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Charlottesville Newspaper Wiki Party
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Event details
Date: Monday August 20, 2018
Time 1:30-4pm EST
Byrd/Morris Seminar Room - Harrison/Small
Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library
Slides Introduction to Wikimedia projects

The University of Virginia Library is hosting "Surfacing Black Life in Charlottesville", public Wikipedia event for students and faculty to have fun while also sharing information from historic African American newspapers. Wikipedia has been a popular source of information for a generation and continues to influence thought in all fields. By sharing information in Wikipedia we make information accessible to others and track it popularity. Come to socialize, share snacks, and to publish information that people will read. Feel free to ask any questions you have ever had about the encyclopedia.

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Date: Monday August 20, 2018
Time: 1:30-4pm
Byrd/Morris Seminar Room - Harrison/Small
Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library
University of Virginia

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This event includes wiki editing. The orientation at the start of the event is open to anyone who wants an introduction to Wikimedia projects and will be interesting even to people who are unable to join the editing workshop which follows.

0:00-0:05 - Welcome
0:05-0:20 - Orientation and tutorial for Wikipedia, Wikidata, and related Wikimedia projects
0:20-0:25 - Discussion and demos
0:25-1:00 - Wiki editing!
1:00-1:05 - Check in, share early results
1:05-1:30 - Wiki editing!
1:30-1:45 - Wrap up!

Editing suggestions[edit]


The minimum target goal for participants in the editing workshop is the following:

  1. Register a Wikimedia account
  2. Add 1 sentence and 1 citation to any Wikipedia article
  3. Add 1 statement (structured data with citation) to any Wikidata item

Doing this much will leave participants with insight into how Wikimedia projects work. The theme of this editing event is "black life in Charlottesville" and recommended articles to develop are below.