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Nominations Viewer at WP:FAC. Screenshot taken on July 28, 2014.

Nominations Viewer (source code) is a script that compacts the nominations listed at the following pages:


To enable this script, go to your skin's JavaScript file, edit the page, and add the following line to it:

importScript('User:Gary/nominations viewer.js'); // [[Wikipedia:Nominations Viewer]]


  • Information on each nomination shown by the script includes the following; hover your mouse over the data shown by the script to see even more information:
    • Number of images: Number of images in the nomination (WP:FPC-only).
      Hover: Shows the filenames of the images
    • Nomination age: How long ago the nomination began
      Hover: Shows when the nomination was created
    • Participants: How many editors are involved in the nomination
      Hover: Shows all participants in chronological order, including how many edits they each made
    • Support and opposition: How much support the nomination has
      Hover: Shows the number of support AND opposition. NOTE: Oppose is hidden when not hovering because opposition is often struck. Compare the "Number of Participants" to "Support" for a better impression of support for a nomination.
    • Nominators: How many co-nominators there are
      However: Shows the co-nominators in alphabetical order
  • Show/hide individual nominations by clicking on the [show/hide] button.
    • Expand/collapse all nominations by clicking on the "expand / collapse all" button.
  • Go directly to the nomination page by clicking on the nomination link. (Previously, to reach the nomination page, one had to click on the edit link of the nomination.)