Winx Club: The Mystery of the Abyss

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Winx Club: The Mystery of the Abyss
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Produced by Iginio Straffi
Written by Iginio Straffi
Sean Molyneaux
Starring Letizia Ciampa
Perla Liberatori
Domitilla D'Amico
Ilaria Latini
Gemma Donati
Laura Lenghi
Music by Paolo Baglio
Distributed by 01 Distribution
Release date
  • 4 September 2014 (2014-09-04)
Running time
82 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Winx Club: The Mystery of the Abyss (Italian: Winx Club - Il mistero degli abissi) is a 2014 Italian CGI animated film based on the television series Winx Club. It is the third film in the Winx Club franchise after The Secret of the Lost Kingdom and Magical Adventure. It was directed and produced by series creator Iginio Straffi, who also co-wrote the film with Sean Molyneaux.

The film takes place after the fifth season of the animated series. It follows the Winx fairies as they work to bring balance back to the Infinite Ocean after the Trix, a trio of witches, team up with a nymph named Politea to find a pearl and destroy the source of the fairies' power.

The film was first released by 01 Distribution in Italy on 4 September 2014.[1] It was shown in theaters across Europe, while most international releases were televised or direct-to-video. It was announced in February 2016 that a fourth film, produced in live-action in association with Warner Bros., is scheduled to follow in 2018.[2]


The story begins with a view of the Infinite Ocean, which has become overrun with pollution. The Trix appear and head for the emperor's underwater throne. Meanwhile, the Winx are preparing to teach the freshman fairies at Alfea. At the students' welcoming ceremony, the Winx talk about the various talents hidden in a fairy. Afterwards, Bloom leaves for her hometown of Gardenia with her pet rabbit Kiko to spend a whole day with her fiancé, Prince Sky.

In the Infinite Ocean, the Trix try to gain power by sitting on the Emperor's Throne but end up summoning the nymph Politea instead. The Trix engage in a battle with Politea and learn that they cannot gain any power from the throne because it will only listen to the true emperor, Tritannus. They make a deal with Politea to get Tritannus back from the Oblivion, which they can only do with the vital force of a young prince. Once they free him, the Trix will convince him to get the mystical Pearl of the Deep for Politea, who would become freed by the pearl and then help the Trix take the throne's power.

The Trix go to Gardenia and attack Bloom and Sky. Bloom tries to fight the Trix alone and manages to escape with Sky, but the Trix get Kiko. Sky tries to save him and gets attacked, leaving him unconscious. The Trix capture him and take him to the Infinite Ocean, where they tie him to the Emperor's Throne. The Trix and Politea cast a spell and Tritannus appears in front of them. Politea leaves after telling the Trix that Tritannus knows the pearl's whereabouts and warns them not to tell Tritannus anything about her. After Tritannus gains his consciousness, Icy helps him regain his memory. He tells them about the Pearl of the Deep and who has hidden it, Omnia. Tritannus sits on the Throne, gains his powers, and seals all the gateways to enter the Infinite Ocean. He and the Trix head towards Omnia's cave.

At Alfea, Bloom's friends agree to help her journey to the Infinite Ocean to save Sky. They discover that Tritannus has sealed all of the ocean's gateways except for the Oblivion portal, which leads them through a dangerous dimension. The Winx go through the portal and Bloom wakes up in an empty room, where a dark illusion of herself appears to tell her that she has abandoned Sky. When Bloom realizes that she successfully got into the Oblivion, she quickly wakes the other Winx. They break free from the Oblivion with a convergence spell.

The Winx hurry towards the Emperor's Throne, where they fight Politea. Sky gains consciousness and tells them to go to Omnia, who tells them that the Pearl was hidden in the Coral Barrier. They get there to find the Trix and Tritannus, who grabs the Pearl and leaves the Winx in the barrier with almost no way to escape. The girls leave through an underground tunnel and hurry back to the throne, where Politea finally appears in front of Tritannus and snatches the Pearl from him. She sits on the Throne, revealing that she fooled the Trix and will not follow through on their deal. The Trix try to fight her, but she hypnotizes them and Tritannus. Meanwhile, Sky breaks free from the throne and Serena snatches the pearl from Politea's hand and gives it to Bloom. Bloom uses it in a convergence spell with the Winx and Omnia uses it to heal Sky.

Later at Alfea, Sky wakes up and asks what happened to the Trix and Tritannus. The Winx explain everything: that the Trix fled, Tritannus is once again banished to the Oblivion, and the pearl is back where it should be. Bloom and Sky kiss, and Kiko comes to give Sky an ice cream.


Character Italian English
Bloom Letizia Ciampa Cindy Robinson
Stella Perla Liberatori Becca Ordonez-Zagorin
Flora Ilaria Latini Stephanie Sheh
Musa Gemma Donati Sarah Sido
Tecna Domitilla D'Amico Sabrina Weisz
Aisha Laura Lenghi Michole White
Prince Sky Marco Vivio Joseph Miller
Icy Tatiana Dessi Karen Strassman
Darcy Federica De Botoli Becca Ordonez-Zagorin
Stormy Valeria Vidall Reba Buhr
Tritannus Alberto Bognanni Paul St. Peter
Politea Alessandra Korompay Rachel Robinson
Omnia Rachele Paolelli Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Faragonda Emanuela Rossi Mari Devon
Wizgiz Luigi Ferraro Oliver Wyman
Griselda Franca Lumachi Susan Glover



A teaser trailer for the film was released to YouTube on 16 April 2014. Its release date was first announced in May 2014, and it was advertised as part of the celebrations marking Winx Club's tenth anniversary as a brand.[3] The film's title was chosen as part of a promotion on the official Winx Club website, which included a poll that asked fans to vote on one of four potential titles. Iginio Straffi and Joanne Lee, the executive producer, appeared alongside Winx mascots on the red carpet of the 2014 Venice Film Festival to promote the movie.[4]

Theatrical release[edit]

It debuted on 4 September 2014 in Italy, followed by a release in Russia and Ukraine on 2 October.[1] It continued to open across Europe through 2015.

Home media[edit]

A Rai English dub of the movie was released exclusively to Netflix in select territories on 10 October 2014.[5]


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