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This page was used May - Sept 2014 in a push to increase the breadth and depth of Category:New Zealand academics.

The coverage of New Zealand academics on wikipedia hasn't been very good, and most of the academics who are present are either dead white men or modern controversal figures. This leaves the bulk of excellent academics overlooked. The plan is to (a) draw up a list of people who are likely to be notable, (b) compile sources for them and (c) write the articles. (a) and (b) have largely been done, resulting in the list below (if you have more suggestions, feel free to add them to the list).

How to participate[edit]

  1. Login or create an account. You can edit New Zealand academics articles' without an account, but not create new ones.
  2. Pick a redlink from the list of academics below. On wikipedia redlinks point to an articles that don't exist yet. Some of the list was seeded from sources are are dead-white-men-heavy, so if you're interested in diversity issues, pick someone from higher in the list.
  3. Open the red link and each of the URLs that follow it (ideally keep them open in seperate tabs)
  4. In the edit window that the red link took you to, write a capsule summary of what the sources say about the person. Include the sources listed. Do not cut and paste from any of the sources.
  5. Don't worry overly about spelling, grammar or styling; what is important is the capsule summary and the secondary sources that support it.
  6. Optionally: look for more sources using the Places to look for sources below, or using your favourite search engine
  7. Optionally: use wiki formatting to standardise the biography, see Help:Wiki_markup for all the gory details or find a page with the formatting you want and hit 'edit' to see how it's done.
  8. Optionally: if you have access to an Creative Commons licensed image of the subject, upload it
  9. Optionally: if you know the names of other academics who are likely to be WP:notable, add them to the list below, along with links for use as sources.

Places to look for sources[edit]

  1. Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand 1868-1961
  2. Virtual International Authority File
  3. Papers Past
  4. Google scholar
  5. Google search limited to * sites
  6. Google search limited to * sites

New Zealand academics[edit]

  1. Rawinia Higgins
  2. Peter Adds
  3. Mamari Stephens
  4. Pou Temara
  5. Ngahuia Te Awekotuku,-Ngahuia.htm
  6. Te Taka Keegan
  7. Patricia Te Arapo Wallace
  8. Allison Kirkman
  9. Richard M. Moyle
  10. Damon Salesa
  11. Richard Walter (New Zealand academic)
  12. Janet Wilson
  13. Jacqueline Rowarth
  14. Joanne Wilkes
  15. Colin Aikman
  16. Brenda Chawner
  17. Anne Goulding
  19. Ocean Mercier
  20. Jeff Sigafoos
  21. Carmen Dalli
  22. Jackie Cumming
  23. Jonathan Boston
  24. Ann Richardson (New Zealand academic),-qso
  25. Fiona Cross
  26. Paula Jameson
  27. Antonija Mitrovic
  28. Tim Bell (New Zealand academic)
  29. Krzysztof Pawlikowski
  30. Jan Evans-Freeman
  31. Esther Tumama Cowley-Malcolm
  32. Darrin Hodgetts
  33. Arapata Hakiwai
  34. Graham Smith (New Zealand academic) (husband of Linda Tuhiwai Smith)
  35. Cindy Kiro
  36. Leonie Pihama
  37. Merata Kawharu
  38. Janet Holmes (linguist)
  39. Miriam Meyerhoff
  40. Kenneth Radway Allen (1911-2008)
  41. Ross Ewen Beever (1946-2010)
  42. Edward George Bollard (1920-2011)
  43. Kenneth Brailey Cumberland (1913-2011)
  44. Pablo Gabriel Etchegoin (1964-2013)
  45. Robert John (Robin) Ferrier (1932–2013)
  46. Derek Frank Lawden (1919-2008)
  47. Peter James Lorimer (1939-2010)
  48. Robert Montgomery McDowall (1939-2011) (son of Frederick Henry McDowall)
  49. Alister George McLellan (1919-2012)
  50. Thomas Paulay (1923-2009)
  51. Alick Lindsay Poole (1908-2008)
  52. Andrew John Pullan (1963-2012)
  53. Keith Syers (1939-2011)
  54. William Percival Evans
  55. Charles Ernest Weatherburn
  56. John Reader Hosking
  57. Donald Bannerman Macleod
  58. Lindsay Heathcote Briggs
  59. Henry George Forder
  60. Robert Anthony Robinson
  61. Francis Brian Shorland
  62. Edward Edinborough Chamberlain
  63. Richard Conrad Cambie author of 'Century of Chemistry At The University of Auckland'
  64. Douglas Saxon Coombs
  65. Brian Garner Wybourne (1935-2003)
  66. Edward George Bollard
  67. John Newton Dodd
  68. Richard Ellis Ford Matthews
  69. Leon Francis Phillips
  70. Roderick Leon Bieleski see also 2010 New Year Honours
  71. Peter Bernard David de la Mare
  72. Robin Wayne Carrell
  73. Peter Wardle
  74. Richard Irving Walcott
  75. Geoffrey Ernest Stedman
  76. Robert Dudley Jolly
  77. Edward Neill Baker
  78. Jeffery Lewis Tallon
  79. George Arthur Frederick Seber


These are people who came up since we started working through the list above:

  1. John Henderson (1880–1959)
  2. Margaret Sparrow
  3. Charlotte Macdonald
  4. Margaret Tennant
  5. Prue Hyman
  6. Albert Kewene
  7. Ethel Benjamin
  8. David Wardle


Yet to tap[edit]

These pages on the web contain lists of people who are probably notable.


Already tapped[edit]

These pages on the web contain lists of people who are probably notable, but someone has already looked through them for likely candidates

  1. Stuartyeates (talk) 00:36, 28 May 2014 (UTC)
  2. Stuartyeates (talk) 00:36, 28 May 2014 (UTC)
  3. Stuartyeates (talk) 00:42, 28 May 2014 (UTC)

Academic lists[edit]

These people are generally not academics, but they are generally notable, importing them into wikipedia as a table is a boring / mundane editing task but useful.

  1. List of Honorary Doctors of the University of Waikato from
  2. List of Honorary Doctors of Victoria University of Wellington from
  3. List of Honorary Doctors of Lincoln University (New Zealand)‎ from
  4. List of Honorary Doctors of the University of Canterbury‎ from
  5. List of Honorary Doctors of Massey University from ?
  6. List of Honorary Doctors of the University of Otago‎ from ?
  7. List of Honorary Doctors of the University of New Zealand‎ from

See Also[edit]

  1. Charles_Cook_(academic)#Cook_Memorial_Prize

Biographies created in preparation for this push[edit]

  1. Winifred Cullis - because many New Zealand women were awarded her IFUW grant
  2. Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal - to create Category:Te Wānanga o-Raukawa faculty
  3. Wiremu Doherty - to create Category:Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi faculty