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WoLLIC, the Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation is an academic conference in the field of pure and applied logic and theoretical computer science. WoLLIC has been organised annually since 1994, typically in June or July; the conference is scientifically sponsored by the Association for Logic, Language and Information, the Association for Symbolic Logic, the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science and the European Association for Computer Science Logic.


According to Computer Science Conference Ranking 2010, the conference is ranked "B" among over 1900 international conferences across the world. It is also ranked "B" on The CORE Conference Ranking Exercise - CORE Portal (2017). It is currently ranked 9th (Last 5 years), Field-Rating 1, Algorithms & Theory, at Microsoft Academic Search - Conferences. On Google Scholar, the conference gets a score of 11 as its h5-index, and a score of 19 as its h5-median.


Future Venues[edit]

The meetings alternate between Latin America and US/Europe/Asia. The following locations are planned for future meetings:


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