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WikiProject Polytechnic University of the Philippines is a WikiProject designed to help improve Wikipedia's coverage of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Please feel free to help this project evolve by providing your own modifications, comments and suggestions. You can just leave a message.


Announcements Announcements


How can I contribute to this project How can I contribute?

If you have never used Wikipedia, please take the time to read these articles:

To maintain article quality, please follow these rules:

  • Provide sources for your edits
  • Restrain the number of red links
  • Ensure external links are active
  • Check orthography before saving your changes

If you are contributing to this WikiProject, then you are probably a fan of the University. However, in the articles you edit, please try to avoid academic boosterism, maintain a neutral point of view, and avoid peacock terms and weasel words.


Project goals Our goals

This WikiProject is committed in achieving its goals through:

  • Quality. Quality is the key, therefore the project should maintain good quality of the articles involved.
  • Organization. Having organized articles result in better reputation in the Project itself.
  • A prominent status. Having some (if not all) of the articles get involved in GA or FA status.
  • Bringing an encyclopedic detail. Taking the reader to an informative and elucidative composition, without affecting its encyclopendicity.


Templates in Use Templates

Project notices



Participants Participants


To Do List Things To Do

These are the things to do to make PUP-related articles become better:


Images Images and Image Requests

There are lots of images that need to be taken, however if you found some images in the internet, please get permission from the author/owner/copyright holder. Well, if you got digicams while walking anywhere of the campuses, you can, of course, take photos of the requested images.

Also, keep updated if there are recent images shot and uploaded in image uploading sites (Flickr, Photobucket).

Image requests

  • Antique House
  • PUP Manila infamous Catwalk
  • PUP Manila Church
  • Campus: PUP Cabiao
  • Campus: PUP Commonwealth
  • Campus: PUP Lopez
  • Campus: PUP Maragondon
  • Campus: PUP Mariveles
  • Campus: PUP Mulanay
  • Campus: PUP Pulilan
  • Campus: PUP Ragay
  • Campus: PUP Santa Maria
  • Campus: PUP Santa Rosa
  • Campus: PUP Santo Tomas
  • Campus: PUP Taguig
  • Campus: PUP Unisan
  • Dante Guevarra
  • Inside Library
  • Nemesio Prudente
  • Ninoy Aquino Learning Resources Center
  • Pasig River
  • PUP College of Architecture Building
  • PUP College of Communication Building
  • PUP College of Engineering Building
  • PUP ICT Center inside Ninoy Aquino Learning Resources Center Building
  • PUP Main Academic Building
  • PUP Pasig Ferry Service Station
  • PUP Obelisk
  • PUP Pylon
  • Pureza Station
  • Seal of the Manila Business School
  • Seal of the Philippine School of Commerce
  • Seal of the Philippine College of Commerce
  • Street: Teresa
  • Street: Valencia
  • Street: Anonas
  • Street: Loyola


Articles Articles

These are the articles to work on:

Foremost Priority

Articles needing major expansion, cleanup, and/or references

Articles needing minor expansion, cleanup, and/or references

Article requests and ideas


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