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Let's improve WikiData ! And African languages ! And women representation ![edit]

What is this Women Occupation Drive about ?[edit]

Help improve the occupation labels in WikiData with non gender-biased description and description in more languages

Below... a list of labels used in Wikidata to describe the occupation (professional field) of a person in relation to cinema.
The last column provides you with the number of uses of each label. For example... there are 198234 people in Wikidata whose occupation is actor. There are only 146 casting director.

The labels used are by default in English...

The most used ones are usually translated in a dozen of other languages (most of the time, French, German etc. ). For example make-up artist is translated in 41 languages as of early Oct 2018, none of which being African languages.
Our suggestion: translate those labels in more languages and in particular African languages ! This will make WikiData more useful ! Which in turn will make Wikipedia more useful !
You can edit the list of languages (check out some suggestions here).

The labels are usually in default gender form.

In some languages, the default form is suitable for use for male and female (this is usually the case in English). In other languages, there are clearly two forms... one male and one female (this is typically the case in French). In yet other cases, there is a neutral form that can be used for anyone, plus a female form, plus less frequently a male form. For example, in the case of voice artist, there is a female and a neutral form in French, but not in several other languages.
Our suggestion: Help complete those gender forms columns to make WikiData more useful !

How to help[edit]

  1. Click on the chosen language in the menu
  2. Add your name in the participants section
  3. Review the table. See if there are some entries missing (for example, no female form when there should be one).
  4. If a label needs to be fixed, click on the "item" link in the last column (such as Q33999). This will bring you directly to the entry on wikidata.
  5. Look for the label area specific to female form of label. Fix the labels over there, directly on WikiData.
  6. Then come back to your table on wikipedia and resume reviewing it
  7. Repeat labelling
  8. When you are done... to update the table and see the full results of your work, click on the little link top right Automatically update the list now
  9. Enjoy !

List of occupation labels related to cinema[edit]

More occupations will be added later. Why the cinema focus right now ? Well, this drive to improve WikiData is organized to support Wikipedia:WikiProject AfroCine/Months of African Cinema

occupation (professional field) occupation Label count (number of entries)
Q33999 Q33999 actor 198234
Q10800557 Q10800557 film actor 47746
Q2526255 Q2526255 film director 42256
Q28389 Q28389 screenwriter 36364
Q333634 Q333634 translator 27579
Q33231 Q33231 photographer 24005
Q10798782 Q10798782 television actor 20270
Q185351 Q185351 jurist 16613
Q753110 Q753110 songwriter 16420
Q3282637 Q3282637 film producer 13620
Q947873 Q947873 television presenter 13395
Q183945 Q183945 record producer 11342
Q214917 Q214917 playwright 10813
Q16010345 Q16010345 performer 9895
Q2405480 Q2405480 voice actor 9140
Q5716684 Q5716684 dancer 7476
Q3387717 Q3387717 theatre director 7294
Q2516866 Q2516866 publisher 7162
Q1607826 Q1607826 editor 6199
Q2490358 Q2490358 choreographer 5526
Q222344 Q222344 cinematographer 5503
Q15980158 Q15980158 non-fiction writer 5154
Q245068 Q245068 comedian 4759
Q488111 Q488111 pornographic actor 4719
Q18844224 Q18844224 science fiction writer 4565
Q18581305 Q18581305 beauty pageant contestant 3916
Q7042855 Q7042855 film editor 3856
Q3391743 Q3391743 visual artist 3443
Q578109 Q578109 television producer 3219
Q2707485 Q2707485 scenographer 3169
Q13590141 Q13590141 presenter 3161
Q16287483 Q16287483 opinion journalist 3113
Q627325 Q627325 graphic designer 3023
Q970153 Q970153 child actor 2516
Q1323191 Q1323191 costume designer 2483
Q2059704 Q2059704 television director 2435
Q1415090 Q1415090 film score composer 2335
Q487596 Q487596 dramaturge 2286
Q1925963 Q1925963 graphic artist 2250
Q266569 Q266569 animator 2080
Q11481802 Q11481802 dub actor 1872
Q6430706 Q6430706 critic 1871
Q2986228 Q2986228 sports commentator 1619
Q4220892 Q4220892 film critic 1518
Q270389 Q270389 news presenter 1371
Q943995 Q943995 impresario 1205
Q13235160 Q13235160 producer 1194
Q1208175 Q1208175 camera operator 909
Q3766177 Q3766177 videographer 782
Q1235146 Q1235146 documentary filmmaker 630
Q10774753 Q10774753 performance artist 453
Q935666 Q935666 make-up artist 432
Q17337766 Q17337766 theatre critic 429
Q15077007 Q15077007 podcaster 416
Q1759246 Q1759246 theatrical producer 411
Q15212951 Q15212951 cineast 234
Q11085831 Q11085831 interpreter 234
Q15958754 Q15958754 broadcaster 185
Q1049296 Q1049296 casting director 146


Process and outcome available here : https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Women_Occupation_Drive

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