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Below are specific articles you can create or edit to help improve the WikiProject Comics World Comics working group.

  • Before creating a new article, please check for existing articles very carefully, taking into account various series titles and creator name romanizations that may conceivably have been used by a previous editor. If you find something on the lists below that already exist, please remove the subject from the to-do list.
  • Please verify correct romanization of names per Wikipedia's Korean and Chinese naming conventions before you begin and article about a person; the spellings below are not verified yet!
  • If you are unable to tackle writing a new article but have a relevant on-line resource one of the below subjects, please feel free to add a link after the subject's name.
  • Please add to this list as you see fit!
  • Once you have completed a task, please remove it from the to-do list and post a note on the talk page. Thank you for helping improve Wikipedia!

New Article Requests[edit]


Titles Artists & Writers Publishing/Distribution, etc


Titles Artists & Writers Publishing/Distribution, etc

Image Requests[edit]

Check Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of World comics.

Infobox Needed[edit]

Check Category:World comics workgroup articles without infoboxes

Copyediting Requested[edit]

Check back soon or add to the list!

Hangul or Hanzi Assistance Requested[edit]

Check back soon or add to the list!

Stub Expansion Requested[edit]

Categorization Help Needed[edit]