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Wippermann jr GmbH
Industryroller chain, bicycle chain
Founded1893, Germany
Key people
CEO = Dr. Stephan Gerber; Christian Hamann
ProductsRoller chains for bicycles, mopeds, and industry
Number of employees
about 400

Wippermann jr GmbH is a roller chain manufacturer located in Hagen, Germany, and founded by Wilhelm Wippermann in 1893.[1] They make the Connex brand of bicycle chains and master links.[2] Their bicycle chains include such high-end features as nickel-plating, hollow pins, stainless steel, titanium rollers, and cutout plates.[2] In 2008, Wippermann published wear test results in which their bicycle chains performed well.[3] Wippermann chains are used by professional cyclists in the Tour de France.[4]

Wippermann at Leipzig Trade Fair 1954

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