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The characters of Oz, fictional characters on the television series about prison life, are a diverse mixture of inmates from various gangs and prison staff.

Main inmates[edit]


Character: Portrayed by: Appears in seasons:
Augustus Hill Harold Perrineau 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
The socially astute narrator of the show. Paralyzed from the waist down because of a Police encounter before he was arrested/convicted for being a crack addict in which he overcame of being during his time in Oz, Hill also engages as an ally of the Homeboys, especially Burr Redding (His Step-father); however, he later distances himself from them in his attempt to stay clear of drugs in lieu of his addiction. Hill's narrations often offer philosophical perspectives on given situation, frequently dealing existential concepts and the nature of death. Although he dies at the end of season 5, he remains on the show throughout season 6 as a partial narrator alongside other dead characters.
Tobias Beecher Lee Tergesen 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
A former middle class lawyer in denial about his alcoholism, Beecher is convicted of driving whilst intoxicated that results in the death of a young girl. Thrown into the deep end in a super-max prison and forced fend for himself, Beecher quickly learns he is out of his league. Not being street-savvy, Beecher is quickly taken advantage of by Aryan inmate Schillinger who dominates him, rapes him and sexually humiliates him during Season 1. Around this time, Beecher also becomes addicted to drugs to cope with the harsh reality of his surroundings, befriending Irish inmate Ryan O'Reilly. After reaching breaking point, Beecher attacks Schillinger and leaves his eye badly damaged. By the end of the first Season, Beecher has become self-sufficient to a degree and is no longer a gullible pushover. His character undergoes the most drastic changes throughout the seasons, during which he becomes a drug addict and falls in love with Keller, a first for Beecher in encountering homosexuality. His relationship with Keller (both toxic and intoxicating for him) and blood feud with Schillinger is the series' dominant story arc, beginning in the first episode and being resolved during the series finale, when he accidentally kills Schillinger in an acted fight in a performance of Macbeth. By the end, Beecher is free of all his enemies, Keller having arranged for all remaining Aryans to be wiped out by a chemical release, which causes the entire prison to be evacuated.
Vernon Schillinger J. K. Simmons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
The leader of the Aryan Brotherhood, Schillinger commits atrocities against other inmates because of race, sexual orientation, or overall weakness, and often takes pressure by not just bullying and harassing, but also raping them and mostly being turned into his personal sex slaves, most notably former cellmate Beecher, who soon became his main rival throughout the series, and sometimes granted help by Beecher's lover, Keller (who is also a long-time friend of Schillinger), to take him down. Schillinger remains a pivotal figure and antagonist, known for his brutality and pursuit of vengeance against his former cellmate, the central arc of the series. During the series, Schillinger goes as far as to murder Beecher's wife and kidnap his two children, killing his son. In response, Beecher retaliates by hiring Chucky Pancamo to arrange a hit on Schillinger's older son who committed the murder. Schillinger's younger son Andrew also arrives in Oz, where their strained relationship is established and where the troubled youth rebels against his father and sides with his mortal enemy Beecher. Andrew's drug addiction gets the better of him, and is ultimately killed by Schillinger by default who, aware of his addiction, smuggles drugs into solitary confinement. Andrew dies of an overdose as a result, Schillinger later commenting that "My son is dead to me". In the final season of the show, Schillinger is double-crossed by Keller and accidentally killed by Beecher during a production of the play Macbeth, cursing Keller with his last breath when he realises his betrayal.
Ryan O'Reily Dean Winters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Ryan O'Reilly is an Irish-American inmate and one of the central characters in the show. O'Reilly is characterised by his machiavellianism, doing what ever it takes to survive through double-crossing, manipulation and betrayal. Despite his meek physical stature, O'Reilly is a respected member within Emerald City for his lucrative drug connections and seemingly infinite resources and favours to call upon. Compared to Othello's Iago by show creator Fontana, O'Reilly is responsible for almost every death in the first season. During the first season, O'Reilly approaches Beecher for parole advice and has Beecher take a look at his case. Around the same time, O'Reilly introduces Beecher to drugs that begins the latter's addiction and dependency in the first season. O'Reilly and Beecher remain friendly throughout much of the first and second season, relying upon one another as allies. In the second and third seasons, Ryan's obsession with Dr. Nathan becomes destructive after she helps him through his battle with breast cancer, with O'Reilly ordering his mentally challenged brother Cyril to kill Dr. Nathan's husband. Later, he kills Irish inmate Keenan for raping Dr. Nathan. By the end of the series, a romantic relationship exists between the two of them. O'Reilly also finds purpose again for his own life sentence at Oz by taking care of his sick father, who abused both himself and Cyril in their youth, and who is also an inmate at Oz and who regrets his own life's actions though he misses the opportunity to see Cyril before his execution.
Bob Rebadow George Morfogen 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
An elderly inmate serving life for murder. He was originally sentenced to death, but in 1965, he survived a botched electric chair execution when the power went off and his sentence was commuted. He is fantastically intuitive (some think as a result of the botched execution), which in the first couple of seasons he explains by nonchalantly saying "God told me"; later he begins doubting the source and veracity of his insights. His grandson's battle with leukaemia makes him look for ways to find a cure. To raise the funds he asks a guard to buy him a lottery ticket and he wins with God's numbers only to be thwarted by the guard failing to share. By the time the guard had second thoughts, his grandson dies. When he is later smitten with the prison librarian, he finds out she has breast cancer and hardens his heart fearing the pain of another death. He comes around after being awakened by the admonition of a young inmate whom the librarian had also reached and to whom she later reads books through the door of the "hole".
Kareem Said Eamonn Walker 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Kareem Said is a charismatic Muslim leader with a powerful voice and a conviction that other people's racism will absolve him. In the first season, Said spends much of his time converting other inmates to his cause, even many of the Homeboys, much to the anger of Adebisi. In the end of Season 1, he orchestrates a riot with the Muslims and takes charge of Emerald City. A series of negotiations take place at the start of Season 2, where Said demands more rights for his fellow African-American inmates for his perceived mistreatment of his brethren. The riot is ultimately foiled by the withdrawal of many drug addicts, particularly Adebisi and the Homeboys. Warden Glenn agrees to more prisoner gym time and the return of TV privileges in return for ending the riot. Throughout much of the series, Said's friendship with Beecher plays a crucial role in the latter's survival, Said twice saving Beecher from the Aryans. Said also helps Beecher with his appeal and cope with the guilt over his part in killing Schillinger's older son. A power struggle occurs between Said and Adebisi, both joined in their stance for more rights of African Americans, and Said temporarily abandons his faith for the purpose of brokering peace. However, the enraged and deranged Adebisi attacks Said when he suspects a coup brewing. Said is responsible for the death of Simon Adebisi; however, it was ruled self-defense. He is shot and killed by Lemuel Idzik, played by Joel Grey, who kills him because of a conversation over a cup of coffee that ruined Idzik's life many years before. Said's own demons trouble him throughout and he makes the best deals he can for his followers and eventually for the good of any person, including Omar White, who is for all intents and purposes, a lost cause.
Miguel Alvarez Kirk Acevedo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
An in-and-not leader of the Latino inmates in the prison, Miguel Alvarez has a family background of Latino Gang-life, with his father Eduardo also having served in Oz prison, getting his tongue chop-off by another inmate who was then murdered with having his heart cut out by Alvarez's grandfather Ricardo (Who also serve in Oz for Armed Robbery) in revenge, which led to him to spend life in solitary confinement until his death in the first season. It is here where Alvarez meets both him and his father for the first time of his life. Alvarez is considered as one of the most violent inmates by far to ever serve in Oz as he serves the most time in solitary confinement save for Omar White. His first major internal offence occurs during his attempt to redeem himself in the prison's Latino gang after new leader Raoul Hernandez (or "El Cid") demands Alvarez demonstrate his qualities. Alvarez does so by cutting out a respectable prison guard's eyes, who is in-fact an ex-gangster that was once rivals with Hernandez. After returning from solitary, Alvarez resumes as Hernandez's second-in-command. This, however, does not last long as Alvarez turns against his comrades during a drug smuggling incident. Alvarez is sent back to solitary for murdering a fellow Latino who was hired to kill him, and was then nearly killed by another Latino named Louis Bevilaqua on orders from Hernandez, but failed due to the intervention of psychotic inmate William Giles who stabs Bevilaqua in the neck. Giles, however, also accidentally stabs Alvarez in the process. Alvarez briefly escapes from prison with the help of Busmalis who was mopping the Prison's hospital, but is eventually recaptured, and returns straight back to solitary. Upon being released again, new things about the Latinos in Em City have changed, mainly with the new leader Enrique Morales who has Hernandez killed in a "Murder-for-Hire" incident carried-out surprisingly by Rebadow, and set-up new rules. Though Morales has nothing against Alvarez, the gang Lieutenant Carmen Guerra or "Chinco" still harbours resentment for Alvarez's betrayal, and hires another member to murdered him. This fails, Alvarez taking the limit of slashing the assassin's throat instead, and is once again sent back to solitary. After being released again, Alvarez is permanently forbade from joining under Morales' order, due to killing another Latino after he asks to join again. Alvarez chooses to forget about it, and decides sincere attempts to change his ways in ever hoping for parole, supported by McManus, and makes a tenuous peace with Eugene Rivera, the former CO Alvarez blinded. Taking part in a guide dog training course, Alvarez trains a dog for Rivera. Alvarez later attempts to make parole, but is thwarted by one of his own kind (a Latino board member) who takes over the parole board and makes it clear that Alvarez will never be released from Oz in spite of his attempts to better himself. Enraged, Alvarez attacks the board member and is sent back to solitary. Upon another release, he loses heart about being freed and returns to drugs and is swallowed up again by Oz by the end of the series.
Cyril O'Reily Scott William Winters 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Ryan O'Reily's brain damaged and mentally-challenged brother (Who was almost severely mentally incapacitated in a gang-related fight with Ryan), who was incarcerated after blindly following Ryan's orders to murder the husband of Dr. Gloria Nathan, with whom Ryan is obsessed. Throughout his time in the prison, as his brother does what best to take care of him, he also often guarded Ryan from danger upon other Inmates, and due to his personality and lack of Intelligence and inability to understand certain situations, he's a target of bullying by others, referring him as names like "Retard" or "Tard" for short, and is even often threaten to be sexually assaulted, in which he already experience upon his arrival by Schillinger and the other Aryans when he was originally placed in Unit B, but was eventually transfer to Em City all thanks for Ryan so that he can stay closed to him. He kills an inmate out of self-defense of his brother, but gets sent to death row and is finally executed, after a long legal battle.
Chris Keller Christopher Meloni 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
A bisexual serial killer and psychopath who preyed upon gay men in the outside world while hiding his sexual orientation through a series of marriages. Perhaps the most amoral figure in the entire milieu, he is a master of emotional manipulation and only seems to really enjoy himself when those who care about him are made to suffer. His relationship with Beecher is also a big part of many episodes. His only real emotion is his love for Beecher which elated and torments him. He takes the rap for the murder of Schillger's son to protect Beecher and is moved to another prison. Keller returns when the ruse is discovered. Beecher does finally get paroled and helps Keller get off death row. The increased interaction with Beecher convinces Keller that he can't exist without Beecher and he purposely screws up Beecher parole so that he is returned to Em City. Keller arranges for a real knife to be used by Beecher in MacBeth so that Schillinger is killed. When Keller arranges for his return as Beecher' cell mate, Beecher tells Keller that he is no different that than drugs or alcohol to him and that Keller is toxic to him. Knowing he can't live without Beecher but that Beecher can't exist with Keller in his life, he sacrifices himself for Beecher by throwing himself off the top level of Em City after a last forced embrace and declaration of love for Beecher in the show's finale episode. Like all things Keller, his sacrifice is double edged because at first glance he made it look like Beecher might have thrown Keller to his death but Beecher's reaction was clearly despair and this lights the half smile on Keller's face at the moment of his death. Keller's last act of wiping out the Aryans ultimately saves Beecher's life and sets him free.
Simon Adebisi Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje 1, 2, 3, 4
A gigantic, deranged maniac of Nigerian descent; incarcerated for decapitating a police officer with a machete. His flirtations with insanity and religion are transient, and similar to the Aryans, he later-on carried a somewhat racist belief towards Whites, believing their responsible for any cruel events towards his people (A part of his Insanity), especially Em City Manager McManus, and made it all a huge event in the first half of the fourth season, and similar to Schillinger, he sometimes like to sexually abused weaker inmates, most notably Kenny Wangler. Eventually Adebisi remains one of the most powerful inmates within the walls of Oz, until his death when he is killed by Kareem Said.
Arnold "Poet" Jackson muMs da Schemer 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
An African-American crook and a poet, which is why he granted his ego, he is known for being the only Inmate to get be paroled early because he have made fame after publishing a book he wrote while serving in Oz, which features poetry that he also performs (Mainly in the prison's cafeteria), which was all a sign of a changed life. But eventually he got himself violating it when he continues his drug addiction that started while in his time in Oz. Upon returning, knowing there would be no possibility of being paroled early again, he became a full-fledged member of the Homeboys (A gang, who at first, wasn't impress of his talent, and often likes to mocked him, especially Kenny Wangler, a younger inmate who eventually regret his actions towards him) in Em City, which started small with only him, Adebisi, Wangler, and Pierce. Even though Wangler and Pierce were eventually murdered by the hands of a Caucasian inmate who was armed with a Pistol and Adebisi being ultimately killed by Said, Poet survived to see the gang grow beyond their fates, which moved-on to Redding part of the gang, who like Poet, survived till the series finale, which means he became the remaining leader, and poet soon becoming the Lieutenant. Poet was even once accepted to be the leader in the aftermath of Adebisi's death, but serves poorly or according to Redding did a "Shit job" which lead the leadership passing-on to him instead.
Kenny Wangler J. D. Williams 1, 2, 3, 4
One of the youngest inmates in Oz, Wangler is locked-up for murder. Wangler exhibits the qualities of a juvenile delinquent: cocky, hot-headed and sadistic. It is revealed he is mistakenly already a father and is uneducated with being illiterate and without knowing any life skills such as parenting, shown in the third season during his interacactions with his crying son and not knowing how to react. He often bullies and intimidates other inmates despite his age and size, including his fellow African-American cellmate Poet (who he eventually made peace with) and the elderly Rebadow. He is good at making businesses within the Homeboys, mainly with selling drugs, and often makes good business ventures with O'Reily and the Italians. He has a Love–hate relationship with the Gang's in-and-out leader Adebisi, and their relationship goes further in the second and third seasons where Adebisi treats Wangler as his subordinate. His usual prison routine of intimidation ends up being his downfall when inmate Guillaume Tarrent, a bullying target of Wangler and his fellow Homeboys, murders him and his associate Pierce with a pistol.
James Robson R.E. Rodgers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
As the Lieutenant of the Aryan Brotherhood, Robson is similar to their leader, Schillinger, as he enjoys harassing others that are not of the brotherhood. He is just as brutal, willing to kill anyone without provocation. He is convicted for murdering a black man whom he spotted walking with his girlfriend. Over the course of the show, Robson evolves from a secondary character into a central character with a storyline of his own. His lack of oral hygiene becomes his undoing in Season 5 when his Arabic dentist transplants a black man's tissue into his gums as a cadaver in response to his racially charged comments. Upon discovery, the rest of the Aryans, including Schillinger, cast him out. Desperate for protection from the many non-white inmates and enemies he has, Robson becomes a willing prag of Wolgang Cutler, who rapes and sexually humiliates him in front of other inmates. Robson eventually breaks free of Cutler's slavery over him, as he tricks him into trying erotic auto-asphyxiation that results in Cutler's death. Robson's role in the Brotherhood returns, but not long after he begins to have haunting memories of his rape carried-out by Cutler, which reminded him of being raped by his own abusive father as a child. Reflecting on his past, Robson begins to see much of his actions in Oz as a result of his conditioning. After being diagnosed as HIV positive, Robson confesses that he had brought much of the actions on himself for his cruelty in the past, and he decides to turn against the Brotherhood. Robson allows himself to be raped on purpose by black inmate Clarence, whom he later tells him he is HIV positive. Disgusted in his actions and labelling him a race traitor, Schillinger expels Robson who leaves Oz and eventually becomes the only member of the Aryans to ever survived, despite choosing to leave and giving up on their lifestyle.
Shirley Bellinger Kathryn Erbe 2, 3, 4, 6
Known as the first and only woman on the prison's Death Row for murdering her daughter by driving into a river, in which gained her notification by the male inmates, often selling sex and exposing herself to them, most notably Timmy Kirk, Moses Deyell, and Richie Hanlon (Despite surprisingly being homosexual). A devout Christian, she often shows common devout traits like rarely swearing and knowing which is sinful, and it's a possibility she maybe a believer of Christian Identity (A racist belief within Christianity) because of her rejection towards Adesibi for being African-American, and even prove it with a racial slur, although this never been proven due to her personal relationship with fellow Death Row Inmate Deyell, who is also black, and was the last person she made friends with before she was executed by hanging. Despite her death, much like Hill, she came back in spirit in the sixth season to help narrate one of the episodes. Like Robson, she was only one of the few main inmates who never was put in Em City.
Omar White Michael Wright 4, 5, 6
White is an African-American drug addict who murdered a key witness against his cousin in front of her daughter's eyes. White proves to be very troublesome throughout his stay at Oz, most of which ends up with him in solitary confinement. Unit Manager Tim McManus believes he can help White until he messes up for a last time in Season 5 where he ends up in solitary again. White is eventually killed by fellow inmate Lemuel Idzik. Omar is violent (Sometimes against his own will) and has never lost a fight to anyone in Oz besides Said, who attacks him after Omar swears at him.
Agamemnon Busmalis Tom Mardirosian[1] 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Named after the mythological Greek king, Agamemnon. Since early childhood, he had a fascination with digging. Outside of prison, he was known as "The Mole," having been an expert at digging tunnels to commit various robberies. He makes several attempts to escape OZ by diggin tunnels, escaping for only day day before he is recaptured. He is good friends with the fellow elderly inmate Rebadow. After returning to Oz following his escape, Rebadow feels betrayed that Busmalis escaped without him and, coupled with violent fantasies due to a brain tumour, Rebadow unsuccessfully tries to kill him. They reconcile soon afterwards. He is paired with Vahue for the basketball matches and though very ineffective, he does manage to score one goal. He has never been with a woman sexually, and is a huge fan of the children's show Ms. Sally's Schoolyard. Every time the inmates are watching the show, Busmalis can be heard saying "This is the best Miss Sally ever." He writes her fan letters and a woman claiming to be Miss Sally visits him in Oz, though it turns out to be a production assistant named Norma Clark. They fall in love and eventually marry.

Other inmates[edit]

Aryan inmates[edit]

  • Mark Mack (Leif Riddell) - An inmate in Emerald City and Shillinger's lieutenant. He helps Shillinger murder Vogel and later rapes Richie Hanlon. When he discovers Busmalis' tunnel, he forces them to switch cells and attempts to escape through the tunnel. He and a fellow escaping imate are killed when the tunnel collapses on top of them.
  • Andrew Schillinger (Frederick Koehler) - Eldest son of Vernon Shillinger. He originally shares his father's white supremicist views, though not his intolerance of drugs. He is sent to Em City and rooms with Beecher. Beecher, Keller and O'Reilly see this as an opportunity to get back at Schillinger. Beecher recognises him as a fellow victim of Shillinger and helps him off heroin, in the process turning him against his father. Andrew eventually denounces the Aryan ideals to his father, attacks him and is sent to the hole. Shillinger has Lopresti bring him a lethal amount of heroin and after some reluctance, Andrew takes the drugs and overdoses. Despite the 'success' of their plan, Beecher shows considerable remose for his part in Andrew's death.
  • Fred Wick (Chazz Menendez) - A background Aryan, often seen antagonising other inmates such as Beecher and O'Reilly. He participates in the drug trial and suffers a fatal side effect in the middle of a conversation with Hoyt. His family subsequently sue the prison.
  • Mark Miles (Michael Quill) - An inmate on Death Row. His Aryan views mean he is unwilling to befriend the other inmates on Death Row: Deyell (black) and Ginzberg (gay). He is a talented artist and paints a self-portrait on his cell wall. His repeated abuse of neighbouring inmate Deyell leads Deyell to dig through the cell wall between them, finally breaking through and strangling Miles to death, destroying the portrait in the process.
  • Carl Jenkins (Joshua Harto) - A young inmate tasked with murdering Said, he instead kills Leroy Tidd and is sent to solitary. Cloutier visits him and attempts to get him to confess to Robson's involvement. The Brotherhood finds out and threatens him, causing him to hang himself.
  • Franklin Winthrop (Andy Powers) - A friend of Adam Guenzel's. He is sent to Unit B and quickly becomes a prag of the Aryans and is forced to wear women's clothes and makeup. However, he strives to move up the ranks and is accepted as a full member after he murders Beecher's father. Keller realises his crime and seduces him, before snapping his neck.

Biker inmates[edit]

  • Scott Ross (Stephen Gevedon) - A friend of Whittlesey's ex-husband and Shillinger. He transfers into Em City, where is also befriends O'Reilly. He starts a cigarette racket with Whittlesey and threatens her when she tries to break it off. During the riot, he shoots McManus but is then murdered by Whittlesey. Despite several other people discovering her crime, it is covered up and Whittlesey is never punished for his murder.
  • Jaz Hoyt (Evan Seinfeld) - The leader of the Bikers for the majority of the series. Despite his brutality, he suggests inmates raise money to send Rebadow's grandson to Disney World. He is not particularly bright and is often manipulated by other inmates, most commonly O'Reilly. He tries to kill Stanislofsky over Galino's cellphone, orchestrates Cloutier's imprisonment in the kitchen wall and kills Burns in self-defence when Burns tries to kill Kirk. Hoyt then receives a vision from Cloutier, telling him to kill Kirk. Though Kirk survives this attempt, Hoyt is haunted by Cloutier and confesses to a series of other murders, resulting in his transfer to Death Row. Once there, he finally kills Kirk but immediately goes insane and his death sentence is commuted. On the eve of his transfer to a mental hospital, he is killed by another biker.
  • Jim Burns (Peter James Kelsch) - A background character in seasons two and three, he takes more prominence in season four when he is converted by Cloutier. He and Kirk try to convert other inmates by force. After Kirk is exiled by Cloutier and Cloutier is injured by the kitchen blast, he sees a vision of Cloutier, telling him to kill Kirk. He tries, and is killed by Hoyt in the process.
  • Max Sands (Mike Arotsky) - Another background biker, he often seen alongside Hoyt, but after Hoyt confessed all of his murders that he was never found guilty with before, he took the role in the gang as Leader, helping lure Adam Gunzel into one of Vern Schillinger's traps of Sexual Assault.

Christian inmates[edit]

  • Jonathan Coushaine (Bryan Callen) - A former teacher, he is appointed the teacher for Em City's short-lived GED program. He clashes frequently with Wangler in his attempts to educate him.
  • Robert Sippel (David Lansbury) - A former priest arrested for child molestation, he is parolled and finds life on the outside difficult. He moves back into Oz as he cannot find housing or a job and Mukada hires him as an assistant. Shortly after, he is crucified to the gym floor by the Aryans.
  • William Cudney (William Cote) - Serving life without parole for killing the child of a doctor who performed an abortion on Cudney's partner (reasoning a child's life for a child's life). He and the other Christian inmates in Em City try to stop the inmates from watching Miss Sally's Schoolyard, since they are only interested in her breasts. He steals drugs from the hospital for O'Reilly but later decides to turn them both in. O'Reilly quickly hires Kosygin to murder him and Cudney bleeds out after being stabbed in the neck.
  • Vincent (Vincent D'Abouze) - A young, attractive black man, who is sponsored by Adebisi. During Querns tenure, all of the Christian inmates besides Vincent are transferred out of Em City. Adebisi then dominates Vincent, forcing him to wear ladies clothing and dance for him.
  • Jeremiah Cloutier (Luke Perry) - A former televangelist preacher, arrested for stealing from his church. He initially engages in a battle for the souls of Oz's inmates with Mukada though they eventually find common ground. He converts Kirk, who then grows violently devout. When he exiles Kirk, Kirk retaliates by having the Bikers humiliate Cloutier and seal him in the kitchen wall. When a gas blast destroys the kitchen, Cloutier survives and is found with severe burns. He recovers in the hospital and after appearing to several inmates as visions, he disappears. Months later, Hoyt confesses to hiding him back in the wall, where his skeletal remains are found by Mukada.
  • Father Daniel Meehan (Malachy McCourt) - A Catholic priest, arrested for assaulting a police officer at a protest that turned violent. He attempts to counsel O'Reilly while Cyril is fighting to avoid execution. He dies of a brain aneurysm. Schibetta later claims to O'Reilly that he put the 'Evil Eye' on Meehan to cause his death. His death causes O'Reilly to regain his faith.

Gay inmates[edit]

  • Billie Keane (Derrick Simmons) - Jefferson Keene's brother. He is beaten and hospitalised by Ortolani but recovers. Despite his homosexual status being at odds with Jefferson's newfound Islamic ideals, they make peace shortly before Jefferson's execution.
  • Richie Hanlon (Jordan Lage) - A good natured inmate. He overhears Alvarez talking about Glynn's daughter's rape and alerts Mukada. He is later raped by Mack and accidentally kills inmate Freakie who subsequently approaches him for sex. He tries to give up Mack for Vogel's murder but is blackmailed into taking the blame himself and is sent to Death Row. He and Bellinger bond, with her attempting to make him a sweater. He manages to beat the murder charge and is sent back to Em City. He is immediately killed by Stanislofsky, a friend of Vogel, who mistakenly believed Hanlon was responsible for his death.
  • Jason Cramer (Robert T. Bogue) - The Gay inmates' representative in the boxing tournament. He makes it to the semi-final, where he is narrowly beaten by Khan. He is awarded a retrial for his crime with Said's help. Despite his guilt, his conviction is overturned when it is revealed the Detective planted false evidence and he is released, making him one of the few inmates to leave Oz for good.
  • Nathaniel 'Nat' Ginzburg (Charles Busch) - Nappa's cellmate in the ward for HIV-positive inmates. She helps Nappa with his memoirs and cooks him dinner, but then smothers him on orders from Pancamo. She is sent to Death Row where she befriends Bellinger and Deyell. As her health declines from AIDS, she requests her execution be brought forward but she succumbs to the disease the night before her rescheduled execution.
  • Ronald 'Ronnie' Barlog (Brian Bloom) - A friend of Keller's who is sent to Em City for car theft. He rooms with Beecher and Beecher seduces him. Keller also seduces him to get back at Beecher. Barlog is approached by Agent Taylor, who offers him a sentence cut in exchange for information about Keller murdering several gay men. After he seeks legal advice from Beecher, Beecher warns Keller and Keller snaps Barlog's neck.
  • Alonzo Torquemada (Bobby Cannavale) - A nightclub owner, sent to Oz for throwing acid at another man. He comes into Oz selling D-tabs, a type of ecstasy. He ingratiates himself with both the Italians and the Latinos, and gets them both addicted to his pills. He is attracted to Alvarez and continually tries to seduce him, succeeding when a depressed Alvarez is denied parole.


  • Jefferson Keane (Leon Robinson) - The original leader of the homeboys, serving life without parole for killing a couple on their wedding day. He loathes the Italians, especially after Ortolani beats his brother Billie. Despite the escalating war between the Homeboys and the Italians, he grows disillusioned with his gangster life and converts to Islam, taking the name Tizi Ouzou. Worried that Keene will reveal his involvement in several murders, O'Reilly arranges for Keene to be sent to Death Row after he is manipulated into killing another inmate in a gladiator-style arena. Before he dies, he donates a kidney to his sister. At peace with his life, he apologises for his crimes, makes peace with his family and is executed.
  • Jonny Post (Tim McAdams) - A drug dealer, serving life. He is tasked by Keene with killing Ortolani. He pays a CO to let him into the cell in which a sedated Ortolani lies and immolates him. O'Reilly later gives up Post to Schibetta and he is beaten to death and mutilated by the Italians. His penis is later sent to Keene.
  • Paul Markstrom (O.L. Duke) - Originally claimed to be Glynn's cousin, he is actually an undercover police officer, sent into Oz to shut down the drug trade. He befriends Keane, Abebisi and Wangler. However, his duplicity is discovered and he is hanged in the gym.
  • Jackson Vahue (Rick Fox) - A famous basketball player, arrested for assaulting a woman. He initially struggles adapting to Oz due to his lack of status though he redeems himself after trying to help an injured prisoner during the riot. When McManus arranges a basketball tournament between himself and Vahue, he is partnered with Busmalis. Vahue and Busmalis win two of three matches, despite the meddling of both inmates and officers. Vahue is eventually parolled.
  • Junior Pierce (Lexington Alexander) - A friend of Wangler and Poet. He arranges one of his contacts to murder Wangler's wife and lover and is later severely injured when Adebisi pours boiling soup on his face. He is killed by Tarrant.
  • Malcolm 'Snake' Coyle (Anthony 'Treach' Criss) - A friend of Wangler's sent to Em City for armed robbery. For reasons unknown, he confesses to Hill that he murdered a family, including a baby. Hill uses his information to bring a conviction against him but before he can be tried, Nappa organises his murder.
  • Kevin "Supreme Allah" Ketchem (Lord Jamar) - Ran in the same gang as Redding and Hill, though he gave up Hill to the cops, leading to them both despising him. He aligns himself with Adebisi and takes significant control while Querns controls Em City. He is framed for the murders of Shemin and Browne though he escapes conviction. He tries to start an uprising against Redding with the help of Hill and Daniels, but Hill and Poet use his fatal allergy of eggs to kill him.
  • Raymond 'Mondo' Browne (Gano Grills) - One of the inmates transferred into Em City during Querns' tenure. He rooms with Beecher and they sleep together. He is seduced and killed by Keller and his murder is pinned on Supreme Allah.
  • Carlton 'Tug' Daniels (Method Man) - The brother of the man Supreme Allah was incarcerated for killing. Poet tries to have him kill Supreme Allah, though he survives and Daniels is sent to Oz. He and Supreme Allah then team up to take control of the Homeboys from Redding. His treachery is uncovered and he is killed by the Homeboys after a mock trial.
  • Leroy Tidd (Jacques C. Smith) - A friend of Adebisi's during the black takeover of Em City. He offers to kill Said for the Aryans due to Said killing Adebisi. He feigns conversion to Islam, taking the name Salah Udeen, but finds his cannot kill Said. The Aryans then have Jenkins try to kill Said, though Tidd protects Said and is killed in his place.
  • Moses Deyell (Erik King) - A Death Row inmate, awaiting execution for murdering his lover and her husband. He befriends Bellinger and Ginsberg. After Bellinger's execution and Ginsberg's death, he is left with only the racist Miles for company. After tiring of Miles' taunts, he digs a hole through their adjoining wall and strangles him to death. He later tries to befriend Giles but is irritated by the latter's nonsensical speech patterns. He requests his organs be donated after his execution and meets the intended recipients. During a transfer to the hospital for a checkup, he attempts escape and is shot to death.
  • Burr Redding (Anthony Chisholm) - The leader of Hill and Supreme Allah's gang. He acts as a father figure for Hill but despises Supreme Allah. He takes control of the Homeboys from Poet after Adebisi's death and refuses to align with the Latinos or Italians. He tries to start a war with the Latinos but Hill tips off the officers, leading to their estrangement. He welcomes Hill back after Hill arranges Supreme Allah's death. He is devastated by Hill's death and neglects his leadership duties. He eventually regains control and tries to pull the Homeboys from the drug trade by having them work as telemarketers, with mixed results.
  • Reggie Rawls (Mtume Gant) - A background member of the Homeboys. Proves to be very effective while working as a telemarketer.

Irish inmates[edit]

  • Timmy Kirk (Sean Dugan) - Originally a Catholic inmate, he is converted to Protestantism by Cloutier and becomes aggressively devout. He attempts to forcibly convert other inmates and is exiled by Cloutier. He also becomes an enemy of Mukada after Mukada refuses to welcome him back into a Catholic church. He is sent to Death Row for organising the arson of a church that killed two priests, where he then converts to Satanism. Despite surviving several attempts on his life, Hoyt finally manages to electrocute him with a photography lamp.
  • Liam Meaney (Seth William Meier) - Often seen as O'Reilly's lieutenant, he helps O'Reilly with schemes throughout the prison. He is recommended for parole towards the end of the series but is unsuccessful and dulls the disappointment by getting high on Bukowski's pot brownies.
  • Patrick Keenan (Dylan Chalfy) - Convicted for the rape of Dr. Nathan. Though originally thought that O'Reilly put him up to it, he attacked Nathan randomly. O'Reilly makes 'an exception' to never killing people himself and kills Keenan with a dumbbell. Though Arif witnesses this and tells Glynn, O'Reilly manages to pin the murder on Stanton and the multiple suspects means no one is punished for his murder.
  • Padraic Connelly (Brían F. O'Byrne) - An IRA member, briefly held in Oz awaiting deportation to Britain. With O'Reilly's help, he attempts to build a bomb but it fails to detonate. Ironically, Oz is heavily damaged by a gas explosion in the kitchen soon after.
  • Seamus O'Reilly (Kevin Conway) - Ryan and Cyril O'Reilly's abusive father. First seen when O'Reilly organises a visit, knowing that he will get Cyril angry enough to defeat Khan in the boxing match final. He is later sent to Oz for murder and O'Reilly eventually makes peace with him, taking care of him after he is injured by Neema.

Italian/Sicilian inmates[edit]

  • Nino Schibetta (Tony Musante) - The original leader of the Italian mafia in Oz. He runs the drug in the prison. He gets into business with the Homeboys. O'Reilly and Adebisi slowly kill him by putting ground glass in his food.
  • Dino Ortolani (Jon Seda) - A volatile inmate and Nino Schibetta's right-hand man. He is incarcerated for attempting to kill O'Reilly (and successfully killing his friend) and the two immediately clash on O'Reilly's arrival to Oz. Despite his brutality, he shows interest in Said's peaceful way of life, rejects praise from the Aryans for beating up a gay, black man and euthanases a dying patient at his request. This final act results in him being sent to the hole and sedated. He is then immolated by Post, on orders from O'Reilly and Keane. In a final twist, O'Reilly then moves into Em City and takes Ortolani's old room.
  • Joey D'Angelo (Goodfella Mike G) - The man who steps up to take Ortolani's place following his murder. He assists Schibetta in running the kitchen, until he is hospitalised following a beating by the Homeboys.
  • Peter Schibetta (Eddie Malavarca) - Nino's son, sent to Oz for money laundering and extortion. He attempts to fill father's shoes and though he has the loyalty of the Italians, he makes numerous mistakes. He is raped by Adebisi and the trauma causes a breakdown, leading to him spending some time in the psych ward. When he returns, he continues his campaign for respect but is this time raped by Shillinger. After Schibetta claims to have killed Father Meehan and threatens Suzanne, O'Reilly manipulates Pancamo into killing him.
  • Chucky Pancamo (Chuck Zito) - Originally Peter Schibetta's and then Nappa's backup, he takes leadership of the Italians after they are both removed from Em City. Despite his loyalty, he arranges the death of Nappa when it is revealed Nappa is writing his memoirs and could reveal mafia secrets. He represents the Italians in the boxing tournament, though he is drugged and beaten by Cyril. He is shown to be willing to help anyone for a price, including arranging the death of Hank Schillinger, despite the Italian's long-standing alliance with the Aryans. Pancamo is then stabbed during a brawl with the Aryans and nearly dies from a staph infection. He recovers, rejoins the Italians and is manipulated by O'Reilly into killing Schibbetta.
  • Antonio Nappa (Mark Margolis) - Takes control of the Italians after Schibetta's rape and breakdown. He wields considerable power within the prison, being able to arrange for Adebisi to be caught with drugs in his system and arranging Coyle's murder, despite Coyle being in protective custody. Adebisi secretly infects him with HIV and he is transferred to Unit E, the AIDS ward. Faced with the end of his life, he decides to write his memoirs. Pancamo is afraid he could reveal majia secrets and arranges for Nappa's cellmate Ginzberg to smother him in his sleep.
  • Frank 'The Fixer' Urbano (Antoni Corone) - An occasional leader of the Italians. He attempts to kill Redding though kills Hill instead. He later assists Pancamo in killing Schibetta.

Latino inmates[edit]

  • Emilio Sanchez (Jose Soto) - An inmate dying of AIDS. When Ortolani is reassigned to work in the AIDS ward, he and Sanchez bond while talking about their children despite Ortolani constantly criticising Sanchez's homosexual status. He asks Ortolani to help him die, a request Ortolani eventually grants and he is suffocated.
  • Ricardo Alvarez (Tomas Milian) - Eduardo's father and Miguel's grandfather. He was sent to Oz when Eduardo was a baby and did not see his son again until he was sent to Oz as well. He killed a Haitian inmate who cut out Eduardo's tongue and was sent to solitary and was eventually able to meet his grandson. He develops alzheimers and dies offscreen.
  • Eduardo Alvarez (José Ramón Rosario) - Ricardo's son and Miguel's father who has been in Oz most of Miguel's life. Soon after being sent to Oz, he had his tongue cut out by a Haitian inmate for being abusive. He works as an orderly in the prison hospital with his son and together, they care for a dying Ricardo. Alvares comes to him when Hernandez orders him to blind Rivera and Eduardo shows frustration that he is unable to advise his son.
  • Jorge Vasquez (Jose Hernandez Jr.) - A background member of the Latinos, identifiable by his long, dark hair. He is present for the riot and is often seen with the other Latinos, though he has no storylines. While Alvarez is briefly released from solitary, Vasquez attacks him but Alvarez slits his throat with a razorblade, killing him.
  • Carmen "Chico" Guerra (Otto Sanchez) - The ever-present lieutenant of the Latinos. He was arrested for murder after he threw a dwarf off a bridge. He tires of Alvarez's inaction against other inmate groups that disrespect the Latinos. When Hernandez takes control of the Latinos, Guerra grows to hate Alvarez and constantly belittles and tries to kill him, even when Morales forbids it. He eventually gets over his hatred of Alvarez when all the other leading Latinos have been killed and is last shown tearing his own skin after getting high on Torquemada's pills.
  • Raoul "El Cid" Hernandez (Luis Guzman) - Arrives in Em City with a fearsome reputation. Despite Alvarez's admiration, Hernandez considers him "too white", calls him 'Michael' and forces him to blind Officer Rivera to prove himself. He leads the Latinos until Morales arrives though he seems to tire of the life. In order to gain the respect of the Italians and Homeboys, as well as leadership of the Latinos, Morales arranges for Rebadow to kill Hernandez and claim self-defence.
  • Carlo Ricardo (Juan Carlos Hernández) - An inmate who is originally visited by many family members, though they drop off after time. He is selected to represent the Latinos in the boxing tournament but is disqualified after he is sent to solitary. He misses his final visit with his sister and is shown to be greatly depressed that he no longer has anyone visiting him. He attempts to kill Alvarez but dies in the process. Alvarez then falsely tells Glynn that Ricardo was responsible for raping Glynn's daughter. He is Bevilacqua's cousin.
  • Enrique Morales (David Zayas) - An inmate who takes control of the Latinos after arranging Hernandez's murder. He forms an alliance with Pancamo and Adebisi to control the drug trade but is forced out by Adebisi. He also arranges for Martinez to maim Officer Brass. Brass later fakes hearing a deathbed confession from Martinez that Morales ordered his attack and Morales is moved to solitary. He is attacked by Officers Brass, Howell and Murphy and injured in a similar way to Brass. While recovering in hospital, he alerts McManus to Nurse Grace before he is murdered by her. The Latinos are shown to be in disarray after his death.
  • Louie Bevilacqua (G.A. Aguilar) - First introduced as an inmate in solitary. He was sent to Oz for murder, but it is unknown what got him sent to solitary. Alvarez reveals that Bevilacqua was the one who raped Glynn's daughter, not Ricardo as previously though. As Ricardo's cousin, he attempts to kill Alvarez during an exercise period for the inmates in solitary but Giles takes his shank and kills him instead. Alvarez does not tell Glynn the real rapist's identity.
  • Carlos Martinez (Carlos Leon) - First appears when he slashes Officer Brass's Achilles tendon, ending his basketball career. He is sent to solitary but refuses to confess that Morales ordered the attack. While in solitary, he regularly has sex with Officer Howell. He falls ill and is transferred to the hospital. He assaults Dr Nathan during his checkup and she subsequently neglects his care. When he later dies, Dr Nathan blames herself but it is eventually revealed he was suffocated by Nurse Grace.
  • Jamie Velez (Christopher Rivera) - An inmate who allies himself with Alvarez when Alvarez is briefly released from solitary. He tries to kill Guerra in the showers and is killed in the attempt.
  • Pablo Rosa (Michael Rivera) - A young inmate convicted of manslaughter after the gun he brought to school to show off fired and killed a classmate. He struggles with his anger but bonds with Stella when she gives him a book to read. When he is thrown in the hole for attacking an Aryan, Stella reads to him through the wall.

Muslim inmates[edit]

  • Zahir Arif (Granville Adams) - Said's lieutenant for the majority of the series. He is serving time for assault and possession of stolen goods. He is loyal, though he sides with Khan when he replaces Said as leader of the Muslims. After Khan's death, Arif takes charge of the Muslims but quickly realises he is not a leader and gives Said the position again. He is the only person to witness O'Reilly murder Keenan but his information does not lead to a conviction, thanks to O'Reilly's manipulations. He is forced to lead the Muslims again after Said's death and tries to run the printing press. However, he once again proves a weak leader and has the printing press burned to claim the insurance money.
  • Nacim Busmilla (Ra Hanna) - A Muslim inmate regularly seen as Said's chief bodyguard. He is mostly silent and steadfastly loyal to Said; he is last to leave the table when Khan ousts Said as leader of the Muslims and does so reluctantly. He seems briefly swayed by Supreme Allah but quickly returns to his Islamic beliefs. When it is revealed that Arif purposely had the printing press burned, he beats Arif.
  • Sanjay Asfana (Conrad Lindsey) - A background member of the Muslims. He is identifiable by his red kufi decorated with white shells.
  • Huseni Mershah (a.k.a James Monroe Madison) (Roger Guenveur Smith) - An inmate who favours a more violent approach to Islam than Said practices. His attempts to 'defend' their faith to other inmates only angers Said. When Said suffers a heart attack, Mershah leaves him to die, hoping to take over the Muslims. Said survives and exiles Mershah. When he is unable to find allies among either the Muslims or the Homeboys, he tries to give up Said to Glynn, leading to a shakedown in which many of the inmates lose drugs, weapons and privleges. All Em City's inmates turn against him and spit on him as he is transferred out of Em City. Soon after, he commits suicide.
  • Hamid Khan (Ernie Hudon Jr.) - Arrested for assault after severely beating a white man he caught raping a black woman. He disapproves of many of Said's actions, from meeting with Tricia Ross (a white woman), appointing a Jewish lawyer to lead the court case, and allowing Beecher to listen to the Muslim's Bible study. He eventually replaces Said as leader of the Muslims. He competes in the boxing tournament, easily defeating Wangler, narrowly beating Cramer and finally facing Cyril O'Reilly in the final. Cyril's final punch leaves him brain dead and his wife sues the prison and has him removed from life support.
  • Ahmad Lalar (Chris Gardner) - A young Muslim inmate. He sneaks a piece of bread during prayer and is nearly exilled by Said, but is allowed to remain. He is identified by the Aryans as the weakest member of the Muslims and subsequently murdered by Robson.

Other inmates[edit]

  • Donald Groves (Sean Whitesell) - A cannabalistic inmate with a childlike demeanor and limited emotional range. He is incarcerated for murdering his parents; he ate his mother and claimed he was saving his father for Thanksgiving. He converts to Catholicism (liking the concept of eating flesh and drinking blood during the Eucharist), is constantly caught sneaking into the morgue, burns 'MOM' onto his hand and fears the dentist. He is impressed with Said's retoric and attempts to kill Glynn. He instead kills Officer Lawrence Smith and is sentenced to death. He requests death by firing squad. Smith's mother Loretta visits him prior to his execution and he breaks down after receiving her forgiveness, finally showing emotion. He attempts to dictate his final words in a letter to Loretta but no one hears what he says before he is executed, to Mukada's dismay.
  • Richard L'Italien (Eric Roberts) - A Death Row inmate with a fondness for the Yo-yo. While awaiting execution for the rape and murder of one woman, he subsequently confesses to the murder of over 30 others. He explains to Mukada that he loves every woman he sees. However he believes that when he loves them, they own him and he refuses to be owned.
  • Ronald Poklewaldt (Brian Tarantina) - An inmate imprisoned for burning down a fire station. He is an addict and it seen attending Sister Pete's counselling sessions. He falls afoul of the Homeboys when he is unable to pay and tries to bring them down by informing on them. O'Reilly lets him bust his and Healy's drug smuggling business to gain favour with Nino Schibetta. O'Reilly admits to the officers that Poklewaldt was the informant on Healy, leading to them beating Poklewaldt. He survives and is occasionally seen in the background from then on.
  • Eugene Dobbins (Zuill Bailey) - A famed cellist, sent to Oz for murdering a rival. Hill is attracted to his talent and arranges another inmate to play with Dobbins while he practices. Vahue smashes the cello and a depressed Dobbins spends his time watching TV. He is stabbed during the riot and despite Vahue leaving Em City to get him help, he dies of his injuries.
  • Alexander Vogel (Brian Smyj) - A Jewish inmate doing time for murder, and known for his sheer size. Killed by Shillinger and Mack as a 'roadkill', a random killing to show the other inmates that the Aryans are to be feared. Hanlon is forced to confess to the murder though he is not convicted. He is a friend of Stanislofsky.
  • William Giles (Austin Pendleton) - An elderly inmate convicted in the 1960s for murder who has been living in solitary since 1995 for killing his cellmate Ron Bibi. He is obsessed with oral hygiene and speaks in riddles and morse code. Sister Pete's eventually deciphers a series of words into a confession that he witnessed the murder of her husband Leonerd by Bibi. During a period of exercise for the solitary inmates, Giles kills Bevilacqua and is transferred to Death Row. He requests death by stoning. To avoid an uproar over such a barbaric execution method, Devlin orders Giles declared insane and returned to solitary. Giles jubilation at the commution of his death sentence is shattered when he realises that his tiny solitary cell is not much better. He is released from solitary when the air proves toxic and he successfully defends himself against Alvarez, to the amusement of the other inmates.
  • Jiggy Walker (LL Cool J) - An inmate who comes to Em City, claiming to be Governor Devlin's drug dealer. Said and McManus quickly publicise this to embarrass Devlin. Devlin easily disproves Walker's claims and McManus angrily transfers Walker out of Em City.
  • Kipekemie Jara (Zakes Mokae) - A Nigerian witch doctor, sent to Oz for criminally negligent homicide. He takes an interest in Adebisi and tries to get him to turn away from his life of drugs and indulgence. Though he succeeds somewhat, he is killed by Wangler in a show of good faith for Nappa. His death is blamed on Adebisi and causes Adebisi to have a mental breakdown.
  • Nikolai Stanislofsky (Philip Casnoff) - A Russian inmate who maintains a prickly alliance with O'Reilly. His Em City sponsor is Busmalis. He murders Hanlon, thinking him responsible for the murder of his friend Vogel, narrowly survives an assassination attempt by Kosygin and acquires Galino's cellphone. He eventually loses the cellphone to O'Reilly and moves to protective custody. Querns warns O'Reilly not to let anything happen to Stanislofsky after he returns to Em City. O'Reilly instead has Stanislofsky killed before he returns to Em City, by having Officer Howell electrocute him in a bathtub.
  • Yuri Kosygin (Olek Krupa) - A Russian inmate who arrives in Oz with a reputation as a killer for hire. O'Reilly pays him to kill Cudney and later Pancamo has him try to kill Stanislofsky. Stanislofsky survives and Kosygin is put in the hole, later solitary confinement. A deleted scene sees him murdered by a member of the Russian Secret Police.
  • Guillaume Tarrant (Lothaire Bluteau) - An inmate sent to Oz for destroying a statue in a museum. A diminuative man, he is sponsored by Hoyt, who promptly mugs him. He is also frequently picked on by Wangler, Pierce and Poet. After O'Reilly advises him to stand up for himself, he finds Adebisi's gun in his bed. The next time he is confronted by Wangler and his gang, Tarrant fires the gun, killing Wangler, Pierce, Lou Rath and Officer Joseph Howard, as well as wounding several others. He then turns the gun on himself.
  • Ralph Galino (Domenick Lombardozzi) - An Italian inmate sent to Oz after a building he designed collapsed and killed two people. With no mafia connections, the other Italian inmates abandon him. He manages to bring a cellphone into the prison, unaware it is against the rules. Stanislofsky offers to turn it in but keeps it for himself. After Galino is made aware of this, Stanislofsky organises his death by having the Bikers inject him with a lethal dose of heroin. Though his death is ruled as suicide, Hoyt eventually confesses to his murder.
  • Johnny Basil (a.k.a Desmond Mobay) (Lance Reddick) - An undercover cop sent to Em City to shut down the drug trade. He eventually becomes accepted as a drug runner, though he becomes addicted to heroin and murders Goergen to get there. Hill identifies him as a cop and shames him into confessing to Goergen's murder. Basil is sent to Oz to serve his sentence and lives in Unit J (the Cop Unit) with Hughes and Yood. After insulting Hughes, Hughes murders him by stabbing him in the chest.
  • Bruno Goergen (Harry O'Reilly) - A corrupt former cop, sent to Oz for murder. He recognises Basil and threatens to expose him if he does not protect Goergen from the other black inmates. Since Basil has been ordered to murder someone to prove his worth to the drug runners, he kills two birds with one stone by pushing Goergen down an elevator shaft.
  • Eli Zabitz (David Johansen) - A Jewish inmate. Shillinger pays him to implicate Keller in the kidnapping of Beecher's children. He gives Beecher the false information in exchange for dental work for one of his own daughters. Keller pledges to kill him and after demanding protection from the Aryans, Shillinger also orders Robson to kill him. Robson and Keller corner Zabitz in a storage room and the stress causes him to have a fatal heart attack, to their amusement.
  • Nate Shemin - An inmate with whom Beecher becomes intimate. Later killed by Keller in an attempt to discredit Querns and get back at Beecher. His murder is pinned on Supreme Allah, though Beecher knows the truth.
  • Alvin Yood (Tom Ligon) - A resident in Unit J, though he was actually a small town sherriff rather than a cop. He befriends Basil and is antagonised by Hughes. He also pushes Howell down the stairs and takes Beecher's job as Sister Pete's assistant. He witnesses Bandt's murder but refuses to talk.
  • Glen Shupe (Joel West) - A drug addict, arrested for killing his playing partner during a darts game. He is recognisable for his long hair and tie-dyed shirts. Kenmin pays him to tell O'Reilly that Li Chen plans to rape his mother, though this is a ploy to provoke the brothers. O'Reilly then has the Latinos injure Shupe in an accident where he loses his right arm. He later tries to admit the truth about Kenmin and Cyril but he is deemed an unreliable witness and his testimony useless.
  • Colonel Edward Galson (John Doman) - A military Colonel, imprisoned for raping a female colleague. He is an alcoholic and is seen attending Sister Pete's counselling sessions. He rooms with Redding and the two bond over their military history in the Vietnam War. He overhears Daniels and Supreme Allah plotting to kill Redding and warns his cellmate. Redding tasks Galson with killing Morales, however Morales gets the upper hand and crushes him beneath an elevator.
  • Greg Penders (John Lurie) - An inmate serving time for criminally negligent homicide, though it is unknown why he was sent to solitary. He initially helps Hughes in his attempt to declare solitary as the Republic of Huru, though he then protects Glynn and kills Hughes. He is transferred to Em City when solitary is evacuated and participates in the guide dog program. He teaches his dog to attack Officer Lopresti and is returned to solitary. He gets sick from the toxic air in solitary and attempts to sue the state.
  • Jia Kenmin (M.G. Gong) - A Chinese inmate, convicted for drug trafficking. He originally attempts to kill Morales in revenge for the death of Bian Yixhue and is involved in Redding's unsuccessful war with the Latinos. He later becomes an enemy of O'Reilly. He goads Cyril into killing Li Chen, resulting in Cyril being sent to Death Row and eventually executed. O'Reilly then provokes Kenmin into a fight and assists the officers in violently subduing him. Since he attacked officers, Kenmin is thrown into solitary without medical attention and the officers later beat him to death.
  • Adam Guenzel (Mike Doyle) - A friend of Franklin Winthrop and Beecher. He is sent to Em City and rooms with Beecher, who keeps him safe from the Aryans. Schillinger offers Beecher an opportunity to see Keller in exchange for Guenzel. Beecher agrees after Guenzel attacks him. Guenzel is transferred to Unit B and assaulted by the Aryans, with Winthrop showing particular interest in seeing his friend suffer the same punishment as himself. When Schillinger thinks Guenzel will tell the officers what has happened to him, he tricks Guenzel into trying to escape and he is electrocuted on the prison fencing.
  • Henry Stanton (Thomas G. Waites) - An inmate who befriends Cyril while they are both in protective custody. O'Reilly disapproves of this and tries to keep them apart. O'Reilly makes it appear Stanton is in love with Dr Nathan, frames him for Keenan's murder and has Montgomery corroborate this. Stanton attempts to kill Montgomery and is sent to solitary.
  • Martin Montgomery (Peter Criss) - An inmate O'Reilly pays to say Stanton killed Keenan. O'Reilly then tells Stanton that Montgomery accused him, and Stanton stabs him in the neck. He survives but it not seen again.
  • Clarence Seroy (Emanuel Yarbrough) - A morbidly obese inmate with a fondness for arson and rape. He is hired by Kirk to organise the arson of a church Mukada is visiting, resulting in the death of two priests. He tries to rape Winthrop and later rapes Robson. Robson allows this, as he knows he is HIV positive.
  • Li Chen (Nelson Lee) - A Chinese inmate used by Kenmin in his war with the O'Reilly brothers. He attempts to kill the O'Reilly brothers on Kenmin's orders and manages to stab Ryan. Cyril stabs him in the heart and is sentenced to Death.
  • Wolfgang Cutler (Brendan Kelly) - An inmate doing time for murder. He tries to join the Brotherhood by killing Said but fails and is most commonly associated with the Bikers. Robson goes to him when he needs protection from his many enemies after being cast out of the Brotherhood. Cutler is briefly given the part of Macbeth in the prison play and considers Macbeth a 'pussy' for being unable to deal with murdering his king. Robson tricks Cutler into hanging himself during autoerotic asphixiation, with his death being ruled suicide. For reasons unknown, his will leaves all of his possessions to Alvarez though Alvarez gives everything to Cutler's widow Cathy Jo.
  • Lemuel Idzik (Joel Grey) - Posing as a publisher for the release of Hill's memoirs, Idzik ambushes Said in the visiting room and shoots him. He is then sent to Oz. His Jewish faith alienates even the Aryans, who wanted to embrace him for killing their long-time enemy. He explains to White that many years ago, Said (while still known as Goodson Truman) spoke to him about how the world would eventually end. Idzik was significantly affected by this information. He quit his job, abandoned his family and vowed to kill Said for ruining his life. He then asks White to kill him. White refuses, so Idzik kills White and is transferred to Death Row. His sentence is later communited to life imprisonment, to his despair.
  • Jahfree Neema (Peter Francis James) - An inmate arrested for kidnapping; his victim was his daughter of whom he did not have custody. He is a former Black Panther and lover of Suzanne Fitzgerald. O'Reilly initially hates him and tries to arrange his murder, though he gains respect when he organises a protest over Cyril's execution. The Homeboys unsuccessfully try to have him lead them as Redding is still distracted by Hill's death. Seamus O'Reilly attempts to kill Neema but Neema turns the knife on him and is subsequently sent to the hole.
  • Mayor Wilson Loewen (Tom Atkins) - Arrested after it is revealed he was involved in the death of two African American girls in the 1960s. Though he seems a friend of Devlin and Schillinger, he antagonises them both and they both turn their backs on him. Beecher saves him from choking, a factor that counts towards Beecher's successful parole bid. After Loewen threatens to expose Devlin's various crimes, Devlin arranges his murder. Willy Bandt slits his throat while he sleeps. Glynn later investigates the murder, and is killed when he gets too close to the truth.
  • Lionel Kelsch (Tony Hoty) - An inmate first seen in the prison hospital. He distracts the guards while Brandt murders Loewen. Kelsch then murders Brandt and Warden Glynn and is thrown in the hole when Stanton tells the officers. He quickly admits Officer Johnson orders the hits when threatened with starvation.
  • Willy Bandt - An inmate first seen in the hostpital. He takes advantage of Kelsch's distraction and murders Mayor Loewen. He admits Officer Johnson's involvement to Glynn and is quickly murdered by Kelsch.
  • Stanley Bukowski (Ashley Hamilton) - A drug dealer. On arrival to Oz, his pot brownies become popular among the other inmates, which angers the existing drug dealing Italians. Pancamo uses the steam pipes in the kitchen to kill him and make it appear an accident.

Prison staff[edit]

The corrections officers (COs) are mostly white (predominantly Irish and Italian) with many black and some Latino officers. The warden, Leo Glynn, is African-American and started his career as a CO at Oz. Most of the COs come from lower socio-economic classes. Some are amoral and prone to corruption. The main unit manager, Tim McManus, is the only authority figure who has not started off as a guard and this therefore gives him a different point of view about how to deal with the inmates. The rest of the non-correctional staff, such as Dr. Gloria Nathan and psychologist Sister Peter Marie ("Sister Pete") Reimondo, have a much more humane view of prisoners, and often push Glynn and the others to see the inmates as human beings. Overall, different factions within the staff are almost always at odds, trying to manage internal problems while keeping the public calm regarding the way the prison is being managed.

  • Warden Leo Glynn (Ernie Hudson) - A conflicted person trying to maintain law and order in an often chaotic environment. He does what he can to manage every conflict present in Oz. Sister Pete calls him "the best man for the worst job." Appears in episodes 1–55.
  • Tim McManus (Terry Kinney) - A naive liberal idealist who forms Emerald City for purposes of making a perfect prison where rehabilitation and conflict are resolved. Often seen as weak for supposedly soft approaches to dealing with the inmates, he still manages to come out on top of many situations. Appears in episodes 1–26 and 28–56.
  • Sister Peter Marie (Rita Moreno) - A psychologist and nun, she is the main force of good inside of the prison and often is helpful to McManus, Father Ray Mukada and Dr. Gloria Nathan in whatever conflict they are trying to solve. Gave serious thought to leaving the church after developing feelings for Chris Keller.
  • Diane Whittlesey (Edie Falco) - A CO, raised in poor conditions and uneducated, who is faced with managing several issues at home, a relationship with McManus, and being fair to the inmates. Appears in episodes 1–18, 20–24.
  • Officer Mike Healy (Steve Ryan) - A disgruntled and corrupt officer, Healy has a very low opinion of both the inmates and Unit Manager Tim McManus. Healy is friends with inmate Ryan O'Reily and is a friend of Ryan's brother. Healy and O'Reily run a drug operation in Oz. When Mafia boss Nino Schibetta sees that Healy is competing with him in selling drugs, he makes a deal with O'Reilly. O'Reilly is told he will be a permanent ally of the Italians if he shuts down Healy's operation. Knowing the politics of Oz, O'Reilly gets inmate Ronald Pokelwaldt to alert the COs of a drug deal going on between Healy and O'Reilly where the two are immediately arrested. When Healy is fired and charged, O'Reilly refuses to testify spending a month in the hole, but makes sure his scheme shall never be discovered by ratting Pokelwaldt to the hacks, who hospitalize him. He recovers fully and quickly, however, as he attends a drug-counseling session shortly after his beating with no signs whatsoever of any trauma.
  • Joseph Mineo (Phillip Scozzarella) - An elderly Italian American CO. He is one of the few COs who is seen in every season. He is taken hostage in the Em City riot where he is savagely beaten by Miguel Alvarez and is then traded along with officer Armstrong in exchange for Tim McManus. He is often seen around Em City breaking up fights and counting inmates.
  • Jason Armstrong (Timothy L. Brown) - A tall muscular CO who is mainly seen breaking up fights and patrolling. On the most part he is a good honest CO. He is one of the hostages in the Em City riot where he is seriously injured and is traded along with Joseph Mineo in return for Tim McManus
  • Eddie Hunt (Murphy Guyer) - A CO who appeared in the first season of Oz. He was one of the officers on the firing squad who executed Donald Groves. He was a hostage during the Em City riot where he was killed by the SORT team.
  • Vic D'Agnasti (Douglas Crosby) - A muscular CO and back-up sort team member. He appears in all six seasons and is one of the hostages in the Em City riot. He tries to pass the time by telling terrible jokes, to the annoyance of the other hostages. Crosby was also one of the stunt coordinators for the show.
  • Roger Brese (Ray Iannicelli) - An elderly officer regularly seen working the reception desk. He is very lax at his job, allowing many people to smuggle in contraband. After Idzik smuggles in a gun and kills Said, Glynn discovers Brese has been drunk on the job and is fired.
  • Father Ray Mukada (BD Wong) - A Catholic priest who often provides spiritual counsel to many of the inmates, especially Miguel Alvarez. He graduated at the top of his class at the Pontifical Gregorian University. He was initially serving under Cardinal Francis Abgott (Gavin MacLeod) who called him his "Great Yellow Hope". Abgott's extremely conservative views clashed with Mukada's more idealistic ones. After disagreeing with the Cardinal a few times too often, he was transferred to Oz, which "extinguished" his career as a priest. He works alongside Sister Pete, trying to help the prisoners in Oz. Although Father Ray Mukada and the Christian group have some issues about religion in the series, Father Ray still tries his hardest to make life in Oz a little easier for the inmates. He has been noted for several attempts to straighten up the inmates from drug addictions, murders, etc. He is still the main religious authority in Oz. Although it was forced upon him, he appears to grow into the role of a spiritual guide over time and firmly believes that his work is important. Appears in episodes 2–46, 49–56.
  • Dr. Gloria Nathan (Lauren Velez) - A prison doctor who leads the prison hospital in providing care for several of the inmates within Oz. A good person, she deals with conflict all the time, whether it is from the inmates such as Ryan O'Reily, or state medical boards. She manages to come out calmly throughout any conflict.
  • Lenny Burrano (Skipp Sudduth) - A detective within Oz with ties to the Italian mafia. He is originally tasked with finding out who killed Ortolani and manipulates O'Reily into giving up Post, making him one of the few people able to manipulate O'Reily. He is also seen relaying information to Peter Schibetta from 'the family' and assisting Nappa in bringing down Adebisi. Having previously worked in a prison with a firing squad, he advises the officers on how to conduct Groves execution.
  • Lawrence Smith (Curtis McClarin) - An African American officer. He defends Glynn when Groves attacks him, and he is accidentally stabbed to death. His death angers other officers to the point that they beat the inmates for minor infractions. His mother visits Oz to clean out his locker and meet Groves.
  • Rick Heim (Paul Schulz) - A SORT team member, he is involved in putting an end to the riot. He gives his gun to Whittlesey and she uses it to kill Ross. Afterwards, he is seen being questioned about these events by both Case and McManus, though he does not reveal the truth.
  • Karl Metzger (Bill Fagerbakke) - A white supremacist guard who took over Whittlesey's position in Emerald City after she was transferred to General Population. He is secretly a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, and once did a favor for two Aryans by forcing Busmalis and Rebadow to give up their cell, which contained a tunnel. Tim McManus found out that he has connections with the Aryans, but could not do anything about it before Metzger was killed by Beecher.
  • Eugene Rivera (Nelson Vasquez) - An officer who was previously a member of a rival gang to El Cid's. He comes to Oz and works in Em City. Hernandez orders Alvarez to blind Rivera, which Alvarez does. Afterwards, Rivera participates in the Sister Pete's victim-offender program with Alvarez. He does not forgive Alvarez and the sessions end prematurely. When Alvarez trains a guide dog, he trains her in English and Spanish and gives the dog to Rivera, somewhat burying the hatchet between them.
  • Sean Murphy (Robert Clohessy) - An Irish-American CO, Murphy is the staff member most trusted by McManus. A fair and confident officer, Murphy maintains order to the best of his ability in Oz while doing what he can to support McManus' ideology. He is more honest and competent than the other guards and Warden Glynn also holds him in high regard. Appears in episodes 18–55.
  • Len Lopresti (Carl DiMaggio) - An officer working on Death Row, who is often seen siding with the Aryans. He brings Andrew Schillinger heroin during his stay in the hole. During Bellinger's second stay on Death Row, he starts coming to her cell at night for sex. He spends some time in Em City, where he comes into conflict with Penders during the guide dog program.
  • Clayton Hughes (Seth Gilliam) - A young and conflicted African American officer, Hughes is very close to Glynn. Hughes' father was Glynn's best friend and was killed while working as a CO when Hughes was seven years old. After being convinced by Adebisi that his father's murder was racially motivated, Hughes becomes a Black Militant and attempts to murder the governor. Hughes is sent to Unit-J in Oz which is meant for ex-cops and ex-correctional officers. In Unit-J he kills John Basil. Then he is sent to Solitary, where he gets "accidentally" killed when attempting to assassinate Leo Glynn.
  • Claire Howell (Kristin Rohde) - A female CO, she is extremely unstable and prone to sadistic sexual violence. She has sexual relationships with several staff members and inmates in order to dominate them. She eventually begins to change after learning that she is pregnant, probably by Carlos Martinez. Appears in episodes 17–39, 41–56.
  • Dave Brass (Blake Robbins) - An officer with a talent for basketball. McManus recruits him as his teammate in a series of games against Vahue. He manages to win the second match after Vahue is injured. McManus organises for Brass to train with the NBA, however Morales has Martinez maim Brass by severing his achilles tendon. Thereafter, Brass walks with a limp. He steals a winning lottery ticket from Rebadow, who intended to use the money for his ailing grandson. By the time he returns, Rebadow's grandson has died. Brass spends his time trying to get Martinez to confess Morales ordered his attack. After Martinez dies, Brass fakes hearing a deathbed confession and has Morales moved to solitary. He, Howell and Murphy then injure Morales in the same way as Brass. After Vahue is paroled, Brass tries to maintain contact with him, though Vahue is dismissive. Brass then tries to kill Vahue and is arrested.
  • Joseph Howard - An elderly African American correctional officer. He appears briefly in Season four where he is killed by inmate Guillaume Tarrant in a shootout.
  • Martin Querns (Reg E. Cathey) - A jaded and results-oriented black man, Querns is hired by Glynn after pressure by community leaders and the black prison population, led by Adebisi, to hire a black Unit Manager to replace McManus. Querns, as told through a conversation to Adebisi, is only different from the black inmates in that he has been smart enough to have never been arrested for dealing drugs. The complete opposite of McManus, he believes that drugs are good for the prisoners because they subdue them until they are incapable of any discipline problems. He runs Emerald City by making Adebisi and his partners in Oz's drug trade the main trustees, allowing them to do all the drugs that they wish as long as no violence occurs in Emerald City. Kareem Said and McManus completely oppose this which leads to his firing. His efficiency, however, gets him promoted to the position of warden at another state correctional facility and he transfers back to Oz following the death of Leo Glynn.
  • Adrian Johnson (Cyrus Farmer) - An African American officer who works in Em City during Querns tenure. He is acquainted with Perry Loftus, Devlin's assistant, who asks him to organise the murders of Loewen, Bandt and Glynn. Once his involvement is revealed, he gives up Loftus and is allowed to go free.
  • Eleanor O'Connor - A woman hired as the Liaison to the Govenor's office, also McManus' ex-wife. Though hired to further Devlin's interests within the prison, she ends up siding with the staff on most issues and starts a relationship with Glynn. After Devlin's involvement in Glynn's murder is revealed, she abuses Devlin and quits her position.
  • Suzanne Fitzgerald (Betty Buckley) - Inmate Ryan O'Reily's biological mother, though O'Reily was unaware of her existance. She ran away while O'Reily was a baby after being involved in a violent protest. She comes forward to admit her crime and is sentenced to community service at Oz. She works as a musical arts teacher and organises the inmates to stage a production of Macbeth. Formerly had a relationship with Neema.
  • Stella Coffo (Patti LuPone) - The librarian of Oz. Adored by Robert Rebadow (who works with her in the library), she is reserved in returning his affection because of his reaction to her breast cancer diagnosis.
  • Nurse Carol Grace (Catherine Wolf) - A nurse who works in the hospital ward with Dr Nathan. She murder those she considers 'bad men', including Martinez and Morales. Dr Nathan realises her crimes and she is arrested.


  • Governor James Devlin (Željko Ivanek) - A right-wing politician, Governor Devlin represents all extreme mechanisms of law and order to make society "crime free." He passes several acts to minimize prisoner rights and increase law enforcement spending. Disliked by several staff members and the vast majority of the inmates, Devlin eventually is in a sea of controversy once a city mayor whom he was politically involved with is sent to Oz for conspiring to commit a racially motivated bombing.
  • Genevieve Beecher (Susan Floyd) - Beecher's wife. On his first day in Oz, Rebadow informs Beecher that she is thinking of divorcing him. Despite this, she shares a conjugal visit with him but is clearly distressed by the experience. She proceds with the divorce and moves away with the children. Some time later, she commits suicide via carbon monoxide poisoning. Though Schillinger mentions having her killed, when he later brags of his murders to Mayor Loewen he only mentions Beecher's father and son, implying that he was not involved in Genevieve's death and her death was a suicide.
  • Jeremy Goldstein (Scott Cohen) - An FBI agent who visits Oz once in the first season to investigate the murders of inmates Dino Ortolani, Johnny Post, and AIDS patient inmate, Emilio Sanchez. He experiences Anti-Semitism during his visit but manages to piece together the story.
  • Alvah Case (Charles S. Dutton) - Law school Dean; he investigates the prison riot after season one and, in season four, runs unsuccessfully for governor against Devlin.
  • Heinrick Schillinger (Dick Bocelli) - Schillinger's father. Schillinger's sons stay with him while their father is in prison but Heinrick kicks them out when their drug habits become too much. He is as abusive as his son and they do not have a good relationship. Schillinger's sister eventually visits and telling him that Heinrick has lung cancer.
  • Preston Nathan - Dr Nathan's husband. He and Dr Nathan are having marital problems in Season 1 but are back together in Season 2. After O'Reilly falls in love with Dr Nathan, he convinces his brother Cyril to murder Preston.
  • Miss Sally's Schoolyard (Miss Sally played by Whitney Allen) is a puppet show that the inmates enjoy watching because Miss Sally has large breasts. Busmalis is obsessed with the show and Miss Sally; he writes her fan letters, goes to her house when he escapes Oz and is often heard remarking "This is the best Miss Sally ever". Miss Sally's Schoolyard is eventually cancelled, but Miss Sally starts a new exercise show, Sally-cise, that the inmates continue to watch.
  • Tricia Ross (Arija Bareikis) - Scott Ross's sister. She visits Oz after Said contacts her about the lawsuit he is bringing against the state. She and Said fall for each other, which leads to Said's deposal as leader of the Muslims and she receives threatening phonecalls. She visits several times, though Said remains aloof with her. When the case is won, she decides to use her money to move to California and begs Said to tell her he loves her. Said refuses, saying it will make her leaving easier. She is not seen again.
  • Harrison Beecher (Edward Herrmann) - Beecher's father. He lets Beecher use his law firm's resources to locate Hank Schillinger and arrange his visit. He later works to get Keller's death sentence overturned, despite his distate for his son's lover. In order to be accepted as a member of the Brotherhood, Winthrop murders him during one of his visits.
  • Angus Beecher (Jayce Bartok) - Beecher's younger brother. He visits Beecher a few times, complaining of the pressure he feels to be the ideal lawyer, husband and father since Beecher's arrest. During one of his visits, Robson stabs him with a shank made from a bed spring, though he survives.
  • Hank Schillinger (Andrew Barchilon) - Schillinger's younger son and Carrie's husband. He lives with his grandfather until his grandfather kicks him out, at which point Schillinger loses contact with him. Beecher hires his father's law firm to locate Hank and pays him to visit his father in prison. Schillinger pays him to kidnap two of Beecher's children and murder his son, though he lets his daughter go. Hank is arrested for the crime but is let go on a technicality. Beecher hires Pancamo to arrange Hank murder and though he tries to call it iff, Hank is already dead. Since Hank indicated to his father he wanted to move to Florida, his murder is not discovered until his body is found six months later. Keller initially takes responsibility for the crime, though Pancamo is eventually discovered as the true culprit.
  • Pierce Taylor (Robert John Burke) - Another FBI agent who often visits Oz (starting in the fourth season) to investigate cases. He originally investigates the kidnapping of Beecher's children, then moves onto the murders committed by Keller. Generally very effective at his job, but insensitive to the needs of inmates. He essentially replaces Jeremy Goldstein.
  • Norma Clark (Michelle Schumacha) - A former secretary to Miss Sally star, Whitney Allen. She receives Busmalis' fan letters and shows up to Oz, pretending to be Miss Sally, but her disguise does not work for long. She and Busmalis start a relationship and though she leaves him at the altar once and has a baby with her exboyfriend, they get back together and eventually marry.
  • Carrie Schillinger (Jenna Lamia) - Hank's wife who comes to visit Schillinger when Hank disappears following his murder. Schillinger is unaware of her existance and is initially skeptical but accepts her when she shows their marriage licence. She is pregnant and gives birth to a daughter, Jewel. A pimp in Oz tells Schillinger that Carrie worked for him as a prostitute, however a DNA test reveals that Jewel is Schillinger's granddaughter. Carrie is killed in the bus crash at the beginning of Season 5. Jewel survives and is sent to live with Carrie's parents.
  • Perry Loftus (Christopher Jackson) - Governor James Devlin's assistant. He plays an instrumental role in orchestrating the murder of Wilson Loewen.


Due to Emerald City's unconventional configuration and routine, each new inmate is given a sponsor to help acclimate. Inmates are generally paired with sponsors of similar nationality, background, race, and/or religion, to help acclimate, with the help of someone with similar interests and beliefs. Specific requests for current Emerald City prisoners to be paired up with inbound inmates have occasionally been made and granted. Below is a list of inmates and sponsors.

Inmate Sponsor
Tobias Beecher Dino Ortolani
Donald Groves Bob Rebadow
Paul Markstrom Jefferson Keane
Kenny Wangler Simon Adebisi
Scott Ross Mark Mack
Ryan O'Reily Vernon Schillinger
Jackson Vahue Augustus Hill
Chris Keller Tobias Beecher
Raoul 'El Cid' Hernandez Miguel Alvarez
Jiggy Walker Bob Rebadow
Jaz Hoyt Jim Burns
Antonio Nappa Chucky Pancamo
Hamid Khan Kareem Said
Vincent Simon Adebisi
Carlo Ricardo Raoul 'El Cid' Hernandez
Andrew Schillinger Fred Wick
Malcolm Coyle Kenny Wangler
Supreme Allah Kareem Said
"Desmond Mobay" Augustus Hill
Ralph Galino Chucky Pancamo
Guillaume Tarrant Jaz Hoyt
Ronald Barlog Tobias Beecher
Adam Guenzel Tobias Beecher
Daniel Meehan Ryan O'Reily


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