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WikiD Guides to Editing Wikipedia[edit]

As part of WikiD we have developed five brief guides to help beginners write and edit entries on women in architecture and the built environment. These guides draw on the vast amount of information already out there and link to many other detailed resources.

* Download the Wikid Guides from Parlour: women, equity, architecture.

Other architecture-specific material includes:

  • The Guide to writing a Wikipedia entry developed for the first WikiD session on March 8, 2015 is here: Wikibomb instructions
  • Unforgetting Women Architects Excellent essay by Despina Stratigakos about why editing Wikipedia matters
  • How to be Notable Tania Davidge reflects on the Wikipedia 'notability' criteria and what it means in the context of architecture.

For suggested topics, research resources and sources refer to the "Subjects" tab.

Other Useful Editor Resources[edit]

There are already many other excellent resources available. Many of the materials below have been developed by Art + Feminism.

Tutorials on Wikipedia editing[edit]

Art+Feminism Video tutorials[edit]

Conflict of Interest Editing[edit]

Journal Access[edit]

  • You can use Worldcat free to get citations in MLA, Chicago, and other bibliographic formats.
  • The Wikipedia Library Journals Project works to grant Wikipedians access to databases to help with their Wikipedia work, and reference work, and for general knowledge. You can request an account on the project pages but must do so in advance. Some journals, such as JSTOR, require editors to have at least 1 year and 1000 edits worth of experience.


The following advice is designed to help you understand which images can and cannot be uploaded to your Wikipedia entry.

We encourage you to upload images from your events to Wikimedia Commons so all the language Wikipedias and other Wikimedia projects can use them.

Uploading to Wikimedia Commons[edit]

Each event should also have its own subcategory on Commons.

If your event does not yet have a subcategory on Commons, create one before uploading images to Commons. You can create a category by typing in the Search Bar: "Category:Women Wikipedia Design/YOUR EVENT LOCATION" Then type in a few words in the page to describe it, and press save. Once you've created the subcategory, you can use it to tag images you upload. You can also put your subcategory into the category: Commons:Category:Women Wikipedia Design by adding: [[Category:Women Wikipedia Design]] at the bottom of the page.

Using images in Wikipedia articles[edit]

  • Wikimedia Commons is a “sister-project of Wikipedia.” Once you are logged in to Wikipedia, you are logged into all sister project websites.
  • Images on Wikipedia must be uploaded and hosted at Wikimedia Commons (


  • Seek out an image you would like to use for your Wikipedia article on Wikimedia Commons.
  • When you click on an image, you will be directed to that image’s “image description” page.
  • At the top, you should see an option that says “use this file” and has a Wikipedia logo.
  • Click on “use this file” copy the wikimarkup listed for “Thumbnail” and paste this wikimarkup into the "Edit" Tab of the Wikipedia article markup where you want the image to go.
  • Press “save” and the image should appear as a thumbnail, with the default right-hand side location.
  • Extras: You can make image galleries on Wikipedia pages. Template:Gallery
  • Extras: Template:Commons category

Images from our events[edit]

Related Wikipedia Projects[edit]

Organizer Resources[edit]

The following are from Art + Feminism's excellent range of resources.

Meetup organizer materials[edit]

Lesson Plans and Tutorials for in person Trainings[edit]