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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Xun.

Xun Shuang (Chinese: 荀爽; 128–190) was a politician and historian of the late Han dynasty of the Chinese history. His courtesy name was Ciming (慈明).

Xun Shuang's father was Xun Shu (荀淑; 83–149). Xun Yu (163–212) was a son of Xun Shuang's brother Xun Kun (荀緄). Xun You (157–214) was a great-grandson of an uncle of Xun Shuang.

He fathered Xun Fei (荀棐), Xun Fei fathered Xun Xi 荀肸, Xun Xi fathered Xun Xu 荀勗 (d. 289).


At early years, he was fond of learning, he mastered Analects and Spring and Autumn Annals at the age of 12. Obsessed with ancient Chinese books, he would not come out, whatever the day is.

His father Xun Shu had eight sons, Xun Jian (荀儉), Xun Gun (荀緄), Xun Jing (荀靖), Xun Dao (荀燾), Xun Wang (荀汪), Xun Shuang, Xun Su (荀肅) and Xun Fu (荀旉) and these eight sons were called "Eight Dragons of Xun family" (荀氏八龍).

In 166, Minister of Ceremonies (太常) Zhao Dian (趙典) recommended him to the department of Zhixiao (至孝), he became low-level official (郎中).

During the days of the Disasters of Partisan Prohibitions, he left his hometown headed to the southern china, where he wrote books for tens years.

After the prohibitions were lifted in 184, ministers competed to invite him. Sikong (司空) officer Yuan Feng (袁逢) also invited him, however he did not accept his invitation. However, when Yuan Feng died, he wore the mourning dress for three years, by that reason, Xun Shuang held high reputations, so that he hecame General-in-Chief He Jin's Assistant Officer of the Household (從事中郞) and Palace Attendant (侍中) also.

When Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out, he served Yang Wun, the Inspector of Yu Province (豫州刺史) and expelled the bandits along with Kong Rong and Yang Wun.

In 189, He Jin was killed by eunuchs and Dong Zhuo seized the power and set the Emperor Xian on the throne. He wanted to some distance between Dong Zhuo and him, however he could not. Later he became a minister (相) of Pingyuan Commandery (平原郡). During he was in the course to the region, he was promoted to Minister of the Household (光祿勳) and again to Excellency of Works (司空). He returned to the Capital Changan.

Excellency of Works (司空) Xun Shuang worked alongside Dong Zhuo in Changan. However, as he thought that Dong Zhou would bring a disaster to the Han Dynasty, he tried to make a plot against Dong Zhuo along with Wang Yun (137-192) and He Yong.

However his death was near and he died at the age of 63.