Wonsan Station

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Wonsan Station
Korean name
Hangul 원산역
Revised Romanization Wonsan-yeok
McCune–Reischauer Wŏnsan-yŏk

Wonsan Station is a passenger railway station located in Wonsan, North Korea. It is on Kangwon Line, formed from parts of the Gyeongwon Line which once connected Wonsan to Seoul but which is now divided by the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

First station[edit]

The first station was built by the Japanese in central Wonsan in the early 1900s as a western-style brick edifice; however, it was destroyed during the US bombings of the Korean War.


When it was reconstructed afterwards, its location was moved to the city's outskirts, and it now receives Wonsan's passenger trains. The commercial freight is now sent to Kalma Station in the city's eastern industrial zones.


The original train station, reconstructed in 1975, is now a "revolutionary museum" as it was here that Kim Il-Sung boarded a train to Pyongyang after his return to Korea. In much the same way, the city's old customs building and a Japanese villa - both destroyed in the Korean War - were rebuilt as museums due to having Kim Il-Sung pass through them in the 1940s.