Willoch's First Cabinet

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Willoch's First Cabinet
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51st cabinet of Norway
Kåre Willoch Official Portrait.jpg
Date formed 14 October 1981
Date dissolved 7 June 1983
People and organisations
Head of state Olav V of Norway
Head of government Kåre Willoch
Total no. of ministers 17
Member party Conservative Party
Election(s) 1981 parliamentary election
Predecessor Brundtland's First Cabinet
Successor Willoch's Second Cabinet

Willoch's First Cabinet was a minority, Conservative Government of Norway. It succeeded Brundtland's First Cabinet (which was a Labour government), after the Conservative victory in the 1981 Storting election; and sat from October 14, 1981 to June 7, 1983. It was replaced by Willoch's Second Cabinet, a coalition of the Conservative, Centre and Christian Democrat parties to form a majority government. Willoch's First Cabinet was the first Conservative-only cabinet since Stang's Second Cabinet of 1893–95, and there has not been another Conservative-only cabinet since.


Willoch's first cabinet had the following composition, with all of its members serving from October 14, 1981 to June 7, 1983:

Portfolio Minister
Prime Minister Kåre Willoch
Minister of Agriculture Johan Christen Løken
Minister of Culture and Research Lars Roar Langslet
Minister of Church Affairs and Education Tore Austad
Minister of Defence Anders Christian Sjaastad
Minister of the Environment Wenche Frogn Sellæg
Minister of Family Affairs and Government Administration Astrid Gjertsen
Minister of Finance Rolf Presthus
Minister of Fisheries Thor Listau
Minister of Foreign Affairs Svenn Thorkild Stray
Minister of Health and Social Affairs Leif Arne Heløe
Minister of Industry Jens-Halvard Bratz
Minister of Local Government and Labour Arne Rettedal
Minister of Justice Mona Scobie Røkke
Minister of Petroleum and Energy Vidkunn Hveding
Minister of Trade and Shipping Arne Skauge
Minister of Transport and Communications Inger Koppernæs

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Preceded by
First cabinet Brundtland
Norwegian Council of State
Succeeded by
Second cabinet Willoch