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See also Wikipedia talk:Software Phase III.


(2002/02/06) A question suddenly occurred to me that should have been brought up earlier. How is the PHP script licensed, exactly? The Sourceforge project page says GPL, but the actual code contains no reference to licensing. Magnus, am I to assume that this is a simple error of omission? If so, it should be corrected immediately; a copy of the GPL should be included and notices to that effect put into all the source files. If we are using the GPL, I agree that my contributions be licensed in accordance with it. If not, let me know! --Brion VIBBER

Yes, it is GPL. Maybe the URL of the GPL in wiki.phtml would be enough? --Magnus Manske
No, it's not enough. We need an actual copy of the GPL in the package, and we need copyright statements at the top of every file. You can pick any GNU program as a template. AxelBoldt

Called the PHP script? Let's give this script a proper name! --Stephen Gilbert

How about Inkwell or PHPedia for starters? --MarkReid
Actually, Inkwell is already taken by Apple: --Benjamin Esham
I thought it was already called "PediaWiki"... --Larry_Sanger

Stable Version?[edit]

If there any stable release of Phase III available? I've downloaded the CVS Snapshot but there some Problems with the database. Or is Phase III for Beta-Testing only?

The CVS version of Phast III is running on this site and is considered stable. Maybe there are still some bugs in the database conversion/creation scripts, since we ran those only once. AxelBoldt 09:03 Sep 2, 2002 (PDT)

I'm interested in running a personal Wiki, to map my own thoughts and ideas. I'd like to use the Wikipedia software, as it's the one I'm most familiar with. Is this possible? I don't need to have it online or anything. Thanks.

Yes, certainly -- but be warned, it can be a little tricky to set up. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to sign up for the Wikitech-l tech mailing list. --Brion 02:12 Dec 3, 2002 (UTC)
Where do I start? Can I download the software somewhere?


See m:How to become a Wikipedia hacker for some tips. --Brion 16:59 Dec 3, 2002 (UTC)

This page was moved to m:Wikipedia3. While a move to the meta makes sense, it seems that information was omitted and the page was poorly and somewhat inaccurately rewritten. For example, the new page claims that Wikipedia is the only project that uses the software; see Wikipedia:Projects using Wikipedia software (which has been removed from the new page). Also, have the developers started calling the script "Wikipedia3"? The most common name I've heard was "Phase III", with "PediaWiki" favoured by a minority of Wikipedians. Finally, this is a major page with many links to it; was this move discussed beforehand? -- Stephen Gilbert

is anyone else getting php errors? Is there a story on this? Graft

I'm starting to hear more reports of congestion problems lately. I suspect that some server settings need to be expanded to accommodate greater traffic on the foreign-language wikis. --LDC

I've been seeing PHP errors that don't immediately suggest congestion. It looked to me like somebody temporarily mislaid a PHP document used for config. - Khendon 15:59 Sep 26, 2002 (UTC)

The error reported to me most recently was "can't load include file" because the system limit on number of open files was maxed out. That happens specifically when people access many of the foreign wikis at once, even if total congestion on the server is otherwise low. --LDC

Ah, okay. I retract my naive comment then :-) - Khendon 16:18 Sep 26, 2002 (UTC)

BTW Lee, last night I noticed the German, etc wikis weren't having the php files cached (no *_apc files), as the directory permissions didn't allow apache to write to them. I've chowned the 'w' directories to apache, and they all seem to be caching now. That may help, or hinder. Who knows. :) --Brion 21:02 Sep 26, 2002 (UTC)

List of wiki engines[edit]

Removed. See WikiWikiWeb:WikiEngines for a list.

Move to meta[edit]

All these MediaWiki specific pages should be moved to metawiki. There is very little point in having a meta page about MediaWiki here, on metawiki and the other Wikimedia projects. We need to centralize our documentation efforts anyway. So if anything, there should be an encyclopedia article about MediaWiki here; no need for a meta page on it (a cross-wiki redirect will be needed). I'll move and merge this page and similar pages myself this weekend. We may even want to move pages like Wikipedia:How to edit a page but I'm not up to that right now. --mav

One problem is that meta is not very good for pages that need to be available in several languages. That's why I have avoided moving pages like Wikipedia:Sites using MediaWiki where translations already exist on other wikis.—Eloquence 19:05, Aug 29, 2003 (UTC)
Meta is supposed to be multilingual. --Brion 19:47, 29 Aug 2003 (UTC)
Exactly. And when other language versions of sister Wikimedia projects are started, then it will also make sense to move their MediaWiki-specific pages to meta. Otherwise there is going to be needless duplication (we need to have more project neutral documentation anyway for people who use MediaWiki outside of Wikimedia. --mav

Broken pages[edit]

Sorry if this is the wrong place to bring this up. There appear to be a number of en.Wikipedia pages which are broken or uneditable. They are not protected, just the server never responds when the editor hits "save page". Friendly interactive shell and Sort (Unix) are two examples I've found, simply because they contain typos which cannot now be fixed. This appears to be a software bug; no matter where I edit from, these pages cannot be edited. Is this something the developers can fix? Firsfron of Ronchester 02:55, 7 November 2006 (UTC)