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An image of a typical WikiDalek.

A WikiDalek is a rather odd wikifauna. He/she can be really wise one second, then they can release a bite on you for no reason. They usually think WikiDoctors are show-offy and therefore do not like them very much. They have a constant obsession to strive and survive and become top editor. They will constantly betray and hurt people because of their Wikipediaholism and Editcountitis. Some even bind their Wikinucleic acid (WNA) with other harmless fauna to gain more power. Overall, they have one passion, one will.


How to find one[edit]

While most of them died in the Last Great Edit War, some of them survived. They will get in your face and nearly melt it off with the heat field surrounding them. They also have an obsession with saying EX-TER-MI-NATE![1]. They won't bite unless they really desperately need to scream at someone[2]. Some of them have Wikitime machines. Not unlike a WikiTARDIS, these machines are Wikiensionally transcendent (Wikier on the inside). The edits of WikiDaleks with these machines will appear similar to those of WikiTARDISes.

How to know you are one[edit]

You are absolutely obsessed with power and all of the above[3].

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  1. ^ No, really. Nice work, Sherlock! Of course they don't talk like that! >|:-(
  2. ^ Or ya know, you aren't one of them.
  3. ^ Although some editors refuse to accept that they are, and retreat into an imaginary world.