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Khosrovidukht also known as Xosroviduxt (Armenian: Խոսրովիդուխտ, "daughter of Khosrov") was an Armenian hymnographer and poet who lived during the 8th century.

One of the earliest known women musicians, Khosrovidukht was recorded as having been a member of the royal family, but here accounts differ as to her historical importance. Some sources hold that in the 8th-century, her brother was abducted by Arabs of the Muslim faith. Following this, she was taken to the fortress of Ani-Kamakh, now known as Kemah, where she lived in isolation for twenty years.

Khosrovidukht is reputed to be the composer of a šarakan, or canonical hymn titled "Zarmanali e Ints" ("Wondrous it is to me"). According to some sources, it honors the memory of her brother, who was assassinated in 737 for converting to Christianity. Although the subject of the piece is secular, it was sanctioned for use in services by the Armenian Church. A recording of the šarakan exists, performed by the Sharakan Early Music Ensemble.

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