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Welcome to the U2 Wikiproject Outreach Department! [edit]

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Current issue
The Issue IX - November 2013 of the newsletter is published and can be found here.


About the WikiProject U2 Newsletter

The WikiProject U2 Newsletter is a community-written and community-edited newsletter, covering stories, events, and reports related to WikiProject U2. A new issue is published every 2-4 months??? quarterly???, and one can subscribe via talk page delivery, template transclusion???.

The WikiProject U2 Newsletter's draft is for the development of stories among contributing editors. Anyone can contribute articles; suggestions and news tips from the wider community are welcomed at the newsroom's Suggestions section.

The first issue of the WikiProject U2 Newletter was published on 7 June 2005. Smithcool, Joelster, and Keilana served as editors from its beginnings until December 2007, when the publication of the newsletter was discontinued. Miss Bono has restarted the newsletter in 2013 with the publication of the issues eighth and the ninth editions, in May and November 2013 respectively.

The WikiProject U2 Newsletter is an independent publication which is not affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation. The opinions expressed in articles are those of their authors alone, and may not reflect the opinion of the Foundation. Unlike most Wikipedia pages, WikiProject U2 Newsletter articles carry a byline to indicate the person responsible for what often amounts to original reporting. However, post-publication edits such as grammatical and spelling corrections to articles are welcome.


Past newsletters and contents archive
The past newsletters and contents archive can be found here.


Newsletter draft
The upcoming newsletter can be found here. You are welcome to edit and assist us with our ongoing newsletter.

Talk page delivery[edit]

Newsletters will be released with news about our WikiProject, our members, and our progress, and about U2, of course. An issue summary will be delivered to the talk pages of our subscribers shortly after a new issue is published. Previous editions can be found here.


If you have not subscribed to our newsletter but would like to receive future newsletters, please add your username here. To unsubscribe, remove the line containing your username from the same list. If an username is not listed on this list, then he/she will not receive our future newsletters.


WikiProject U2 Newsletter Index


The current issue of the WikiProject U2 Newsletter.


Planning for the next week of articles, and beyond.

Single Page

Read all this issue's articles on one continuous page.


A brief introduction to the WikiProject U2 Newsletter and how it operates.

Opinion desk

Submit your letters to the editor, position pieces, and short essays.


Details of the different options available for subscriptions to the WikiProject U2 Newsletter.


Search for keywords or browse previous issues of the WikiProject U2 Newsletter.


Links and info for writing WikiProject U2 Newsletter articles.


Article or feature suggestions for upcoming issues of the WikiProject U2 Newsletter.


Feedback on the WikiProject U2 Newsletter as a whole, and suggestions for improvement.

Review desk

Organizing and scheduling of our book reviews.


List of tutorials published in the WikiProject U2 Newsletter.

Interviews desk

Co-ordination of interviews for the WikiProject U2 Newsletter.


List of occasional series published in the WikiProject U2 Newsletter.

WikiProject desk

Co-ordination of WikiProject reports and news.


The Outreach Department will be giving out barnstars to the people they think deserve them. If you know anybody who you think deserves a u2 wikiproject barnstar, just contact the outreach department.

You can give someone the barnstars by inserting either of the following two texts. The first one is for general contributions to the project, the second is for contributions to the collaboration.

{{subst:U2 Barnstar|message ~~~~}}
{{subst:U2 Collaboration Barnstar|message ~~~~}}

The members of the outreach department are currently looking for someone to edit the U2 Collaboration Barnstar. If anybody would like to help please contact Miss Bono.


If you would like to help out with the editing of the newsletter please add your name and what you would like to do in the newsletter. Thank you.


If anybody would like to help out with future newsletters, please contact Miss Bono.