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Date Title See how it improved
July, 2006 Miguel Grau Seminario Diff
June, 2006 Andrés de Santa Cruz Diff
May, 2006 Army of Peru Diff
February - April, 2006 Andrés Avelino Cáceres Diff

Updating the table[edit]

To update the table with the details on past collaborations, this text should be put into the top of the table, replacing words with details where necessary:

|[[Month Day]] [[Year]]||'''[[Article Name]]''' || [http://link-in-history-section-showing-comparison-from-when-it-was-made-a-cotm-to-when-it-stopped-being-cotm Diff]

To get the link showing "See how it is improved" go to the history section of the article, click the right of the two circles next to the article when it was no longer cotm, then go down to the edit where it was made cotm and click the left of the circles. (You may have to click "View next 100' or 'next 250' if there were more than 50 edits between them) Then click "Compare selected versions." This will compare the version at the start of the collaboration with the version at the end of the collaboration. Copy the http link in the address bar and paste in the column here.

In the Featured article column, update the date when it was selected as featured. You can find that by looking at the History of the discussion page of the article. Then link the date to the article's nomination page as the Featured article candidate.