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Africa satellite orthographic.jpg The current Africa WikiProject Collaboration of the Month is Uganda! Africa satellite orthographic.jpg
Please read the nomination text and help improve the article to featured article standard if you can.

Welcome to the Africa WikiProject Collaboration of the Month! The collaboration seeks to identify an important Africa-related article every month and improve it to FA quality.

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Current collaboration[edit]

February's collaboration is Uganda. Please improve it to the best of your ability. Even a bit of copy editing helps.

Make sure that the article talk page has this tag attached:

{{Africa Current collaboration}}


Future collaborations are agreed upon at this project page's talk page. Proposed future collaborations are:

  • March: not yet determined (discuss)
  • April: not yet determined (discuss)
  • May: not yet determined
  • June: not yet determined

History of collaborations[edit]

Date Article Status Featured Sign
February 17, 2016 Uganda B Emiellaiendiay 23:57, 19 February 2007 (UTC)