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About us[edit]

This is the page for the Red Dwarf WikiProject. If you would like to participate, add your name to list of participants below. Be sure to check out the discussion page as well.


Project overview[edit]

This project focuses on creating and improving content related to Red Dwarf and coordinating the creation of guidelines and best practices related to Red Dwarf, episodes, novels, episode list, characters, people. While there are many specific WikiProjects oriented around BBC and television franchises, this project is intended to deal with Wikipedia's Red Dwarf coverage in general.


  • Build upon Wikipedia's coverage of Red Dwarf.

Our goals and duties are as follows:

  1. Discussions and debates relating to the above items, including merges, citations, other references, image issues, splits, cleanup, formatting, and expansion.
  2. Reduce trivial information, speculation, point of view, and anything else that violates Wikipedia's Fictional Guidelines.
  3. Monitoring all articles for violations of anything listed in the above two parts.
  4. Work towards making all related articles and lists clean, organized, well-written, and accessible.
  5. Bring numerous articles to Good Article, Featured Article, and/or Featured List status.

You can contribute[edit]

We need the participation of Wikipedians and Red Dwarf fans alike. Here are some general guidelines to follow.

How to help[edit]

  1. Take a look at recent discussions and the things to do page to see if your ideas have already been or need to be addressed.
  2. Make sure you cite your sources, follow the project's guidelines in addition to style guidelines, and follow the discussions and agreements for the project.
  3. Look for text that seems biased (see WP:NPOV) and fix it.
  4. Be bold, but do not be reckless. See the above items and the section below for further information on what to do and what not to do.

How not to help[edit]

Do not:

  1. Insert un-cited and trivial information (see: WP:FICT, Fancruft).
  2. Revert war (adherence to the One Revert Rule is encouraged)
  3. Add original research, unsourced claims, speculation, point of view, excess plot information, vandalism, and patent nonsense.

Things to remember[edit]

  1. This is a general interest encyclopedia, not GameFAQs or Wookieepedia. Full histories and backgrounds of characters go into far more detail than Wikipedia wants.
  2. Only a few characters or creatures deserve their own entries. Items, spaceships, planets, and other miscellanea do not.
  3. See: What Wikipedia is Not.
  4. Again, we stress: this project is mainly for cleanup, organization, enhancement, factual fixes, and so on. Trivial information and fanfiction are frowned upon.


edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject Red Dwarf:

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:

Wikipedia guidelines[edit]

Please remember the Wikipedia guidelines:

Article grading[edit]

We are rating articles for quality using the Red Dwarf articles by quality scale (based on this) and for importance using the Release Version Criteria scale. Once articles are rated for either they will show up on Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Red Dwarf articles by quality. Please see here for instructions on rating Red Dwarf articles, and then go to here to assess the unassessed.

Key Tasks[edit]

  • To get the main article Red Dwarf up to the standard of Wikipedia requirements and get it re-assessed.
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