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Greetings & thank you all for giving me a chance to serve. I believe I have thus far familiarized myself with file moving in accordance to WP:FMV/W & work predominantly with FNC#2 & have successfully renamed this , this, this this to their current appropriate title. I also have knowledge of image policies discussed in detail at WP:IUP & when not requesting for a “rename media” I do general file patrolling & work With Di's & F9's as can be observed here, here. here & here. I optimize the Tin Eye reverse image function to aid me in identifying copyvio’s. I also understand to satisfaction the WP:FURG policy. I also sparingly do menial work on Commons by detecting copyvio’s & requesting their speedy deletions as seen here, here, here or partaking in image related deletion discussion as seen here In the spirit of transparency, i should also state that during my early days of working with files I had erred occasionally in applying incorrectly [[WP:#FNC2]]’s in titles that weren’t necessarily meaningless as can observed here & correctly declined here & it took the help of Godsy to set me straight. Thank you all for your time. Celestina007 (talk) 17:01, 1 January 2021 (UTC)
Really, once a rename is deemed appropriate per the criteria, there is wide leeway with the name. Regarding File:Russian Crash Fabric Material.jpg (which I renamed), capitalization is merely a preference. There may, rightly, be no backlog but it never hurts to have more hands on deck to timely reject or approve and implement requests. The only thing not approving new users when they demonstrate the appropriate capabilities does is to establish an old-guard cutlure. I think Celestina007 has worked and inquired more than most to learn the ropes of file renaming and see no issue with their request being granted. — Godsy (TALKCONT) 22:27, 5 January 2021 (UTC)
@Godsy: While I agree the old guard culture is toxic and can result in increased corruption, I think the only difference between us is that my bar for "demonstrate the appropriate capabilities" is slightly higher than yours. I do think Celestina007 could be a file mover fairly soon, but just not yet. Personally I'd say that in general any user who has requested 20 file moves of which 90% or more were granted without major adjustments can be promoted. — Alexis Jazz (talk or ping me) 05:25, 6 January 2021 (UTC)
Thank you for the support @Godsy it is very much appreciated. Hello@Alexis Jazz, thank you for raising those points/queries as I believe them to be constructive criticism but like I stated earlier most of my errors were at my early stages of working with files and ones I won’t repeat because as of now I understand to satisfaction what is outlined in WP:FMV/W. Generally I find file moving in its entirety, a great place to work in, I believe I can contribute my own quota there, as you rightfully stated there isn’t a huge backlog there but I believe if granted this perm and the backlog does invariably increase, I would be there to take care of them alongside yourself, Godsy and the lot of other editors who work with files. Thank you also for the advice above which states I would generally recommend to make the filename more descriptive than just the name, especially when more images of the subject are available or could be uploaded in the near future. (e.g. by adding "in 2020", "with white background". I’d be more than happy to answer any further queries. Furthermore, It’s interesting how working with files also aids me in new page patrolling and fighting spam articles. Happy new year to you all and I hope you do take all this into consideration and give me s chance to prove myself and serve the community better. Thank you all. Celestina007 (talk) 15:51, 7 January 2021 (UTC)
  • I understand your concerns about me not filing enough rename media’s, however Alexis, I did nab both this & this today. I really do put in effort. Celestina007 (talk) 00:10, 9 January 2021 (UTC)
@Celestina007: I've copied your comment from my talk page to keep the discussion central, as I actually want to comment on this. According to the uploader of File:Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 1.02.02 PM.png: "Glenn Foley, mid pass. This is from an old newspaper clipping I believe, I couldn't find the original source". I declined the request and tagged the file for WP:CSD#F9. No license and Glenn Foley is alive. (so no fair use) File:Scott Cawthon.png appears to be a selfie of Scott Cawthon and was extracted from Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted game files: (the narrator says "the majority of them were total fabrications from the mind of a complete lunatic (lawsuits pending)." so this explains why the file was originally uploaded as "CompleteLunatic.png". No license and Scott is also alive so no possible fair use rationale, tagged for CSD F9. There is no need to rename media that is going to be deleted anyway. — Alexis Jazz (talk or ping me) 08:08, 9 January 2021 (UTC)
@Alexis Jazz, oh thanks, I’d be keeping that in mind moving forward and won’t bother to rename files that are likely to be deleted. Pertaining this I had seen “Complete Lunatic” and thought it very much offensive thus I applied FNC#8. I would be keeping an eye on source and license information before proceeding to renaming, which I usually always do, but to be honest I was a tad bit hasty and I take responsibility for that. Celestina007 (talk) 21:39, 9 January 2021 (UTC)