Wu Cheng'en and Journey to the West

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Wu Cheng'en and Journey to the West
Genre Chinese mythology, shenmo, fantasy, adventure
Written by Wang Shuqiang
Ding Aimin
Directed by Kan Weiping
Presented by Wang Yajun
Yin Lianzhao
Starring Liu Xiao Ling Tong
Chi Chongrui
Ma Dehua
Liu Dagang
Opening theme Meng Xi You (梦西游) performed by Ding Guagua
Ending theme Chuan Jia Bao (传家宝) performed by Han Dong
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 45
Executive producer(s) Yang Weiguang
Wang Yiming
Zou Weirui
Producer(s) Xu Mingzhe
Wu Qiuxia
Location(s) China
Cinematography Chen Hong
Editor(s) Hong Mei
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Production company(s) 1. Beijing Yongtong Media Company Limited
2. Mei Ah Spring International Film Culture Broadcasting (Beijing) Company Limited
3. Beijing Zhongshixie Production Company Limited
4. Chinese Television Artists Association
Original network Shandong Qilu TV
First shown in July 2010
Wu Cheng'en and Journey to the West
Traditional Chinese 吳承恩與西遊記
Simplified Chinese 吴承恩与西游记

Wu Cheng'en and Journey to the West is a Chinese television series about the life of Wu Cheng'en and his inspiration for writing the novel Journey to the West.[1] The series was directed by Kan Weiping[2] and consists of a total of 45 episodes shot in high definition, each 45 minutes long and containing 10 minutes of 3-D effects. The original lead actors of the 1986 television series Journey to the West starred in Wu Cheng'en and Journey to the West and reprised their roles: Liu Xiao Ling Tong as Sun Wukong, Chi Chongrui as Tang Sanzang and Ma Dehua as Zhu Bajie. Sha Wujing, however, was portrayed by Liu Dagang because the original actor, Yan Huaili, died in April 2009.[1] It was broadcast by Shandong Qilu TV in July 2010.[3]


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