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Crystal Clear app kedit.png To do List[edit]

(edit this list)

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:

Review the cleanup listing for improvements to existing articles. Many Lebanon related articles have been flagged for discrepancies and gaps, let's work together to improve our directory. Secondly, find below a list of some of our objectives, do not hesitate to edit this list. Please add some objectives to ours and lets make the Lebanon directory more and more interesting.

  • Start the wikiproject Lebanon
  • Get involved in revamping the Lebanon Portal and throw in your 2 cents of useful material into the portal
  • Improve the Wikiproject's graphical user interface, looks and layout
  • Participate in the final touches to make the Lebanon article undoubtedly outstanding!
  • Assess articles and then assess some more articles
  • Add all lebanon-related articles to the Wikiproject for future assessment

Our articles need your attention, please help resolving their issues

Crystal Clear app desktopshare.pngCrystal Clear app kaboodle.png Link Media[edit]

Many "Lebanon" directory articles lack media, help us link, upgrade and upsize our media directory through uploading your Lebanon related pics, sounds, songs and other media through [Wikimedia commons]

Please enumerate the Articles that lack proper photographic documentation and suggest pics & or media to go with it, here:

Requested Articles[edit]