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The Report on Lengthy Litigation

By Ral315, 26 June, 2008

The Arbitration Committee did not open or close any cases last week, leaving three cases currently open.

Evidence phase

Voting phase

  • Giovanni33: A case involving the accusation of sockpuppetry by Giovanni33. Giovanni33 and Rafaelsfingers, who has been labeled as a sockpuppet of Giovanni33 by some, have denied the charges. Remedies with the support of three arbitrators would ban Giovanni33 for one year, and, at the expiration of the ban, again vote on whether to reban him for an additional year, with the same process to occur ad infinitum unless the ban is not renewed.
  • Homeopathy: A dispute involving a number of editors over the Homeopathy article. A remedy with the support of eight arbitrators would ban DanaUllman for one year. Still being debated are:
    • The creation of a "Sourcing Adjudication Board" regarding the inappropriate use of citations: Currently supported by a 6–4 plurality, but 7 votes are needed for a majority. FayssalF and Thebainer have yet to comment on this issue.
    • A remedy emphasizing the Committee's ability to issue subsequent sanctions in the case, without opening a case, based on reports of "inappropriate conduct" as judged by the Sourcing Adjudication Board. Currently supported by a 5–4 plurality; FayssalF, Thebainer and FT2 have yet to comment on this issue.
    • Allowing uninvolved administrators to impose sanctions on editors involved in Homeopathy-related articles, for various reasons. The most popular wording of this remedy has 6–1 support with one abstention; absent any changes in voting or removal of the abstention, this remedy currently passes, because with the abstention, the support of just 6 arbitrators is necessary.

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