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Based off of Wakko's America. 50 admins wouldn't fit, so I did 52.

The song[edit]

(bibliomaniac15, Grey Porpoise, and DarknessLord are playing Jeopardy! with Jimbo Wales as host. bibliomaniac15 hits a daily double.)

Jimbo: And now, the daily double! Name 52 admins and bureaucrats!

(bibliomaniac15 jumps out and grabs a violin out of nowhere. biblio starts playing the violin in a hoedown tune, a variation of "Turkey in the Straw," while dragging along each admin as he sings.)


Can't sleep, clown will eat me, and Friday, Frazzydee,
We've got the Geogre and a Happy Camper,
Ben W Bell and same last name Doug Bell,
B-l-n-g guyen and an Arcadian.
Whisper to me, and then I'll ask where,
Well, will you know, it's Ahoerstemeier,
There's Phaedriel or however you pronounce it,
We'll create some light and darkness with MacGyver's magic.
Congrats to Phaedriel on her pregnancy!
Caltrop and Carnildo and Catherine Munro,
We've got Nishkid and a Chairboy, watch out! Exploding boy!
Here is Angela and Cyde Weys, with some Dysprosia
And don't forget him, J.J., with his look-alike, Essjay.
Our Goatasaur orders Hamster Sandwich,
I'm here to help, so tell me, what's the sitch?
There's rampage and chaos, a Killer Chihuahua,
So save my souls, everyone, call Gurubrahma.
Taco Bell sued us for using the chihuahua.
We've got Karen Johnson and a pretty minty guy,
There's Acetic Acid and Vancouverguy.
Here's Yanksox and meticulous Yamla,
And pedantically speaking, here is Natalya.
RFA unanimous, that would be Nae'blis
Jimmy Wales is here, oh, how Joyous!
And from Naw'lins, is NawlinWiki,
Over here is Morwen meeting up with Danny.
Those 52 admins, we have!

(The "incorrect buzzer" rings.)

Jimbo: Sorry, but you didn't state your answer in the form of a question.

(bibliomaniac15 smashes his violin on his head, and passes out. Grey Porpoise and DarknessLord shrug as Omicronpersei8 reverts the mess.