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WiR redlist index: Encyclopédie Larousse

Welcome to WikiProject Women in Red (WiR). Our objective is to turn red links into blue ones. Our scope is women's biographies, women's works, and women's issues, broadly construed.

This list of red links is intended to serve as a basis for creating new articles on the English Wikipedia. All new articles must satisfy Wikipedia's notability criteria; red links on this list may or may not qualify. Lists that are not updated by ListeriaBot (talk) need to be updated manually.

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This table of missing women biographies was generated using Wikidata for Wikipedia:WikiProject Women/Women in Red. See Template:Women in Red for other lists by focus area or by country. The list will be refreshed roughly daily to remove blue-links - no manual editing is required.

The table can be sorted by clicking on column headers. The 'sitelinks' column indicates the number of links to information about the women on other wikipedias (including commons, source and quote) and is often an indicator of a biography article on another language wikipedia. Sitelinks can be accessed via the wikidata link in the 'item' column.

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name image description country of citizenship date of birth date of death place of birth place of death entry wikidata item site links
Viviane Isambert-Jamati French sociologist & academic France 1924-10-22 2019-11-19 14th arrondissement of Paris L entry Q3561575 1
Isa french cartoonist France 1970-04-25 Marseille L entry Q3154715 2
Catherine Meurisse
Catherine 20080318 Salon du livre 2.jpg
French cartoonist France 1980-02-08 Niort L entry Q2942001 5

∑ 3 items.

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