William Tobias Ringeltaube

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William Tobias Ringeltaube
William Tobias Ringletaube.jpg
Born (1770-08-08)August 8, 1770
Brzeg, Silesia, Germany
Nationality Germany
Alma mater Halle University
Occupation മിഷണറി

William Tobias Ringeltaube, or Wilhelm Tobias Ringeltaube, (1770- ?) was the first Protestant missionary in the far south of India.[1] He spent much of his time in Travancore. He was the first child of Gottlieb Ringeltaube, Vicar of Scheidelwitz (today Szydlowice), near Brzeg, in Silesia. He was born on 8 August 1770. The cause and date of his death are uncertain, but it is widely believed that he died of liver failure whilst on a voyage to Africa. Others[who?] believe that he was killed by the natives whilst on a mission to Jakarta (then called Batavia).

Early life[edit]

Five days after his birth he was baptized and given the name William Tobias Ringeltaube. For seven years Ringeltaube grew up in the quietness of a country home; after this his father went to Warsaw in Poland, and spent nine years in the city. During this time, William was educated by his father before attending the University of Halle.[2]

When he was 16, his father became a Court Preacher and General Superintendent at Oels, in Silesia. There, the young boy attended the Gymnaesium, but the boy was naturally shy and shunned all interaction with fellow students. In his 18th year he went on a walking tour, on which he made many friends. During this time, he made the decision to become a Christian missionary. Ordained in Wernigerode in 1796, he spent some time in Calcutta and England before he was invited by the London Missionary Society to join their 1803 mission to India.[2]


Maharasan Vedamanickam who is the first protestent Christian, from Mylady was baptized by Rev.Kohlhoff and he invited Ringeltaube. Once Ringeltaube reached Tharangam padi, Maharasan Vedamanickam took him to Travancore. His ministries are building schools, orphanages, job training and proclaiming the gospel.

He opened many churches in Kanyakumari district. Mylady, Thamaraikulam and Puthalam churches are the fruits of his ministry. One of these was Perinbapuram Church 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from Nagercoil on the way to Monday market. This church has a history of more than 200 years.Thamaraikulam church is 5 km from Kanyakumari.


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