World Out of Mind!

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World Out of Mind is also the title of a science fiction novel by J. T. McIntosh
World Out of Mind!
Astroman mind.jpg
EP by Man or Astro-man?
Released 1995
Recorded Zero Return 1995
Genre surf rock
Label Estrus Records
Man or Astro-man? chronology
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World Out of Mind!
"Espanto del Futuro"

World Out of Mind is a Man or Astro-man? 7" EP released on Estrus Records in 1995. It was released exclusively on clear yellow-orange vinyl. Art Chantry designed/illustrated the cover. The cover is die-cut, with a rounded top and 3 lightning bolts cut out.

Track listing[edit]

C Side[edit]

  • "Escape Velocity"
  • "Tomorrow Plus X"

D Side[edit]

  • "Max Q"
  • "The Quatermass Phenomenon"