Woodhill, Auckland

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Woodhill is located in New Zealand Auckland
Coordinates: 36°44′50″S 174°26′18″E / 36.74722°S 174.43833°E / -36.74722; 174.43833Coordinates: 36°44′50″S 174°26′18″E / 36.74722°S 174.43833°E / -36.74722; 174.43833
Country New Zealand
Region Auckland Region
District Rodney District

Woodhill is a locality in the Auckland Region of New Zealand. It is in the Western Ward of the Rodney District. Woodhill is approximately 6 kilometres northwest of Waimauku and 10 km south of Helensville on State Highway 16. The North Auckland Line passes through the area. The Woodhill Forest lies to the west.[1][2]

The railway line reached Woodhill in the 1880s, and allowed expansion of the existing farming settlement. Ambury's Creamery shipped the cream by rail to be made into butter in Auckland. A post office was established, and a store opened up opposite the creamery, becoming a social centre until it was destroyed by fire about 1970. The Woodhill Hall was another centre for social gatherings. It contained a library in the late 1920s, and was also used for church services.[3]

In the 1920s, planting of trees to reclaim the sand dunes to the west brought forestry workers to the settlement, and a pine tree nursery was created in Woodhill in 1934. A settlement was created on the hill for the workers and their families. After the forest was privatised in 1987, this settlement disappeared.[3]


Woodhill School is a coeducational full primary (years 1-8) school with a decile rating of 6[4] and a roll of 14[5] (February 2017). The school celebrated its 126-year reunion in 2003.[6]


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