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Welcome to the Wikipedia Help Desk Archives
The page you are currently viewing is a monthly archive index. While you can leave answers for any questions shown below, please ask new questions on the current Help desk page.

September 1[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 1

  1. Category challenge
  2. guidence for subjects to contribute a commons compatible picture
  3. Page ratings suggestion
  4. Running Wikipedia
  5. My Page
  6. Citation parameters
  7. Curt Smith
  8. red username
  9. Why do my edits to sandboxes (to practice reference with links and citations) disappear when I click save?
  10. Doppelganger accounts
  11. Unknown value, self-serving content
  12. How to upload a jpg
  13. Difficulty getting video/audio references on article to show both the 'work' (eg name of newspaper) and the publisher
  14. New question
  15. deleting history
  16. description of Alive! Catholic newspaper
  17. Societal attitudes towards pedophilia in medieval Europe
  18. english
  19. Conrad N. Hilton Foundation page
  20. Consequence on the servers of a change in the noinclude section of a template
  21. Contacting contributor
  22. Cleveland

September 2[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 2

  1. Problem with lists and tables template needs fixing urgently
  2. Can't find draft article
  3. Autoconfirmed and confirmed users
  4. Stop Letters from a Website
  5. Help with blockquotes
  7. How to id edits which are not the most recent ones?
  8. Stale draft
  9. Editing Biographies
  10. Question on Adding a recent submission
  11. Difficulty making correction to article references directed to a portal
  12. Daily Article editing
  13. Administrator status?
  14. Singaporean national anthem recording
  15. Picture doesn't display
  16. Category question

September 3[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 3

  1. University of Tennessee health science center on Wikipedia
  2. Poorly written Wikipedia process for suggesting a new article
  3. Table sorting with convert templates
  4. News source plagiarising Wikipedia
  5. a topic entry suggestion for Hiljaiset Levyt record label in english
  6. I'd like to correct my user name after registering for the first time today.
  7. putting images in an article
  8. researching my family history
  9. AIDS roster addition
  10. Creating pages with preloaded content
  11. September 2011
  12. September 2011
  13. Air Lease Corporation ( ALC)
  14. link
  15. Where to get 50 helpers for WP:GOCE backlog
  16. Would my Signature be considered obnoxious?
  17. messed up redirect
  18. Crop white space, desharpen

September 4[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 4

  1. Banning an IP?
  2. Wrong information on how old Octavius Winslow was when he died.
  3. Login trouble
  4. Why post stuff I have to pay for - shame!
  5. DYK nomination
  6. How do I find all the Wikipedia pages that are linked to a Wikipedia page?
  7. Editing help?
  8. fake name in headline/duplicate pages
  10. Revision number
  11. Simplify the process of uploading a copyrighted picture
  12. lookking for info on Band
  13. Deletion log and Google search
  14. reservation residents and addresses
  15. Translation of Suite Tetelecentro

September 5[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 5

  1. ten year budget 2001 thru 2011 jennings county, in.
  2. Clarence Earl Gideon
  3. Compare diffs from two different articles?
  4. Deleting from Wapedia an article that has been removed from Wikipedia
  5. Thumbs down on an unreviewed article
  6. My editing of the police brutality page
  7. deleting history
  8. about boost converter
  9. third opinion
  10. Changing the rendering size of a TeX formula
  11. Use of wp:engvar
  12. Ganesha body?
  13. Problem getting picture thumbnail to display
  14. Subscription forcefully
  15. Wrong Translation on Home Page
  16. Recovering the code of a page
  17. Xbox 360 Achievement Lists for games
  18. questions about starting new article
  19. Will phone calls show up on my phone bill
  20. Using a parameter in an infobox
  21. Can someone please edit the page for Tim Bee, former Arizona Senate President?
  22. Help needed with harv references

September 6[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 6

  1. Searching for plain English tutorial on how to write an article for Wikipedia
  2. Title interference
  3. Outdated Editing Critique banners on top of articles
  4. editing ungenerous statements and reports
  5. reporting articles
  6. Darcy-Weisbach Equation
  7. Anthony Stanislas Radziwill
  8. Improvement to Hinuism Article Swami Nigamananda
  9. Your messed up resetting passwords
  10. How can I find my last posts and talks on my user? I sent talks to the editors and now there are no sign of them
  12. Bad linking between Wiki pages of different languages
  13. Deleted page
  14. Copyright photo?
  15. Guide for young editors
  16. Moving new draft article to wikipedia
  17. David Willey
  18. Vacillating Bot !
  19. How to create a new page in Wikipedia namespace?
  20. Farmville
  21. Replacing photo
  22. Withchurch
  23. Listening to Word Pronunciations
  24. Doctor
  25. Archiving Comments on one's Userpage

September 7[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 7

  1. How many pages can a user edit in one minute?
  2. Lenny Williams
  3. Archived, unclosed discussion with only 'Support' votes
  4. Ïs there a free wikipedia article download/archiver?
  5. wrong information in advertisement under types of advertisement
  6. Has one of your pages been hacked into?
  7. Is there a noticeboard for NFC violations?
  9. 'This article does not cite any references/sources' - I can see them!
  10. How to rename a category where pages are added only via template transclusion
  11. unreadable font
  12. Alice Lok Cahana
  13. Can a magazine scan be used to support a reference?

September 8[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 8

  1. Changing a Picture
  2. An example article
  3. Australian Science Fiction Writers
  4. Why are there pornographic pictures on at least one page
  6. Why the assumption that ISP language/IP represents user language?
  8. DEL policy if article exists in other language.
  9. Satellite question
  10. Norman Lamont/Lindi St Clair
  11. American Dad episode articles are gone
  12. Searches for persons with the same name as others...
  13. "Cite book" formatting boggle
  14. HELPME
  15. Textbox
  16. HTN with intravertebral bleed/mid line shift (Brain)
  17. HELPME!!!!!
  18. Duplicate article
  19. Lost password without email configured
  21. Behbahani dialect
  22. UNDO
  23. Simple English
  24. helpme
  27. Question
  28. Proper warning for removing a TFD discussion and tag
  29. Trolling
  30. Questions
  31. Minor edit
  32. Edit notice at List of Telugu Brahmins
  33. How do i fix this page? It's overlapping at the bottom.
  34. Two Questions.

September 9[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 9

  1. trigonometry
  2. tracing of lost blackberry
  3. problem
  4. How do you get a wikipedia page
  5. Oooops - I messed up
  6. Creating a text macro in an article or providing some way to replicate text from a prior place in the article.
  7. Blocks
  8. Henry Raeburn Dobson
  9. Baseball card Society Membership
  10. 2 questions
  11. Wikify
  12. Problem with the Unified login
  13. Data over time on Article Feedback Tool
  14. How do I change an existing out-of-date logo to our new one
  15. non-diuretic hot/cold beverages
  16. Brazilian National Math Olympiad for Public Schools
  17. User:Roberton213
  18. edits
  19. Wool
  20. natrona news research
  21. Wikipedia displaying weird font, look like Impact
  22. ABOUT TOLA ( gold )
  23. Brian O'Shaughnessy
  24. Talk Page
  25. Image file problem
  26. Lost archives
  27. Fixing a repair to an article that wasn't done quite right
  28. edited articles
  29. New editor: help wanted?

September 10[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 10

  1. Searching for template documentation
  2. Can you make it harder to tell you your search engine is broken?
  3. Wikipedia policies/rules/regulations
  4. Does Wikipedia give money for article
  5. Jeff Chandler
  6. Fixing common errors
  7. Moving section
  8. Web services
  9. Suggestion for Simplification
  10. Maren Jensen Page
  11. What edit summary should I use here?
  12. What is the right place for this RFC?
  13. Rating Web Pages
  14. Messed up move

September 11[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 11

  1. prevent undo changes
  2. Can't get a caption on a photo
  3. LA's Wasted Youth
  4. registration details
  5. Spelling of Mariners on their shirts.
  6. Abuse of power among Wikipedia accounts.
  7. Help with a template that I'm not familiar with
  8. Church sues SDA Kinship over use of Church name
  9. How to edit a Digital SLR page
  10. Non-English question
  11. 2 questions
  12. Using Wikipedia as a word processor - or how to teach MS Word to work like Wikipedia
  13. Problems accessing Wikipedia with Blackberry
  14. Now mislabeled as a stub:
  15. References - Ossett Wikipedia
  16. Question regarding Limit containing exponential function
  17. Wizard broken? (Creating a new article)
  18. Why I cannot hear pronunciation - How to set laptop speakers to hear pronunciation
  19. My new article is using my username as it's title rather than the subject I choose.
  20. Offensive wiki page feedback
  21. Don't get a list of people
  22. Need help with deleting an image
  23. Sources in other languages

September 12[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 12

  1. New section tab missing
  2. BOOK Creation & Usage
  3. Update company title
  4. Is FRUCKING an offensive word in the English language
  5. limitation of sales management
  7. I have uploaded an image, but it won't appear on the article!
  8. Acoustics and human rights
  9. Help with images
  10. Arumuga Navalar wiki violates academic honesty and suppresses facts
  11. Creating a consonant sound file
  12. List of buses
  13. Vanessa_Grant article link error
  14. Multiple Issues
  15. Internet
  16. View History
  17. Digi Rhymes
  18. How Do Subpages Work
  19. User stats
  20. Cabnt find the extreme music article where is it?
  21. Referencing information released under a UK Freedom Of Information act request.
  22. Please Add

September 13[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 13

  1. Porn picture hacked into 911 article DISGUSTING!!!
  2. Contributing Information Learned From TV
  3. Wrong picture/logo
  4. Ektoise
  5. Village lock-ups
  6. Modification to ChemInfo Box
  7. Doppelganger account
  8. Tomas J Fleischmann
  9. pronunciation
  10. Science
  11. Help finding bad image (example.jpg) in Lonely Mountain article?
  12. Vandalism
  13. Request move issue
  14. Adding link to our site results in "spam" messages from Wikipedia
  15. omission of my most recently published book on my page
  16. Pad_see_ew

September 14[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 14

  1. Making custom anchors show up in TOC
  2. Image
  4. Optical Fibers
  5. Christian Zolbe: I want it deleted
  6. I could use some eyes on a few things
  7. History of Egypt
  8. Vandalism ?
  9. Creative Commons Attribution
  10. Peter H Thomas
  11. Sourcing For Biographies of Living Persons
  12. 2007 (album)
  13. Help with article review
  14. Wrong link for Senator
  15. please delete Scott Tatman

September 15[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 15

  1. Changing the name of a page
  2. Contacting another user
  3. Help requests - COI/semi/PER
  4. List of professional cyclists who died during a race
  5. New account setup not happening :(
  6. Adding an article
  7. Rename page
  8. "Show" buttons redirect to unrelated (including CONTACT section)
  9. Removal of a specific template from an article
  10. sharing with social sites?
  11. Bosnian War
  12. Bare URL Message
  13. login not saved
  14. Windows-only free software
  15. Click here to buy?
  16. My signature
  17. What to do with a paid-for advert
  18. Question about deleted revision
  19. Debt - Bondage - happened in Britain
  20. Dakota Meyer page

September 16[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 16

  1. Posting Verifiable Information
  2. why can't this page be edited?
  3. Navbox help
  4. Harry's Girls
  5. Template hidden
  6. Photographer who wants to contribute needs advice
  7. A suggestion...
  8. Notifications of changes
  9. Template problem
  10. User talkpage
  11. references
  12. Using Wikipedia Under GNU/Creative Commons
  13. Allowing other Wikipedia users to edit your subpage draft
  14. Sergio DeMello
  15. Editing or Reformatting a Page Title
  16. Why the aversion to advertisements?

September 17[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 17

  1. "User account "Technical Communication" is not registered."
  2. The "long running" one man crusade
  3. Romanization of Farsi script
  4. unable to offer a correction to Joe McGinness article
  5. Voter ID laws in United States
  6. Setting the Signature button on the edit toolbar to use an em-dash instead of two hyphens
  7. new word....
  9. Help with an image
  10. incorrect spelling of my name in Cash Harmon article
  11. Financial problems
  12. birth date
  13. IPhone 3GS support
  14. article
  15. IPA articles
  16. Nuclear warfares
  17. page ratings
  18. Photo in infobox appearing in its original full size
  19. hello..
  20. Where to go to Patrol Recent Changes?
  21. Article requests

September 18[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 18

  1. pleasant hill tn
  2. Just signed up and cannot edit. There is no save or view listed.
  3. Downloading Images
  4. The birthdate of Dr Vikram Sarabhai
  5. nfl championship
  6. Funny issue with bar box
  7. Searching all revisions
  8. how to put a video on Facebook
  9. Text formatting
  10. Email change and password reset
  11. login
  12. Broken pronunciation link
  13. weird adress popping up in user talk and watchlist.
  14. Problems with downloading a file
  15. Pictures Problem
  16. Post deleted - question the decision.
  17. Ninety
  18. Diego Garcia
  19. Smart Phone editing
  20. "link rot"
  21. editing an article
  22. Waterproof, Louisiana and John Henry Johnson
  23. Wrong email
  24. Moving an article

September 19[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 19

  1. sonny tufts?
  2. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  3. DYK
  4. How do you actually edit the text as it appears on the mainpage?
  5. Why does Wiki always refer to America?
  6. Issue with article for Bain & Company
  7. External Links to real estate websites
  10. Conflict of Interest
  11. Assistance requested with file version
  12. Dutson
  13. Forgotten
  14. The New Update it Wicc 600 Logo thats On The New Web Site at thats on the top left
  15. music
  16. confused about setting up disambiguation
  17. Constant Deletion of valid articles by another user

September 20[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 20

  1. Sander Vanocur - Family
  2. Image problem
  3. Smart Phone editing
  4. User Name
  5. iPhone 3GS and mobile wiki problem
  6. potentially slanderous comment
  7. How to add our company profile page on Wikipedia ?
  8. Facebook
  9. Permanently Delete Page
  10. Template help needed
  11. Creating new artical - where is link?
  12. Cant find it !
  13. Add material
  14. How to wikilink to a section if two sections with identical title exist
  15. Vicki Roberts erroneously is redirected to Amy Alkon
  16. Have I messed up an AfD?
  17. Deleting old draft copies from Userspace

September 21[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 21

  1. Babel "es"
  2. Horizon League
  3. Accidental disable
  4. Mobile wikipedia feedback
  5. Show/Hide buttons not working on iPhone.
  6. Table formatting problem
  7. Screenshots
  8. Regina Louise article got rejected
  9. Asking question again...was not answered.
  10. Email contact
  11. How to find my wikipedia account that i have created when using the search key
  12. Editing specific pages
  13. I cant move my article, why?
  14. Signed baseball from HARLAND KENTUCKY,1952 MOUNTAIN LEAUGE
  15. Non-English Language Source Citation
  16. Moving appearance of screen
  17. Comparing Versions
  18. Cross project wikilinks
  19. Way to create coordinate links without the annoying little globes
  20. What to do with Collaborative_writing
  21. Semi existence!
  22. Donating copyrighted materials
  23. Informal article help

September 22[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 22

  1. Disputed facts and veracity of sources
  2. Revert error - help needed
  3. Wikipedia app on iPhone and other mobile devices
  4. i want to help from people
  5. list of satellite crashes
  6. Foreing exchange
  7. birth date (previously archived thread, revived to allow reply)
  8. Replace minus signs with endashes
  9. I entered significant changes to Swietenia humilis a few minutes ago. All have disappeared.
  10. Login: temporary password expiration time? And a request.
  11. New page not coming up in google searches
  12. Wrongful Redirection
  13. Indexing subcategories
  14. I have a question

September 23[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 23

  1. Correct template
  2. possible vandalism
  3. Improve an article to GA status
  4. Wiki entry for Antisocial Personality Disorder
  5. How to create a math symbol?
  6. Images from French WP not appearingin English articles
  7. i want a job
  8. Email
  9. Q about cats
  10. Lost edits?
  11. Repeated article in two addresses
  12. Date sorting on tables
  13. need to find out who this number belongs to?

September 24[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 24

  1. Reference question
  2. an edited post was submitted
  3. Assistance with Being Born Again Couture article - it seems that everybody doesn't know how to help
  4. Uploading pictures
  5. life duration of an article. Can an article be removed?
  6. Copy right infringement?
  7. How to determine if an article is in a category
  8. Question
  9. Difficulty setting up my wikipedia account
  10. grammatical correction needed
  11. Friday Night Club
  12. Translating a wiki article into another language

September 25[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 25

  1. updating "Higher Education in Canada"
  3. spelling mistake in article "Rattanakosin Kingdom"
  4. Henry Joseph Fradelle
  5. dora maria en estos momentos
  6. Wiki Loves Monuments: Photograph a monument, help Wikipedia and win!
  7. Non native speaker needs help with an article
  8. How do I get feeedback and edits to a proposed article?
  9. How to place a userbox on a userpage?
  10. doubts in electronics
  11. higher cylinderical number
  12. Really delete a revision
  13. What does the mathematical symbol ⊙ represent?
  14. sortname and linking
  15. New Article Request
  16. Very minor diff

September 26[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 26

  1. added info to blank page does not show up.
  2. Two Trevors
  3. Feedback
  4. Languages of Nepal
  5. financing wikipedia
  6. Historial prices for Heating Oil, Bio Oil and Natural Gas
  7. Search box in English mobile Wikipedia
  8. Conflict of interest
  9. Unreliable sources
  10. (v * d* e) links do not work in a navbox
  11. Help
  12. RDQ
  13. Adding links from Public Television websites
  14. Patent for my invention
  15. Twinkle?
  16. Technical issues/horrible functionality/terrible toolbar
  17. Creating an article
  18. Italicized titles
  19. How to upload an image
  20. Changing an existing image on a page
  21. Kailua, Hawaii
  22. Message when trying to log in
  23. age at death template

September 27[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 27

  1. St Louis sculptor Bob Casilly death, includsion on recent deaths
  2. How to make a single footnote refer to several different statements in an article?
  3. printer setup
  4. Young, pregnant, and very confused.
  5. Is there a way to have a sportspersons stats automatically updated
  6. Userpage redirect
  7. I don't understand what I did wrong.
  8. College Of Engineering kidangoor,Kottayam
  9. Please help correcting Template:Player3
  11. Two paragraphs of an article are only visible when logged on
  12. Alternative and most obvious answer to the riddle "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" see link;
  13. time stamp in the veiw history option
  14. Question: How to use "<col>" in wiki table?
  15. Adding a rightsfree photo to the biography of ernst reijseger
  16. Why is my Article not showing?
  17. redirect/new article
  18. Trying to restore a dead reference link with the help of the publisher
  19. Wikilink for a place named after a person?
  20. who do i contact?
  21. activate new account to move page
  22. User page question
  23. DR or copyvio
  24. z font problem in Equipartition_theorem
  25. Cost accounting
  26. Unable to access
  27. Urgent help needed!
  28. Author information on images
  29. thumbnail image sizes
  30. Linking Images

September 28[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 28

  1. difficulty setting up my wikipedia account
  2. Flag in the European Union article
  3. flag question
  4. Operation Sea Signal casualties
  5. Creation of Information about our NPO- the ICeJHED-Int'l Centre for Justice,Health & Educational Dev.on Wikipedia.
  6. Punjabi Film CHANN PARDESEE
  7. Wrong information about me ;
  8. About Nodle officer
  9. Pc sute
  10. Help
  11. Error on the Barbary lion page
  12. Remove vandalism notice from Talkpage and how to deal with similar issues
  13. Is it possible to remove my IP address
  14. Want to contact facebook
  15. Problems Fixing this article
  16. Blocked account (maybe?)
  17. Looking for Policies/Essays/best practices about contacting Wikipedians
  18. Islam's view on the big bang theory.
  19. Wikipedia...error for the length of the Las Vegas Strip.....
  20. Userpage box broken
  21. Registering as opposed to editing with an IP
  22. how to purchase

September 29[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 29

  1. Discussion page redirects to the wrong page
  2. Hi, i would like to edit my "username"
  3. Citation template for citing forum posts
  4. Article not appearing on Wikipedia
  5. No file by this name exists.
  6. Header toolbar links, .css, etc.
  7. "Free Radical"
  8. Adding the citation / blocked by crazy editor
  9. in wrong place
  10. Henry Alden Clark
  12. How can I re-enable the Wikipedia Mobile Site.
  13. In correct information with reference to the Page on Mr. Salman Bashir
  14. National Atheist Party Article
  15. Linking images from a translated page

September 30[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2011 September 30

  1. My Edit Missing
  2. Edits missing
  3. Winter (dolphin)
  4. Server error
  5. Userboxes
  6. Transclusion problem
  7. Changes to format
  8. Reactivate sockpuppet investigation
  9. Article Help
  10. Company changed name
  11. Volks Wagen Vento
  12. I am a fairly knowledgeable editor
  13. Wikipedia tool for finding where two editors have worked together
  14. what's user's name
  15. Question
  16. Is this article, up to par?