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The following are users who signed up to participate in the Fashion WikiProject but have not contributed to Wikipedia in more than six months.

  Name   Special Interests
Priya Patel I would love to add more about the socially conscious areas of fashion
Jauncourt I'm a lifelong seamstress, professional illustrator and amateur costume researcher. My interests cover everything from the Bronze Age to about 1950, and everything from high fashion to working dress. Specific areas of interest are the middle ages (1000-1500 AD) and the periods between 1700-1900 AD. I'm willing to provide new, copyright released, illustrations for articles.
krishansood1991 Interested in the more modern side of fashion in particular John Galliano and Alexander McQueen and Haute Couture.
Kullanari I don't really have any formal qualifications, but I'm quite interested in fashion, particularly mens fashion, and would like to help especially with organisation/editing.
MissTay09 I love fashion and I am planning on majoring in it. My interests are 1970's and 1980's fashion.
Sofronova This is an excellent idea, i study fashion in university and fashion history is not only so interesting, it is so important to know and understand, i will try to help in all asepects- mens and womens wear from classical to present.
I-love-la I have studied fashion history, love fashion and was disappointed that Lover didn't have a thorough page here.
Librarylefty I have an interest in modern fashion, especially from the 1990s. However, I have little to no interest in Haute Couture.
Madjidmad I'm very new to Wikipedia, but I love fashion in general. I'm happy to try and help out where i can
Esmerelda Querida I'm very new to Wikipedia, but I love fashion in general. I'm happy to try and help out where i can
C777 I'm interested in improving the fashion coverage. My focus will be the biographies of designers and models.
Gilgamesh79 My interest is in men's clothing, with particular attention to the traditional men's style of the 1930-1950 United States and Western Europe, contemporary interpretations of those fashions, and how modern fashions differ from the classic styles exemplified by clothing of that era.
Iviave Am open to any tasks involving haute couture, specific designers and designing clothing. Thanks for the opportunity.
number1spygirl I'm an Alessandra Ambrosio fan. I started improving her page and noticed that other model bios (Victoria's Secret angels) need improvement. I treated improving pages like it was homework!!! lol.
AntiVanity I am a developer of entries relating to plus-size modeling on the Wiki (both as current ID and formerly as BGModel). I've been in this side of the industry for over 10 years so have a good handle on major players and models in this area of fashion. I have lived and worked internationally so I don't have a particular US bias myself, but I do think it overwhelms the current entries.
DivineDeeds I'm interested in creating, expanding, and improving the citation of newer fashion designers and fashion labels.
Geape I've jsut discover the portal. I studied art history, I am teaching fashion history at the main fashion school in my city. I speak spanish, english and french, I've collaborating for a while in fashion articles, good to know there are more wikipedians with the same interests!!
GoldenGirls3 I love fashion! I would love to help by adding more profiles of designers and fashion companies.
La Vie Entiere Im a long-time reader of Fashion Week Daily, IHT:Style and WWD, my focus is on the people and fashion movements.
Sara.g.goldstein I'm a mild fashion obsessive, and thrilled to see that Wikipedia might finally get better fashion coverage! I'm generally interested in making the web a friendlier place for those of us who aren't geeky males. I'm also fascinated by phenomena where fashion and technology intersect, like fashion blogging. Count me in too! ;) PS: I'm in Sydney, Australia so I could also be helpful in sorting out the pages about Australian fashion designers.
Style&Travel I am interested in the fashions of the Hollywood Golden Age; Hollywood Designers and fashion icons of the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. I live in California, USA; I also speak Russian and can help if the Russian language is involved or any info in Russian is needed.
Wikiwikilub First off, GO Jen! This project is definitely needed. The designer bios and label/brand pages are absolutely disgraceful. I'm interested in adding more bios, and splitting the designer's personal page from the label page. page. I live in California and love the west coast fashion scene!
Willow I'm interested in designing and making clothing, especially knitted items. Thanks for starting this, Jen! :) I'll try to help as I can.
AllieAnalogue The opposite of Vickser, I'm coming back to fashion after a brief career dealing with "serious things" like human rights, refugee resettlement and human trafficking. I'm a long-time sewer, so I can be of a little help discussing clothing construction. I've been researching history of women's fashion- from medieval to current- on an amateur level for about 15 years. I collect vintage clothing and handbags. I write the blog Analogue Chic. I joined up here because we need an article on the first major model of color, China Machado, and I'm also concerned about creating articles and preserving sources on what I call fashion anthropology, and especially environmentally and socially sustainable design. I'm not well versed in writing code or Wikipedia itself, so I will need lots of help. Gasp.
MBee23 I am interested in contributing to the wikipedia fashion project as I have a love for fashion and enjoy fashion journalism. I am also the Australian coordinator for Wikifashion.
Millichip I'll be trying to develop some of the British menswear articles, among other things.
Tyciol This looks like an interesting project, found out about it from the GI glasses article. I'm no expert on fashion and a bad dresser myself, but I'll see if I can't help where I can.