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All of our current members can be found at Category:WikiProject Emo members. If you are interested, feel free to join! Just add your username to the list below and add the Userbox for project members, {{User WikiProject Emo}}, and your name will appear in Category:WikiProject Emo members. Watch for periodic roll calls on the talkpage. Keep on top of current events or debates on the discussion and things to do pages. Thanks!
1sneakers6 Talk
Albert Mond Talk
Awesomebriks Talk I have been educated about emo on musicbanter, and would like to clear some things up.
Cryptonel talk
EchetusXe Talk
Emoshan Talk
Dragongirl917 Talk I enjoy emo music and i am emo, also i like editing wikipedia. That is why im helping out here....
Glambert4688 Talk I love emo music. I will be a Fall Out Boy fan till the day I die.
IllaZilla Talk I'm currently working on an overhaul of this Wikiproject to give it a number of useful tools such as assessments & collaboration of the month. Eventually when I have more time I plan to use some source books I have on hand to improve the emo and Rites of Spring articles.
LizParker Talk I'm going to try to remain active in this, but if there is anything at all you would like me to do for this project, please notify me on my talk page.
Lover of the sand Talk
Maxwells.plum Talk Power violence, emo violence, screamo, Ampere, Funeral Diner, that sort of thing. But really all waves/subgenres/related genres, etc. I love all emo. Tell you what, I'll try and stay active in this.
Natt the Hatt Talk I'm mostly interested in 1st & 2nd wave emo (The Get Up Kids, Braid, ect.) and will probably be around there. Mostly I do small edits, but every now and then I'll try taking on a bigger project.
Pwnage8 Talk I took the liberty of reviving this project a few months ago. I'm glad IllaZilla went the extra mile and did a complete overhaul, and I'd like to thank him for it. I'm interested in third-wave emo bands like The Used, and learning more about the genre. Eventually, I hope to improve all articles in the project.
SanePsychotic Talk I will be covering older more "historic" emo bands and 90s - early 2000s emo bands as well as any social implications of the emo subculture.
SobaNoodleForYou Talk I will probably be mostly editing Paramore-related articles, along with articles about 21st century emo bands.
teamsleep Talk old school/first wave screamo, emo, and post-hardcore. rites of spring, etc.
Tea with toast Talk I want to make sure that emo-related articles conform to Wikipedia policies, especially in regard to verifiability and sources. I also do a lot of copy editing and wikification.
Terminus777 Talk I will edit a lot of different, mostly current, emo bands
tetraedycal Talk I do only listen to real (old school) emo, and I feel like I have to engage myself here to see less scene rock bands labeled as emo by wikipedians.
Thepalumbo1 Talk Jimmy Eat World, new and old
Xtcy3 Talk I like the current, popular bands so I'll try and pick around in those.
Xxxloosingsympathyxxx Talk I will try to help... i dont know with what though. I'll probably only fix errors and typos.

Inactive/former members

The following editors are no longer active in WikiProject Emo.
When moving names to this section, please use the format {{user|xxxx}} where xxxx is the username. Note: Sometimes it is easy to tell when a user is inactive, such as when they have been banned, retired, or vanished. However, keep in mind that not everyone contributes to Wikipedia on a regular basis. There are many editors who contribute infrequently or even go for months without making an edit, but then return. That said, it is generally safe to move an editor to the "inactive" section if they have not made an edit to Wikipedia within one year.