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William King (dates unknown) was an English cricketer who played in the 1750s. He was noted by a contemporary source as one of the best players in England at the time.


King is mentioned in cricket sources of 1753 and 1754. On 30 August 1753, he and Tall Bennett played as given men for Marylebone against London Cricket Club at the Artillery Ground.[1] On an unknown date in 1754, King took part in a five-a-side single wicket match at the Artillery Ground as a member of a team that included John Mansfield, John Bell, John Bryant and Little Bennett. Their opponents were Tom Faulkner, Joe Harris, John Harris, John Frame and Durling. The original source noted the ten players as "the best of the day".[2]

King is only recorded on those two occasions and it is not known if he played regularly in earlier and later seasons. Players were rarely mentioned by name in contemporary reports and there are no other known references to William King.


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