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This is a worksheet and not an encyclopedia article. Overall quality varies widely for the 200 biographies that have been selected for Wikipedia's core biographies. One element that may be relatively easy to standardize is cultural references to these important people. Cultural depictions of Joan of Arc is the first list of its type to achieve featured list recognition, so I have proposed it as a model for other cultural biography lists. It covers both high culture and popular culture in topical table formatted sections.

Some of the people named below may prove problematic. For widely differing reasons, I have misgivings about applying this approach to Elvis Presley, Jesus, Adolf Hitler, and Muhammad. Nonetheless, with the exception of Joan of Arc and Alexander the Great (whose cultural lists I created) I have posted notices at relevant talk pages for all core biography figures except as noted below. Existing cultural sections and pages are noted on this worksheet.

Separate pages[edit]

The following core biography figures have cultural references lists:

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The following core biography figures have trivia or in popular culture sections:

Other non-core cultural pages that use this naming[edit]

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