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This page is about the TV franchise. For projects about life on Mars, see WP:WikiProject Astronomy. For and WP:WikiProject Mars and WP:WikiProject Spaceflight and, see WP:WikiProject Biology.


Welcome to the Life on Mars Wikipedia:WikiProject on the English Wikipedia, a group dedicated to the upkeep and improvement of Life on Mars articles, and its spin off, Ashes to Ashes.

Life on Mars is popular in both the UK and the US, with two series made of the original British version, and one made of the American version.

"My name is Sam Tyler. I had an accident and I woke up in 1973. Am I mad, in a coma, or back in time? Whatever's happened, it's like I've landed on a different planet. Now maybe if I work out the reason, I can get home."

Article Watch List[edit]

Have no mercy on Vandalism.

Articles that are vandalised on a regular bases:

Main Goals[edit]

Improving coverage of Wikipedia's LOM Pages Some LOM articles are very poorly done we aim to put a stop to this.

Foundations of the project:[edit]

Join, Create and Assess: This project needs to expand to show its true potential, Add your name to the list of participants if you are interested! and get stuck into writing articles.

No vandalism, no conflict: Never vandalise there is no need for its presence in this project, no conflict, this project will have a community of good will editors and this should always be kept in mind while going about your daily activities on Wikipedia. Lets be honest, hard working and polite because that's the best way to base a project.

Teamwork is essential if this does not take place the project will never get off the ground, if the editors just go and sit in their own corners (So to speak) no one would get anywhere. All editors need to Cooperate and if disputes arise over edits. No edit wars should take place, you both put points across on the discussion page and see what version is the best.


Interested Wikipedians, please add your name and display Wikiproject Identification userbox (The one made by J. Naven) on your page, Thanks.

New members are advised to have a userpage to avoid their name being red linked

Current active members:

  1. Police,Mad,Jack (Lead Coordinator)
  2. J. Naven (Assistant Lead Coordinator)
  3. Bevo74
  4. Tphi
  5. GusF
  6. WeBuriedOurSecretsInTheGarden
  7. Rotring (talk)
  8. Badwolftv
  9. Wolfmankurd (talk)
  10. Llamafish
  11. Gingerclan
  12. Gogorox93
  13. Kaid100
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  15. Y|yukichigai
  16. Jamesgibbon
  17. Dave Dubya
  18. JordanAshley
  19. Freddie R. Aldous
  20. A bright cold day in April
  21. Shealer (Sam Healer)
  22. 3fingeredPete
  23. Rob T Firefly

Former members:

Thanks for your contributions!

Projects Scope[edit]

Characters Profiles such as Gene Hunt infamously known for his one liners, Sam Tyler for his by-the-book policing. And Annie Cartwright for affection towards Sam and her looks. Phyllis Dobbs. And less known characters but still of importance, like Nelson, (Life On Mars) the pub barman. I thought it would be better if the character Nelson had Life On Mars in its name as if it didn't it would link to Horatio Nelson etc. Also DC Chris Skelton and DS Ray Carling

LOM Actor Articles Such as Philip Glenister (Gene Hunt) John Simm (Sam Tyler) Marshall Lancaster (DC Chris Skelton) and Liz White who portrayes Annie Cartwright

Episode's and their listings Such as the detailed plot for each episode and what the key scenes are in them that change a character etc. Such as episode 3 Series 2 where DS Ray Carling is caught in the explosion of a suspected IRA bomb and gets PTSD from the aftermath.

Ashes to Ashes information needed while LOM will cover the creation and upkeep of Ashes to Ashes character/actor profiles, an episode listing article and an article on all the important characters.

Some articles of the characters exclusing Annie Cartwrights need a picture of the character.

Article Requsitions:[edit]

  • References and sources are needed on most articles

Resources for news and reviews[edit]

The company that produces Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes for BBC Wales is called Kudos.

These resources are intended to form a checklist of reliable sources for information about Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, and the scheduled US remake.

BBC and Kudos[edit]

Quality newspapers[edit]

In general, it's best to avoid tabloids which deal mostly in gossip.


As with many projects related to television, nearly all of our images will be non-free, used on Wikipedia only under fair use.

Images that are added to an article one week and deleted the next are no good.

To avoid that happening, we need to be pro-active about selection and display of images on articles.

Make sure images added to articles:

For images in lists of characters, lists of episodes, etc.:

For logos:

Sometimes (especially with actors) it may be possible to obtain a free image:

General copyright questions:

Official policy on copyright:

Image size[edit]

As well as being required for fair-use of non-free images so as to minimise the potential for copyright infringement, using the smallest image practical also has advantages for usability. Web guidelines generally recommend a maximum file size of about 20kb per image, and in practice this is enough for most (though obviously not all) of the illustrative uses we employ images for. Consider scaling and cropping your images before uploading.

Vandal Identification List[edit]

For identification of know vandals.


In need of improvement:

Slang list/Relevant ranks, for reference[edit]

All the ranks you will need to include in each character profile:

DC - Detective Constable (Lowest Rank)

WPC/DC - Woman Police Constable/Detective Constable. Until 1999 all woman police officers had the "woman" prefix before the police rank.

DS - Detective Sergeant (Second highest from Constable)

DI - Detective Inspector (Senior to Seageant)

DCI - Detective Chief Inspector (Head of department, higher than Inspector)

CID - Unit in all British Police Forces, Criminal Investigation Department which Sam Tyler and associates are in.

Plod - CID slang for Uniformed Officers like Annie Cartwright was in Series 1

Jessie - A 1970's Northern English word for wimpish or effeminate

General Miscellaneous information

The pub which Nelson runs and the CID team drink in is called the Railway Arms

The vehicle DCI Gene Hunt drives around in with the team is a Ford Cortina Mk 3

The Pistols used in Life on Mars were Webley & Scott revolvers and in Ashes to Ashes they use a much more advanced firearm such as the magazine fed Browning High Power Pistol


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This page contains all of current and past newsletters for the project.

  • Please note that this project is by NO WAY supported by Life on Mars, BBC or any of the actors and does not claim to be.

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