Xaverian Primary School

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Xaverian Primary School
Year 1996 greaduants.jpg
Xaverian Primary Class of 1996, after sitting their final KCPE exams.
Kisumu County, Nyanza Province
Coordinates 0°06′24″S 34°45′31″E / 0.10665°S 34.758564°E / -0.10665; 34.758564Coordinates: 0°06′24″S 34°45′31″E / 0.10665°S 34.758564°E / -0.10665; 34.758564
Type Day, public, national school
Established 8 September 1955 (62 years ago) (1955-09-08)
Opened 22 July 1956 (61 years ago) (1956-07-22)

Xaverian Primary School is a Kenyan school located in Kisumu County, close to the shores of Lake Victoria. A day school, it is one of the oldest schools in Kenya.

History and operations[edit]

The foundation stone was laid by Rt. Rev. F. Hall D.D., the Bishop of Kisumu on 18 September 1955 and was opened by Dr. A. Ressano Garcia (the Consul General for Portugal) on 22 July 1956.

Dubbed the "Foundation of Excellence", the school attracts pupils from all social classes in Kisumu. Some of the school's first influential head teachers and administrators include Mr. V. Z. Patel, Mrs. Caroline Tado and Mr. Donald Meda. Their illustrious administration styles coupled with discipline attracted other like minded teachers who propelled the school into an academic oasis not only in Kisumu, but the entire Nyanza Province. Many a time, the school's pupils excel the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examinations and joined various competitive secondary education institutions.

The school has two streams, named in Kiswahili after Africa's big cats "Simba" - Lion and "Chui" - leopard.

The school later gave rise to Xaverian Secondary School ([1]), a result of the continued good performance of the standard eight pupils and the consequent imbalance between the numbers qualifying for secondary schools and the limited Form 1 places available within the surrounding secondary schools.

The school runs a nursery school within the same premise.

Xaverian Primary School P.O. Box 437 - 40100 Kisumu, Kenya

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