-West Frontier Province nominations[edit]

Category:Female life peers to Category:Life peers[edit]

Category:Law Life Peers[edit]

Category:Christian CCM musical groups to Category:Contemporary Christian musical groups[edit]

Category:Touchstone films[edit]

Category:United States federal banking legislationCategory:United States federal financial legislation[edit]

Category:Warhammer 40,000 planets[edit]

Economics categories[edit]

Category:New England Association of Schools & Colleges to Category:New England Association of Schools and Colleges[edit]

Category:New England Association of Schools and Colleges[edit]

Category:Hurricanes in the United States by name[edit]

Category:Sliding at the Winter Olympics[edit]

Category:Sliders at the Winter Olympics[edit]

Category:Skating at the Winter Olympics[edit]

Category:NBC/Universal Television shows to Category:NBC network shows[edit]

Category:Anaheim Angels to Category:Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim[edit]