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CVU Vandalism Studies (talk)
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The purpose of this study is to gather a random sampling of edits in the month of May 2007 to Wikipedia in order to investigate the contributions, vandalism, and revert edits by different types of editors



  1. Spreadsheet and data analysis program, such as Microsoft Excel,'s Calc or similar equivalent


  1. Edit numbers between the dates of May 1, 2007 (after the last edit in April, edit number 127285389) and May 31, 2007 (before the first edit in June edit number 134959730) will be generated by a random number generator. The total amount of edits to draw from is 7,674,341 (134959730-127285389=7,674,341).
  2. Editors will then review these specific edits and record the following information in the data table below



User Auto will use his bot to pull the data for 1000 edits and then users will then come in and help fill out the table for the information the bot cannot fill out.

First 100