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Welcome to the Wikipedia Help Desk Archives
The page you are currently viewing is a monthly archive index. While you can leave answers for any questions shown below, please ask new questions on the current Help desk page.

September 1[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 1

  1. Sandbox Use -- My Jane Austen
  2. photos in Wikipedia
  3. Table rowspan issue
  4. Help with image fair use validation
  5. Blocked users
  6. map names
  7. Why can't I find my article?
  8. How can I change the Lemma?
  9. How do you create a new page?
  10. Mobile version issues
  11. Civility and IRC
  12. IP needs blocking.
  13. private or intranet wikipedia
  14. Cite conference grievance
  15. Discovery Air Incorporated
  16. New York City Gay Basketball-Post
  17. Need SMTP server to use air card with Livingston internet server
  18. How do I edit section above External Links for Lake Forest Graduate School of Management?
  19. Can I use the same modem of my father, who has been banned?
  20. Locked creation
  21. I dont want to be blocked...

September 2[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 2

  1. Reference Number links
  2. Wikipedia irc
  3. image description page
  4. Can I change the Wikipedia skin I'm using myself?
  5. Question about the Triangle of Death
  6. Remove a question
  7. Cluebot message
  8. Howard joseland
  9. Help with an image
  10. Creating a New Entry for Wikepedia
  11. Boilerplate for Files
  12. What Links here - filter problem?
  13. broken contents table on talk page
  14. Second request re: Dominion Resources warning template
  15. Brackets in external link
  16. Duplicate citations / Consolidation of citations
  17. Printing of Wikipedia
  18. my page still not up
  19. Copyright center
  20. Searching sorted by date
  21. unable to edit a bio
  22. Can someone fix PER
  23. ParserFunction math

September 3[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 3

  1. Sister projects can not refer to or use each other?
  2. Copyrighted problem still need help
  3. totally frustrated trying to place a picture on a page
  4. Non Latin title
  5. Searching for word
  6. Proposed deletion
  7. Editing an already-existing page and the proper citation required
  8. Adding a photo to a page.
  9. Names in different languages in wiki english
  10. Directions
  11. biggest selling music artsit
  12. Image help
  13. Download prompt when wikipedia link is clicked in Google search
  14. Biomass pellets
  15. Numbering table rows
  16. instrument anagram of cart horse
  17. Problem adding information to page.
  18. Picture description problem
  19. UAA en français

September 4[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 4

  1. What's the difference between a Wikiproject and a Wikiportal?
  2. Any cute variations of the "User Alternate Acc" template
  3. forgot to license image, now it is on commons, what can I do?
  4. German Wikipedia
  5. Add a bio stub
  6. Speedy deletion & edit counts
  7. Discussing a redirect
  8. Are sockpuppets permitted if they are, like, blatantly obvious?
  9. Wiki Page Doesn't Show Up When I Search for It
  10. help
  11. Editing A Protected Page
  12. Page Title
  13. Adding Information
  14. I am disgusted with Wikipedia and Wikicommons and I want my account and all contributions removed and deleted.
  15. Editors With Agendas
  16. Know of any cutey pie templates?
  17. I see some users have photo galleries. Are nekkid ladies permitted?
  18. Specifics regarding the creation of a Nassim Haramein article
  19. "I'll revert yours if you revert mine."
  20. Creating an article
  21. Article vandalized
  22. AfC Submissions

September 5[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 5

  1. Help with a page move mistake
  2. Readding a Merged Page
  3. Mass history merges
  4. What to do to remove wrong interlanguage links permanently?
  5. Type in my language(Oriya/Odia)
  6. HTTP headers of project
  7. Article "The Warning (Animorphs)"
  8. removal of error pages
  9. A website wiki??
  10. Help moving article
  11. 2009 calender?
  12. law library schedule?
  13. Show/Hide in table cells?
  14. linking to wikipedia articles from a paid IPhone application
  15. Refactoring
  16. heart disease
  17. article about myself

September 6[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 6

  1. Family culture in the Netherlands/Holland
  2. Pictures
  3. Capitalizing an article name
  4. Two articles with same name and no disambiguation?? Multiple issues here
  5. Proposed article w/ COI implications
  6. List of Fraternity and Sorority in the Philippine
  7. How to pass HTML as a parameter to a template?
  8. Template:Plot/sandbox on French Wikipedia
  9. When is it copyvio?
  10. Can I create a redirect to one of my workpages?
  11. How does one initiate an AfD for an image?

September 7[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 7

  1. Making a link that any user can click on to go to their userpage/x
  2. Hidden db- template on a a page in user space?
  3. User talk pages
  4. [[Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 7#.7B.7Btl.7Cdb-copyvio.7D.7D_not_working.3F|{{db-copyvio}} not working?]]
  5. Website editor requesting no external links
  6. Signatures
  7. Virus?
  8. Unable to correct table formatting in Miss Supranational article
  9. How should people with a letter for a surname be referred to?
  10. How to see how many page views an article has had?
  11. How to see a list of new articles I created
  12. Color coding in Wikipedia?
  13. Link colour
  14. Reference desk pages
  15. Image question
  16. New Entry Problem ...
  17. please help, new at this
  18. I created an online page from the sandbox?
  19. Autobiography of a Yogi in Portuguese
  20. Debt Adviser College in England

September 8[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 8

  2. 111th congress listing
  3. Halifax Explosion
  4. Why are my links being deleted?
  5. Globalisation
  6. Adding an Article
  7. Removing a large whitespace at the top of an article
  8. Steve King page defaced
  9. posting/entering
  10. Why are Wikipedia articles corruptede when printed?

September 9[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 9

  1. WikiMobiPedia
  2. information on chickenpox
  3. New User in need of some guidance...
  4. What to do about an article that will not required in the future
  5. Unbelievable!!
  6. INS Arihant
  7. Nick Griffin
  8. Formatting
  9. What are the New types of Derivatives ?
  10. Image copyright
  11. question about contents of an article
  12. Redirect and DAB problem
  13. Help with Psychology Class

September 10[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 10

  2. Help with AfD listing
  3. My details on wiki?
  4. Edit notice
  5. Links removed
  6. Formatting for URLs
  7. Can't adjust table widths
  8. Article title
  9. Start a page
  10. rhododendron leaves
  11. Link needs to be renamed
  12. Software Code for formating LaTeX
  13. Image upload issue
  14. deleation
  15. Rendering bug
  16. FUNSKOOL - Lokhandwala Complex , KANDIVALI - EAST page edition required.
  17. Listing links to redirects.
  18. Clearing browser's search history
  19. Anyone know?
  20. Deleted Links
  22. Is it possible to have only the history of the user page deleted?
  23. what a good attitude!
  24. hemal
  25. Your edits to Barry De Vorzon
  26. References to for-sale sources

September 11[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 11

  1. Hiroaki "Hiro" Protagonist
  2. What is this?
  3. Repurposing a redirect page.
  4. New to this and under pressure
  5. Soil Scince
  6. Veteran Editor
  7. GDP
  8. Restore mobile version?
  9. Is it possible to create an entry for a charity organization even if there is a Conflict of Interest?
  10. Term/Definition
  11. First off: please forgive this very ignorant question... tried to find andwer in FAQs, to no avail...
  12. User_talk Page Deletions & Archiving Policy?
  13. Dynamic positioning system
  14. A Wikipedia version of #replace?
  15. book review
  16. Should I upload a scan of a PD(?) book and where?
  17. Viola Article
  18. Appearances
  19. Can you use an personal image as a signature, and if so how can it be done?
  20. Question
  21. Copying pages from another Country's wiki page
  22. Templates
  23. Mass editing help please
  24. Large Print Format

September 12[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 12

  1. Searching an article's history
  2. How to Create a Link to a "Diff", please?
  3. Links
  4. I am unable to look up for an article, i was on somedays back, today.
  5. Unable to confirm my email address
  6. New image version does not show off at the article
  7. How to search for user by IP block range
  8. css for removing the navigation tab
  9. submitting or posting a new page
  10. How do you submit a feature request?
  11. Parsing question (yet again)
  12. Trying to find website?
  13. Changing the monobook.css
  14. How to link from a Wikipedia article to an ovg video file
  15. Creating an account

September 13[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 13

  1. Template over text problem
  2. Adminship Request, Now what??
  3. Citations in the lead section
  4. Australian Network Television Schedule
  5. Quotations
  6. Sending Xmas Season's greetings to other users' talk page
  7. How to check whether a link is problematic?
  8. Taxobox
  9. Rollback Experience
  10. Unable to login due to capitalization
  11. Why is Bonnier Corporation a separate Wiki article? This is a for-profit company? Confusted
  12. Articles on songs
  13. Formatting
  14. To whom should I address a suggestion?
  15. Huggle
  16. Stretton-on-Fosse
  17. Charles Edward Flower
  18. Another user before
  19. A possible error?
  20. Red Links
  21. Today's featured picture
  22. problem about Nadumangad article
  23. Autoreviewers?
  24. France
  25. 3 revert rule
  26. Finding a car owner
  27. christmas album
  28. what does this mean?
  29. Wikitable
  30. Wikitable, Part 2
  31. How do I start a new page?

September 14[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 14

  1. Mango
  2. His comments to the president.
  3. Timor-Leste Red Cross Page
  4. Clerk at CHU
  5. Help with messy mass deletion
  6. copyrights, trademark?
  7. Bruce Boxleitner
  8. UBX formatting
  9. Clarification on the WP:NOT#DIRECTORY policy
  10. Poor visibility of new message notification
  11. secondary sources
  12. How do you get the references to appear in columns on Google Chrome?
  13. what is communication
  14. high tension wires
  15. How to see my edits that have been UNDOne?
  16. Year template
  17. Other people editing my pages posted
  18. Clipping a video
  19. Humorous
  20. immediate image license help would be nice
  21. Why was my disambiguation link to 101 (disambiguation) removed from 101?
  22. WP:RD/Language
  23. Keeping login name
  24. Bhutan
  25. Vandalism

September 15[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 15

  1. How to remove a user page from a category
  2. Disambiguation question
  3. Spammy user page
  4. auto tabulation of en wiki page text ?
  5. English Static Wikipedia download
  6. engineering
  7. Class wiki
  8. Possessive and italics = bold?
  9. Wikipedia server time
  10. Block
  11. Guidelines
  12. the old "I accidentally showed my IP address" question
  13. Question about code for ~~~~ and inclusion via Signature template
  14. How best to handle an article that is a duplicate?
  15. Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Dwayneflanders
  16. Major lag and javascript problems
  17. Can you use an personal image as a signature, and if so how can it be done? (claification of question asked a few days ago)
  18. fully protected pages in wikipedia?

September 16[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 16

  1. PDF version tool
  2. Getting around copyrighted picture problems
  3. Dab help
  4. How to create a table with a image as background?
  6. Attempt to contact a real person, to resolve a confusing issue.
  7. project work
  8. Task force, templates, and talk page banners
  9. Removing a warning
  10. Where is the place to develop an article before posting it?
  11. Question about recreating a deleted article
  12. Archive of "speedy delete" discussion?
  13. Create a page?
  14. use
  15. logo disapper on albert einstein college of medicine page
  16. User:Philbox17
  17. Can I hide the redirect message?
  18. Template coding request
  19. How to put apply for "notability

September 17[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 17

  1. My Userpage
  2. Edit Problem
  3. Stow-Munroe Falls High School Article
  4. Link Problem
  5. can we give 5 volt input to the motherboard using two wires
  6. List of A&R Music scouts Australia
  7. Assignment
  8. Categories
  9. Sock puppet?
  10. Related articles column
  11. "Software updates are being applied to Wikimedia sites; we're shaking out a few remaining issues."
  12. asking a question
  13. Autonumbering in a table
  14. Java Script
  15. Making User Page Live
  16. My picture with Ewan McGregor
  17. Cable TV question
  18. Add a link?
  19. Editing
  20. references
  21. publishing user page
  22. Missing tools
  23. Newbie How can I use a template for a new article.
  24. Hide Redirect Notice

September 18[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 18

  1. Trouble with transclusion (newbie at templates)
  2. IRC
  4. Does this constitute as vandalism?
  5. Why can't I upload a new version of an image ?
  6. Unbroken Wikipedia Static HTML (English)
  7. Deleted my page, but...
  8. Lost Contribution to AfD Discussion
  9. How do I add to an existing article please?
  10. Template:Infobox GP2 round report
  11. Twinkle
  12. Check corruption
  13. Lupin's Anti-Vandalism tool
  14. Casual suggestions
  15. pictures
  16. Who is watching this article (and other questions)
  17. What is the page Mediawiki:Editwarning being used for?
  18. visible wikitext

September 19[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 19

  1. Unable to upload over images
  2. How to user-override MediaWiki messages
  3. page deleted
  4. no onscreen images in articles
  5. How to...
  6. Unable to delete and erroneous wikiproverbs entry
  7. cannot open page
  8. "Ignore" function
  9. Trubar in Slovene
  10. For movie experts
  11. How can the title of an article be corrected?

September 20[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 20

  1. Clipping a video part 2
  2. need to make an entry
  3. Renaming of an image
  4. Plano, Texas
  5. Placing boxes
  6. size of wortley
  7. Maestro
  8. Time
  9. Immunocal Page Deleted, What is needed to re-submit?
  10. Userpage archives
  11. Chak Budho

September 21[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 21

  1. Can't upload an image
  2. how to fix a missing link
  3. How to place several sources under one note so that article doesn't look cluttered?
  4. Question
  5. Automatic update
  6. I need Help But not exactly about wikipedia
  7. Manupatra account on wikipedia
  8. Is there a way to check the content of a page before it was deleted?
  9. Citing References
  10. Can we upload PDF file on Wikipedia?
  11. Changing my account name
  12. Contact an author
  13. Mexican Army.
  14. Posting to discussion board
  15. Like to help?
  16. Archive searches
  17. "Unjustify" tables wording
  18. Page layout

September 22[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 22

  1. Ongoing bias
  2. How do I debate an assertion?
  3. 1998 Ford Explorer Petrol Injectors over fueling
  4. Ingersoll Rand
  5. Question in Georgian
  6. what is this?
  7. editing table on a page
  8. my ip
  9. Can Businesses create an Article?
  10. Is this user wasting server space?
  11. New Article Listings
  12. College in Bangladesh
  13. Changes Made to an Article by the Artist Manager
  14. Are we allowed to edit an article about our NGO on Wikipedia?
  15. Title conflict
  16. Cut and paste article (another question)
  17. Content guidelines for references to fan fiction
  18. Trying to insert content into BBC article and trying to insert info into England section of Opium article

September 23[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 23

  1. Better diff
  2. Need semi-protection ASAP on Law of the United States
  3. Seemingly logged out on main page
  4. Rattle
  5. Search past revisions for words
  6. Formatting of template:quotebox2
  7. Suppressing line break around square brackets in altered quotation.
  8. Train wreck
  9. Forgot password and changed email
  10. How to search for articles that share two different categories?
  11. I'm confused about something with your article deletion policy
  12. Xbox CD
  13. How do I solicit broader input on a policy question?
  14. How do I check out whether I have had any interactions with another user
  15. Why can't I see the change?
  16. DNA Structure

September 24[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 24

  1. hi
  2. AncientPages
  3. publishing dates
  4. HELP
  5. Old Debate
  6. Image blink
  7. Page move help
  8. Port
  9. chellame
  10. Eliminating leading/trailing spaces
  11. Header 1 title changes
  12. Collapsed template
  13. Adding to a table?
  14. malicious content
  15. Strange redirects
  16. Linking to a section title containing a nonbreaking space
  17. Creating a Category/SubCategory
  18. Adding a picture to discography info box
  19. font size in wikipedia display
  20. cleanup
  21. rename page/redirect page
  22. Uploading album cover scans?
  23. Walther PK380
  24. Need formatting help
  25. Vandalism to "Dimitri The Lover" Wikipedia
  27. Odd strings

September 25[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 25

  1. Gray contributions
  2. Possible illegal photograph
  3. Removing page from categories
  4. promoting?
  5. Clay Walker song
  6. Signbot
  7. Starnge WIkimedia mention on non Wikimedia websites
  8. On front page wiki news section NO info on G-20 in Pittsburgh?
  9. Fixing across languages
  10. Template:Userspace draft
  11. my page dissapeared
  12. What does the manual of style say regarding alts on lists
  13. Re:File:Edo Panorama old Tokyo color photochrom.jpg
  14. Section lines crossing infoboxes or images
  15. Correct template to use in deletion notification
  16. Style of titles in articles

September 26[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 26

  1. Book Fees for public education
  2. Table sorting
  3. Missing text
  4. How to Rename a Category?
  5. What should I do about photos that don't show on my screen?
  6. Wikipedia Speech Posted?
  7. problem with juiced 2
  8. Lost word document
  9. Cheap laptop
  10. Wikipedia for kids
  11. LAW
  12. Image alignment and missing table lines in Mozilla Firefox
  13. How words in English of 自行車道 should be translated as?
  14. Activate My Account

September 27[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 27

  1. incorrectly made 2 pages
  2. Infobox awards
  3. How to remove an unwanted script?
  4. Copying messages from a talk page to article talk page
  5. How do i get my ex boyfriend back after 4 months
  6. The degeneracy of Tamil Wikipedia
  7. Fact sidebar comes up when I want to edit article
  8. Sorting data
  9. Article help
  10. In the help desk, what does the "Resolved" box mean?
  11. Uploading pictures to an exising page
  12. "edit this page" timestamp
  13. Move
  14. Links between Wiki projects
  15. Further Reading
  16. Copyright
  17. signing
  18. mistake
  19. sorting an article by last name

September 28[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 28

  1. edit/correcting factual errors in an article
  2. wikipedia merch?
  3. How to user-override MediaWiki messages
  4. electronics
  5. Adding colour to text
  6. Wikipedia Has Put My Page Up For Deletion Is There Anyone Who Can Write It For Me?
  7. A plea for help at Feedback
  8. Hash signs as numbering
  9. Italicized titles
  10. date format
  11. Customer service question
  12. Disambiguation and Redirect Page question
  13. wikipedia
  14. AFD Results in Merger

September 29[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 29

  1. constitution petition No 21 of 2007
  2. Someone else started my page and I corrected it....
  3. Need help to move Aeroflot-Don to Donavia
  4. What happens when I tag for expert?
  5. Similar vandalism from IP and registered user
  7. Main article is a section
  8. Adding New Information
  9. Open Office help
  10. Privacy concerns
  11. Warning template for copyvio
  12. Plagiarism from Wikipedia found: What is the policy?
  13. Title Editing?
  14. Article Creation
  15. transfer
  16. Uploading an image from an atlas
  17. Alt text request
  18. Maple and animations
  19. Everette E Dennis
  20. Link to an illegal copy of Window Clippings in an image
  21. referance lists
  22. Calling cards with a cell phone
  23. What does accent mean in this sentance?
  24. How to type greek letter in wikipedia?

September 30[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2009 September 30

  1. comment needed on article Raising kittens
  2. References
  3. Texas City Dike Pier
  4. Template help
  5. Deleting a category
  6. Priority to published (paper) works
  7. in seach of 1976 RING (MAGAZINE) BOXING RECORD BOOK
  8. Updating the Company Information and Logo
  9. speech for head girl (nominee)
  10. modify username
  11. Trouble with someone removing my info
  12. footnotes
  13. Editing Issue
  14. Polanski Article
  15. where can i download free dvd ram drive
  16. Wikiglitched?
  17. Pornographic Image - How to Delete