X Japan Clips II

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X Japan Clips II
Video by X Japan
Released October 24, 2001
Genre Heavy metal, power metal, progressive metal
Label Atlantic
X Japan chronology
Dahlia Tour Final 1996
(1997)Dahlia Tour Final 19961997
X Japan Clips II
The Last Live Video
(2002)The Last Live Video2002

X Japan Clips II is a compilations DVD/VHS released by X Japan on October 24, 2001. It consists of several music videos and concert excerpts from the band's later years. The live portions were recorded at the Tokyo Dome, all on December 31 of various years (see track listing).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Amethyst" (1995)
  2. "Rusty Nail" (1996)
  3. "Scars" (1996)
  4. "Week End" (1996)
  5. "Forever Love"
  6. "Crucify My Love"
  7. "Dahlia"
  8. "White Poem"
  9. "Drain"
  10. "Kurenai" (1996)
  11. "Tears" (1995)
  12. "Forever Love" (1997)