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The Sistema Michoacano de Radio y Televisión (Michoacán State Radio and Television System or SMRTV) is the public broadcaster of the Mexican state of Michoacán. It includes statewide FM and TV networks, as well as an AM radio station in the state capital of Morelia. SMRTV's programming primarily consists of scientific, cultural and educational content, along with news and sports coverage.



SMRTV's television network includes its own productions as well as programs from other public broadcasters, such as Canal Once's Once Noticias. Canal 22 and Deutsche Welle are also among SMRTV's major program suppliers.

SMRTV also produces two daily editions of "SM Noticias", which are carried on AM, FM and TV.


SMRTV uses a network of terrestrial television transmitters to provide statewide coverage.[1]

RF VC Callsign Location ERP
26 16 XHAPA-TDT Apatzingán .151 kW
34 16 XHMHG-TDT Ciudad Hidalgo .114 kW
11 16 XHPBHU-TDT Huetamo
21 16 XHMJI-TDT Jiquilpan .226 kW
51 16 XHPMG-TDT La Piedad .146 kW
29 16 XHLAM-TDT Lazaro Cárdenas .151 kW
49 16 XHMOR-TDT Morelia 2.951 kW
34 16 XHMPU-TDT Puruandiro .114 kW
34 16 XHMTC-TDT Tacámbaro .114 kW
34 16 XHURU-TDT Uruapan .147 kW
34 16 XHMZA-TDT Zacapu .114 kW
34 16 XHTZA-TDT Zamora .295 kW
22 16 XHMZI-TDT Zitácuaro .113 kW

While all stations hold authorizations for digital television, none were on the air as of late 2015; several stations reduced power in order to qualify for an extension of one year to build digital facilities. SMRTV digital transmitters use virtual channel 16.[2]

The Huetamo transmitter was authorized in January 2017.

FM radio[edit]

The state FM network is headed by XHREL-FM 106.9 in Morelia. Its program schedule is largely musical, with the exception of SMRTV news programs and one program from MVS Radio.


12 transmitters offer statewide FM service.[3]

Callsign Frequency City ERP
XHREL-FM 106.9 Morelia 3 kW
XHDEN-FM 94.7 Lázaro Cárdenas 3 kW
XHTZI-FM 97.5 Apatzingán 3 kW
XHRUA-FM 99.7 Uruapan 3 kW
XHZMA-FM 103.1 Zamora de Hidalgo 3 kW
XHDAD-FM 88.7 La Piedad .347 kW
XHZIT-FM 106.3 Zitácuaro 3 kW
XHJIQ-FM 95.7 Jiquilpan 3 kW
XHHID-FM 99.7 Ciudad Hidalgo 3 kW
XHAMB-FM 95.9 Tacámbaro 3 kW
XHAND-FM 104.9 Puruándiro 3 kW
XHCAP-FM 96.9 Zacapu 3 kW

AM radio[edit]

XEREL-AM 1550 in Morelia broadcasts an alternate program schedule to FM, with agricultural news, programs directed at the Morelia area and some music. The station operates with one kilowatt of power.[4]


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